Top 10 Most Beautiful European Cities

10 of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe in 2017, Know the cities of Europe which are known for its beauty: :

Some people like travelling a lot and that is why it always become necessary for such people to have an idea over state of other cities and countries. Europe is one wonderful continent which have everything in it, taking from culture to modernity one can find every bit in Europe. It is one continent where development has been quite fast paced.

Ten best cities in Europe whose beauty will make you fall in love in 2017

Europe is tourist hub and many people enjoy coming here and take benefit of the scenic beauty. The different cities of Europe have different culture and something new to exhibit and that is why it has become a common destination for the travelers.

Let’s peep into the wonderful 10 cities of Europe:

1. Prague – This city is capital city of the Czech Republic. Besides being a capital city it also holds importance because it is the largest city as well. Places like The Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Old Town are the best tourist spot and major attractions in the city. The old town is the center of city where the old culture is preserved and you can find the historical evidences of the city in the old town only.

Prague, Most Beautiful European Cities

2. Amsterdam – Amsterdam is famous because of legalized prostitution and evergreen and interesting night life. But, there is more to the city like the vibrant architecture and canal system developed. The major spot for tourist is Van Gogh museum. But, once you are in Amsterdam you will understand why the city is so famous and known amongst the people in world.

3. London: – London is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is known for its tremendous growth and development. But, the city has lot more like the architectural innovations like the parliament, courts etc. and, interestingly London is the biggest city of Europe. Not only this, London has lot to offer with the fun and frolic life. The Hyde park, the Thames rives everything in London is brilliant.

4. Birmingham: – A city of England which is culturally sound and fascinating is Birmingham. So, food lovers hold your breath, because this destination is quite useful for people like you, the food streets are just amazing and anyone who likes to hog on different cuisines can really enjoy this city and definitely try the local food, you will find it amazing.

5. Portugal: – Who doesn’t know about Portugal? A country where you can relish the night life and also art at the same time is this city named Portugal. If you are art lover then you are to the right destination. Portugal is one of the countries in world where the street art is much known and appreciated and the varsity in the street art will make you love the city more.

6. Lisbon: – Authentic Europe is still preserved in this nation where, medieval times are preserved. The streets, churches and monasteries all are culturally rich and all those who are shopping lovers can find peace in this place. So, all those who like travelling to the culturally and conventionally sound places can add Lisbon in their list of cities to tour in Europe.

7. Madrid: – And, all know about Madrid club of football but this city is also a famous city. It is an important city as the most significant art collection and art history is found in this city. And, how one can miss on the palaces and restaurants in the city?

8. Barcelona: – Again, a football club name but this city has lot more than sporty football players. It has heaven’s energy. And, once you visit the city you will definitely like it more.

9. Vienna: – A city for all the music lovers and even if you are not that much into music, you will love the city for its amazing food and restaurants.

10. Venice: – Everything about Venice is amazing. Art, music and streets, one will love everything in the city. Once you are in city you will not feel like leaving the city.

So, hope you liked the post. Do travel and enjoy the life at these beautiful places. There are many more beautiful cities and you will definitely love them.