Top 10 Most Expensive Jets in The World

10 Most Luxurious expensive Jets In The World in 2017, The top 10 exclusive jets that fly high:

Years ago bagging an opportunity to fly was a privilege to the family or the individual who is actually taking the ride. There are about millions of passengers who take the path of the skies to reach from one place to another. There are some private jets that are big and small but they are just the right assests of luxury along with the sense of luxurious happenings.

The exclusive list of the private planes which are expensive as per records of 2017 till now

The list below is a treat to all eyes that sees it. There are thousands of private jets that have been built with the latest technology but among those only those which excels is on this list. In the space of jus few years, it has been changed quickly so that you can start saving your money so that you can easily get a private jet for your family and friends.

The list is as follows:

1. Airbus A380: This is the private jet of Prince Alawaleed bin Talal. This is one of the most expensive private jets that have been ever brought. The last impressive feature of this jet is that it is very economical despite of being the top in the most expensive jets list. This is so because it minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions.

Airbus A380, 10 Most Luxurious expensive Jets

2. Boeing 747: This private jet stands apart from all the jets. It has all the sets of luxurious features installed inside it. The Boeing 747 is well known as the passenger transport airliner. The amount that Joseph Lau paid for this jet plane is a specific amount of one hundred and fifty million dollars for a custom that made it the best private jet.

3. Gulfstream G-550: The fastest of all the private jets is the jet named Gulfstream G-550 which is owned by Lakshmi Mittal and British businessman named Phillip Green. This s very fast and is capable of flying from South Korea to Florida within 15 hours only. The price tag of over six million dollar is quite hefty.

4. Boeing Business Jet 3: The private jet of Boeing Jet 3 stands in unique condition other than its fleet and the cabin. Since 1999 this jet is in the market, this is the rocking he market. This jet has in it the best accommodation for the lounge, a bedroom suite with latest bathroom. There is also a perfect lounge and a staff room for the staffs to rest in.

5. Bombardier Global 7000: The private jet that looks great and sensational from its presentation is the Bombardier Global 7000. It holds the capacity to hold about 10 passengers all together. There is a dinning space, a well furnished AC bathroom and four living spaces. The cost of this private jet is about two billion dollars.

6. Airbus A319: This is the private jet that can easily fly to over eight thousand miles at one go. This is another most expensive model prepared. The unique feature stands the best in comparison to others. There are about unique features which can make the most out of the expensive private jet.

7. Gulfstream G650: The best feature of this plane is like it can accommodate about 12 passengers within. It can fly about 7 thousand miles without stopping anywhere. This was sold with a profit of about 7 million dollars when it was put up for sale.

8. Boeing Business Jet 2 A.K.A- The flying Hotel: This is a striking private jet that holds all noticeable features, although it looks just like the ordinary aeroplane. It is no surprise that this plane is also known as the flying hotel as it has features like 1000 sq ft of lounge with comfy furniture and bedroom suite with the richest of the amenities.

9. Embraer Legacy 650: Jackie Chan owns this private jet. This jet amounted about thirty million dollars; therefore it has a picture of golden and red dragon painted on its body.

10. Dassault Falcon 900: This is highly luxurious and has all the latest amenities installed in it. This significantly uses the fuel that accumulates less carbon footprints for a wealthy person. It is also economical in the sense that it travelled so much.

In other words, the private jets that you all are going to see in the list above are the top 10 most expensive private jets in the world. Thus, start saving money so that you can also grab a perfect jet for yourself!