Top 10 Luxurious Most Expensive Hotels in The World

The 10 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World in 2017, world’s most expensive hotel rooms.

Enjoy your vacation: in the luxurious way: When you are planning for going in a vacation the first thing that strikes in your mind is that where you should stay in your days of vacations. You have to choose your hotel in a very careful way so that your days will be memorable. Choosing the best hotel is not an easy job. Thus you have to be very careful while choosing the hotel. It is better that you choose the expensive hotels as they will treat you in the most humble way. Their treatment is far different from the ordinary hotels. The food quality of these hotels is also very good and their rooms are decorated in a very elegant way.

List of top 10 most expensive hotels 2017

Want to spend a king size life in some of the most expensive hotels of the world then this content is just for you as here we are offering you information about the most expensive hotels of the world in current time.

Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive hotels. These hotels are really famous for their extra facilities which they give to their visitors. They treat their visitors in the overwhelming manner, and thus the visitors get satisfied by their treatment.

1. Hotel President Wilson- The hotel is situated at Switzerland. Per night the cost of the hotel is 65000$. The guest can choose 1 to 12 bedrooms and there is marble bathrooms attach to the rooms. The rooms are very beautifully decorated and the visitors can stay with comfort in the rooms.

Hotel President Wilson, most expensive hotels in the world

2. Four Seasons Hotel- In New York this hotel is located. The cost of the hotel is 45000$per night. You can get platinum and gold woven fabrics, indoor outdoor Zen garden and an outstanding chandelier in the rooms. You can get a Japanese silk pillow in the rooms.

3. Raj Palace Hotel- This hotel is situated in India at Jaipur. The cost of the hotel per night is 43000$. The former name of the hotel was Maharaja Residence. The hotel is decorated with ivory and mirror work. In the hotel there is also a museum which shows the colorful heritage of Rajasthan.

4. Laucala Island Resort- At the Lauchala Island in Fiji this hotel is located. This hotel has 25 comfortable villas. In this hotel the guest can use horseback riding, they can play golf, and they are also welcome for the spa.

5. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez- The cost of the hotel per night is 37,500$. The hotel is in France at Cannes. The Penthouse Suite is located at the seventh floor of the hotel. Here the visitors can use the master bedrooms with marble bathrooms and a dining room. Spa bath is also present there.

6. La Vegas- The hotel is situated in USA. The cost is 35,450$. The rooms of the hotels are of 836 sq. meters and the guest can use two bedrooms a large bath tub, a Playboy Branded Indoor pool, Racy artwork, bar and poker table.

7. Grand Resort Lagonissi- This expensive hotel is situated in Greece at Athens. In the hotels the guest will get two king size bedrooms, a living room with afire place, two marble bathrooms. There are also swimming pools present inside and outside the hotels.

8. Hotel Cala di Volpe- The rent of the hotel per night is 32,750$. This hotel is situated in Italy at Sardinia. In is one of the most expensive hotels in Europe. The visitors will get three bedrooms, one solarium, large terrace, a fitness area and a private swimming pool. Each bedroom has the different architectural design.

9. Hotel Plaza Athenee- This hotel is situated at France in Paris. The rent of the room is 27000$ per night. From the hotel the visitor can see beautiful view of the hotel. The hotel is decorated as the 18th century pattern. Kitchen in them so that you if you wish you can make your own food.

10. Ritz-Carlton- The cost of the hotel per night is 26,300$. This hotel is situated in Japan at Tokyo. It is the most expensive hotels in Japan. The rooms of the hotels are decorated in a fashionable way and they have a marble bathroom in the rooms. The rooms have high quality of bed flat screen T.Vs and individual shower booth.

Thus these are the most expensive hotels in the world. If you are going for the vacation then you must stay in these hotels. You will surely feel comfortable in these hotels.