Top 10 Cheapest New York hotels

Cheapest Hotels in New York City in 2017, Best hotels in New York city at very cheapest prices.

Most reasonable hotels: In New York: It is very important that when we go to in other country for vacations then we always search for affordable hotels. The reasonable hotel means that the hotel will provide us good spacious rooms, with a good quality of food and with an awesome environment. This not true that these hotels are dirty as they are not so costly but you can say that these hotels are very clean and tidy and they are very comfortable to live. If you are going for long vacations then it is not possible for us to afford a costly hotel for then we have to plan to keep in the cheap hotels.

Presenting the List of top 10 cheap hotel in New York in 2017

Maximum tourists to New York prefer to go for budgeted trip and to do so there is always need of some cheap quality hotel. We made an effort to find the cheapest hotel in New York which can offer great stay at an affordable rate.
Below here is the list of top 10 cheap hotels in New York. They are really affordable. These hotels are very good for the tourist also.

1. Equity Point New York @ Times Square- This is the best hotel in NYC to stay. The daily cost of the hotel is very cheap. The rents of the room are very much affordable to the tourist. This hotel is situated in the great place and they are the environment of the hotel is very good. They also provide good food.

Equity Point New York @ Times Square, Cheap Hotels in New York City

2. Chelsea Pines Inn- The hotel is safe comfortable and they are found in the affordable prices. If you visit in Chelsea this is the best hotel to spend your night. They have a beautiful dining hall where you will love to have your dinner. There are both small and big rooms available in this hotel.

3. Park South Hotel- The hotel is located in an excellent location. In the hotel gives the facility of Wi-Fi connection and the cable connection. The minimum rate of the rooms are 189$ per night which is really affordable. The rooms of the hotel are really big and they are well decorated. In this hotel you will get a room service also.

4. Hampton Inn Manhattan-Seaport- Financial District- The hotel is located in the cheap location. You will get the rooms of the hotel in your budget. The rooms of the hotel are decorated in the typical NYC style. If you will stay in the hotel you will get the odor and color of the old NYC. You will spend a good time with your family. The hotel is very neat and clean.

5. Hotel 31- The rate of the hotel per night is 200$. This is really a cheap rate in the market of the hotel. The hotel provides a good quality of food to the visitors. The rooms are very well decorated. The most important thing is that though the hotel is located in the cheap location but the hotel gives the best service to the visitors. Air conditions rooms are also available in this hotel.

Hotel 31, Cheapest Hotels in New York City in 2015-2016

6. The Hampton Inn Times Square North- When you are thinking of the affordable hotel then the name of this hotel first strikes to the mind of the people of NYC. The hotel is located in the walking distance from the airport. Thus this saves the costs of the communications.

7. Hampton Inn Manhattan-SoHo- It is one of the cheapest hotel. The hotel is very neat and clean. The air condition rooms are also available in the hotel. The normal rooms are very affordable and they can be easily taken by the middle class people.

8. Econo Lodge Times Square- The rooms of the hotel is very good and spacious. The main thing of the hotel is that they are situated in the awesome location from where you can have the awesome view of NYC.

9. Best Western Plus Seaport Inn Downtown- It is the most affordable hotel in NYC. The hotel gives a very good service to the visitors. The hotel also provides a free breakfast to the tourists. The rooms of the hotel are also very big and spacious. You can also book the hotel rooms in advance.

10. Hilton garden Inn New York/ West 35th Street- This hotel gives a discount also. The hotel also provides good food which is of very good quality. The rooms of the hotels are very good. The tourists also gave a good review about the hotel. The minimum rate of the hotel is 89$.

Hotel Exterior

Thus these are the cheapest hotels in New York. You can have great hotels rooms in these hotels. They are really good and affordable. visit New York Today.

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