Top 10 Cheapest Cities to Live in The World

The top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in the World in 2017, The nicest (and cheapest) cities in the world.

It is the dream of everyone that they can live in such a city where peace and happiness can be found without worrying about the money. Such cities really exist and you must know about them. You can spend your entire life at a place where everything can be bought at the cheapest rate. You can leave the hectic money oriented job and get settled in a place where the real beauty of life can be seen. There are many places in the world where happiness comes before money. A list of top 10 such places have been made and you need to look at them if you are thinking to spend rest of your life in a cheaper city.

List of top cities which provide cheapest survival in 2017

Today the needs of people have increased and the earnings have decreased. People try to work 24×7 to earn as much as possible so that they can provide a good life to their family. There are a lot of cities in the world where you can live a happy life without earning much. You can give the full time and happiness to your family by spending few bucks.

Check out the list of top 10 cheapest cities in the world to live in.

1. Karachi, Pakistan: Among the least of cheapest city in the world, Karachi comes to the first place. With cheapest lifestyle, Karachi has well decorated and clean streets, job opportunities and good education facility. Living in Karachi can be a much cheaper and better in comparison to other places in the world.

Karachi, Pakistan, Cheapest Cities to Live in the World in 2015-2016

2. Mumbai, India: Mumbai is the economic capital of India. It is considered as the city of dreams. With enormous amount of job opportunities and cheaper survival, Mumbai is at second number on the list. In spite of having huge population, employment is still on the peak. By eating cheap and good foods like Vada paav and Bhelpuri and visiting the beautiful beaches, you can have a dreamy life in Mumbai.

3. New Delhi, India: As everyone knows, New Delhi is the capital of India. Living and travelling in New Delhi is fun indeed. You can get the cheapest as well as most expensive dishes to eat here. From living and dressing to eating and travelling, everything is cheaper here. If your income is less then also you can live in a good place by sharing the room with others and have a good food every day.

4. Kathmandu, Nepal: Kathmandu, Nepal is considered as one of the oldest and most religious tourist place in the world. The value of money here is comparatively more than the other places. You can get tax benefits, healthy life style and enough job opportunities in Kathmandu. You can live a peaceful life in this beautiful tourist place.

5. Algiers, Algeria: Whether you go to the market or just roaming in the streets, you will experience cheap and beautiful handmade and other cheap daily use stuffs being sold by vendors. This place is completely safe and with low crime rates. You can get good education and health facility while living in Algiers.

Algiers, Algeria, The Cheapest Places to Live in the World

6. Bucharest, Romania: If you are thinking to spend the rest of your life in a cheaper and peaceful place or raise your family in a better manner then Bucharest is the best place for you. With tourist attractions and beautiful locations, it is one of the most important and cheapest cities in Romania.

7. Colombo, Sri Lanka: The lifestyle in Colombo is quite simple and less expensive. You can definitely expect a cheaper survival here as you will get all the facility from transportation to getting a home in cheapest price.

8. Panama city, Panama: If your income is low and you want to travel or live in a place where the survival comes in your budget then Panama City is the perfect place for you. This place is attracting travelers and tourists from decades. All the basic facilities like feeding, lodging, communication and transportation is unexpectedly cheaper here.

9. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: With a lot of apartments to live and much more facility for cheapest survival, Jeddah is worth spending rest of the life for retired people.

10. Tehran, Iran: The facilities like health care, education, transportation and houses to live are quite cheaper here.

Tehran, Iran, The nicest (and cheapest) cities in the world

You can have an amazing life if you get settled in the above places. What can be better than the happy living with least expenses? You must visit these places once in a lifetime to see the cheaper and peaceful part of the world.