Top 10 Cheapest Places To Live in Florida

8. Fort Myers: –

This is the best place that has high standard of living; however all the elements for it are available at cheap rate. This place also has ample number of amenities like schools, bars, cafes and restaurants. The current population of this place is around 65,000.

Fort Myers Cheapest Places To Live in Florida 2016

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  1. I am a photographer. I visit different places to click pictures. And recently i visited Brevard country of florida. I must say, its an awesome place. The pictures are so good among my collections. I just loved it.

  2. Dunedin is just an amazing place to have a weekend or destination party in a simple way at affordable price. The beach at one side just makes the way for it

  3. I’m not sure if I liked the way the article is written bit definitely I must be thankful for giving this unique article. I can atleast look up the Internet for more info with this list.

  4. yea.. niceville is a beautiful city.. i had vistd my frnd once.. and she had taken me to niceville.. i must say its such a beautiful place.. and yeah.. the hotel we stayed was too good..

  5. niceville is one of the beautiful city in florida for ones who get shifted.. the costs there are at affordable price.. and we can get adjusted easily..

  6. The village isn’t a village though it us very good and standard of living is good with well equipped facilities and services. My relative lives there and they say it has a great environment to live.

  7. Charlotte county sucks. I grew up here and it has been run by the New York city politicians that moved here as snow birds years ago. Taxes are very high and the local government agency are the largest employers.
    The building department is out of control and has no clue how to interpret the building code. They have been the largest contribution to the economic depression that plagues this area. However if you live in one of the affluent communities your area is serviced like royalty as this is where or county officials live. After many years with the State Weatherization Program I have delta with this department on many issues. Also I have a friend here almost $100 grand deep in a home made from a intermodal container with nothing more than a simple deck built on the front. This project was predicted to cost no more than $25k. The building department requires decks on grade to withstand 180mph wind speed and a 400lb per sqft snow load. If it snows that much here nothing will be left standing.
    The Sheriffs department is more like Gestapo than public servants they should be. I see this on a daily basis in my own community. I truly regret buying property in Charlotte county Florida.

  8. Charlotte County has great beaches and the census shows that it has cheaper expenses for living. The country side is very beautiful too.

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