Top 10 Largest Tech Companies in The World

Top 10 Biggest tech companies in the world in 2017 based on their annual revenues reported

Joining Tech companies: It’s a craze among the young generations- The young generation wants to work in the tech companies. Nowadays they are not very fond of any other kind of jobs but they like to work in a big tech companies. According to them if they work in these tech companies then they will flourish in their lives and their dream will come true. The boys and the girls who are very fond of settling themselves in abroad they say that if they join in the tech companies then only they can go and settle themselves in abroad. Thus nowadays tech companies are very famous in the field of work.

Presenting the List of top 10 tech companies 2017

There are many successful IT companies in this world, but among them there are some which also get their name enlisted in the top 10 largest tech company of the world in year 2017.

Below here is the list of top 10 tech companies which are really famous. Every candidate who is the job seekers want themselves to be placed in these companies. They are:

1. Apple- We all know that this the most famous tech company in the recent years. This company has provided us with many new technologies which are in the high demand among the young generations. The operating system which Apple has used in the iPhones and in their Mackbooks is really awesome. They are very easy to use yet they are made of with the recent technologies.

Apple, Most Valuable Enterprise Tech Companies

2. AT&T- It is a telecommunication company which has heat the market of the job in a great way. This company provides mobile connection and the broadband connections. They are very cheap in the market and hence they can be use by any man. The main thing about the company is that they the services which they give to the customer are really good and satisfactory and thus they are ranked in the second list of the top tech companies.

3. Hewlett- Packard- The Company is famous for its software maker. They have many partners who use their software in their product. HP is the partner for them who use their software in the laptops and in the phone. We have all seen that in the market there is a great demand of hp laptops and phones. This is the best company who produce professional software.

4. Verizon Communications- It is a New York based company. This company is famous for telecommunication and the broadband services. People like to use their connections and they have also given a good review. They have many partners in the market.

5. IBM- It is a famous software service company. This company launched many software every year which are really hit in the market. They have many partners in the market. There are many candidates who want to work with the company so that they can have a great future. Mainly the software engineers want to get placed in the company.

IBM, largest tech companies by revenue

6. Microsoft- It is the biggest software company. They launch the software in the market which is really easy to handle and thus they had a status in the market. Nowadays we use phones laptops which have Microsoft software in them. They have many partners in the market who uses their product. Customers like to use the product Microsoft.

7. Comcast- This is the company which mainly provide with the internet service to the customers. As per till date information they are the best internet service provider to the customer. They give the service in a very low rate and thus they are very famous in the market.

8. Amazon- We all are very familiar with this company. It is a well-known online shopping company which very famous for its good products. The main specialty of the company is that they are giving the good quality of products. The timing of their delivery is also very good. These are the few reasons for which they are so famous in the market.

9. Dell- This Company is very for its extraordinary products. The products they launch in the market are so good that people love to use them. They are very famous for their laptops. Many people use their laptops and they are really happy with the service.

10. Intel- It is a chip manufacture company. The chip is needed in the computer and the laptops and it makes the P.C and the laptops to run faster. These chips are very famous in the market and they are quite costly. Thus this chip maker company is very famous among the tech companies.

Intel , The Ten Biggest Tech Companies in the World

So if you are interested to know about the best tech companies then these are the best companies in the market. They are not only largest in size but are successful in shaping the company well in the market and gave wings to the dreams of millions of IT students and professionals across globe.