Top 10 Richest Sports Teams In The World

Top 10 richest sports teams 2017, The World’s top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams.

Every player desires to be the part of one of the richest and popular team. Thus, they work hard to earn heavy income and name for their team. We have provided a list of top most valuable teams that have highest net worth in the world.

List of top 10 richest sports teams of the world in 2017:

Below is the list of top richest team in the world. This provided the details of all the popular team that have earned highest income from by playing various Leagues and championships tournaments.

1. New York Giants: – This team is known for its highest earning and popularity. This was founded in the year 1925 and has won 8 times league championships. The players in this team are highly appreciated for their performance and from generation to generation, this team is composed of some of the finest football players of the era. The net worth of this team is $1.55 billion and its player contributes a lot in it.

New York Giants, Richest Sports Teams In The World

2. Washington Redskins: – Washington Redskins is located in Washington D.C. in America and is among the richest team of this place. This is among the best football teams that have won several tournament and most of the earning earned from endorsement. This team has played various NFL championships in the year 1991, 1987 and 1982. This team belongs to National Football Conference East Division. The new worth of this team is $1.7 billion.

3. New England Patriots: – New England Patriots has a net worth of $1.8 billion and is among the most popular team of America. It is located in Greater Boston and Bill Belichick is the head coach of it. Gillette Stadium is the stadium where this team plays its most of the home game and this stadium is located at Fox borough. It has won various NFL champions in the years 2014, 2004, 2003 and 2001.

4. Bayern Munich: – Bayern Munich team is located in Munich and is commonly known as FC Bayern München. It has a net worth of $1.85 billion and is managed by Pep Guardiola. Thus, due to its highest earning, this team has found its place in the top 10 list of richest sport team in world.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers: – This team has a net worth of $2 billion and is the richest team that is located in California, Los Angeles. The players of this team are the members of National League West division of Major League Baseball. The players of this team are highly paid their profession.

6. Dallas Cowboys: – Another richest team is Dallas Cowboys that has new worth of $2.3 billion. This team is of a National League West and is located in Los Angeles. It is managed by Don Mattingly and was founded in the year 1883. During the years 1988, 1981, 1965, 1963 and 1955, this team played several World Series Championships.

7. New York Yankees: – As the new worth of this team is concerned, it is $2.5 billion and is a popular American franchise. This team belongs to American League east division, has competed for various championships. The manager of this team is Joe Girardi and was founded in the year 1901.

8. Barcelona: – The net worth of Barcelona is $3.2 billion and it is further increasing at a speed rate. The reason for such a high worth of this team is the dedication and popularity of its players. They have won various tournaments and have earned heavy income for their team. Some of the popular names of this team are Barcelona and Barça. This team plays its most of the local matches at Camp Nou stadium and was founded by Joan Gamper. The training ground of this team is Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

9. Real Madrid: – This team was founded in the year 1902 and is now in the list of top richest team. It has a net worth of $3.44 billion and is located in Madrid, Spain.

10. Manchester United: – Manchester United is the richest team even in this list and has a new worth of $3.6 billion. It is located in Old Greater Manchester, England and is known for its exceptionally well performance in Premier League. The initial name of this team was Newton health LYR Football Club and later it was changed to Manchester United in the year 1878.

The above list provided the details of all the top 10 richest teams in the world who have great net worth. Fans can review their team and know the current worth of their favorite team.