Top 10 Hottest Most Popular NHL Players

The top 10 Hottest NHL Players of the world in 2017, Most beautiful Players in the NHL.

Hockey is a great fun to watch. Apart from NBA and NFL, there are many NHL lovers in the world. Girls find the hockey players way hotter that the other sport players. The hockey game has definitely some classy appearance as thousands of females are crazy behind this game. Like other famous sports, NHL is also in demand in many countries. It is the national sport of India.

List of top 10 most popular NHL players in 2017

NHL players enjoy the royal and exotic lifestyle too like other sports where lots of money is paid to their star players. Hockey is a unique game and has some amazing attraction. There are many hot and sexy players associated with NHL who drive women crazy behind them.

Here is the list of top 10 hottest NHL players having a huge fan following.

1. Henrik Lundqvist: He presently plays for New York Rangers. His role is as a Goalie for the team. He has amazing skills in the game. He is an established NHL player and has a huge fan following. His tough look with a hot  beard impresses many female fans. He is really a hot man with huge talent in hockey.

Henrik Lundqvist, Hottest Most Popular NHL Players

2. Carey Price: He is the chocolate boy of NHL. He is the perfect guy whom every girl in the world wants to make her boyfriend. His cute and charming look forces many girls to fall in love with him. He is a young and dynamic NHL player. Presently he is a goalie for Montreal Canadiens. He has already proven him as one of the finest goalie ever.

3. Joffrey Lupul: He is a tough guy in hockey. He has been in this game for a long period. He has a matured and sexy personality which usually target 30+ women. There are many female fans of Joffrey in the world. He is really a great player with amazing sportsmanship. His personality and his attitude bring him to the top 10 list.

4. Brendan Smith: He is a popular NHL player. His popularity can be seen in the hockey ground and social sites. He has an attractive personality that usually drives the women crazy. He has the potential to attract the super hot girls. He receives many messages and mails daily regarding the appreciation of his personality. He has quite impressive playing skills.

5. Patrick Sharp: Who can forget the hot and happening NHL player from Chicago Blackhawks? He has won several awards for his great game. He has an eye-catching and astonishing personality. From his charming face to his powerful playing moves, everything is just enough to attack the hearts of women. Women fan just go irresistible after seeing his game.

6. Derick Brassard: The 27 years old player has already gained notable success in his career. He plays for New York Rangers now. He is a Canadian player and has a huge female fan following. He has a chocolaty and cute face. He rather looks like a model than a NHL player. This is the reason behind his popularity among the female fans.

7. Chris Higgins: He is considered as one of the most charming NHL players ever. His innocence and cuteness wins several hearts in the hockey ground. He is an established NHL player. He has a good experience in this game and he uses his brain well to receive the success.

8. Andrew Ference: He is a tall and handsome NHL player. He has a good career graph in hockey. He has a nice physique which is like by many women fans of him. His skills in the hockey are quite noticeable. He is the captain of the reputed team, Edmonton Oilers. He is a family man now.

9. Jared Boll: The cute and sexy boy from NHL is very popular among the women. He has a model like face. In spite of having average playing skills he is quite famous among the woman fans. He is a quite highly paid player.

10. Sidney Crosby: He is currently associated with Pittsburgh Penguins. He is the captain of the team. He has a quite remarkable female fan following.

These were the top 10 hottest and beautiful NHL players, The career, fan following and their lifestyle will make you stunned for sure.