Top 10 Hottest Most Popular NFL Players

The top 10 hottest NFL Players of the world in 2017, the hottest Guys of the NFL.

NFL is the most popular thing related to sports on the earth. There are millions of football fans and every one of them has one favorite player from a particular team. When it comes to female fans, in comparison to other sports, football players have quite higher score.

List of top 10 hottest NFL players of the world in 2017

With perfectly toned bodies jaw lines, many NFL players have succeeded to earn huge popularity among the female fans. Here is the top 10 list of hottest NFL players. All of them are damn hot and attractive. Find out the reason behind their popularity among women.

1. Eric Decker: Eric Decker is the most famous NFL payer having a huge female fan following. His hot looks with deep eyes and perfect jaw line make him the most desirable man in NBL. The additional qualities that bring him to the spotlight are his humbleness and amazing skills for the game. He has a own television show that adds to his popularity among the NFL lovers.

Eric Decker, hottest NFL Players

2. Tom Brady: His blonde look is enough to attack a woman’s heart. He is a fit and handsome NFL player who plays as a quarterback for his team, New England Patriots. He is 37 years old and still quite fitter than many young aged NFL players. Presently he has a hot wife and a steamy career.

3. Colin Kaepernick: He plays for San Francisco 49ers. He is the most demanded quarterback of his team. He is quite popular among both male and female fans. Male fans of him like them as they too want to achieve a hot and fit body like him and the female fans like him as they want to achieve Colin Kaepernick’s hot body itself.

4. Miles Austin: He plays for Cleverland Browns presently. He is a 30 years old NFL player and has been attached with some superhot cheeks in the past. Presently he is married and enjoying his life. He is basically a Wide receiver in his team and has a bright future ahead.

5. Clay Matthews: He is a 28 years old NFL player. His fan following is due to his tall and tough looks. He is a Linebacker in his team. He is quite popular among ladies. He is currently dating someone and has a hot career ahead. He is really dedicated and passionate about his career.

6. Brady Quinn: He is a 29 years old NFL payer and currently plays for Free Agent team. He plays as a quarterback presently. He is a married guy but still very desirable among his female fans. He has a nice physique and a chocolaty face.

7. Reggie Bush: He is one of those NFL players on whom female celebrities have impressed once. He is presently playing for Detroit Lions. This 29 years old NFL player has just married and broke the heart of many of his female fans. He is quite desirable among women.

8. Cam Newton: He is a 25 years old NFL player. He is playing as Quarterback for Carolina Panthers. He is a very handsome and demanding football player. He has many achievements in his career. The best thing about him is that he is still single and women can easily hit on him. He has an amazing body and a beautiful smile which can impress any NFL loving woman.

9. Josh Freeman: He is a 26 years old NFL player who generally plays as the quarterback. He is presently playing for Free Agent team. He is really good at his game strategy and quite popular among girls too. During his matches, his woman fans go crazy behind him and start shouting madly for him.

10. Calvin Johnson: He is a 28 years old NFL player. He has a beautiful fit body. He plays as Wide receiver for Detroit Lions. His irresistible body makes woman NFL lovers go insane. He is currently in a relationship but still his woman fans do have a opportunity to get him.

You just saw the hot and sexy NFL players and their wide amazing looks and wonderful playing skills. All of them have the quality to win a lady heart. They do have enough reason to be the most desirable NFL players.