Top 10 Highest Paid PBA Players

Top 10 highest paid player in PBA in 2017, The most popular players of PBA in the 2017.

The Philippine basketball association has brought about quite a good team of players who are perfect in their masterstrokes. These players in the list below are regarded as the epitome of perfection. All of them have formed pillars of strength in their respective teams. There are few names in the list which are entered fresh this season.

Here is the list of the top 10 highest paid PBA players in 2017

Presenting the steady list of players, who even represents various brands in the market. The amazing performance makes them score triple and at times double figure scores in the wonderful game.

They are as follows:

10. Cliff Hodge (MER):

He is an American basketball player who plays for the Meralco Bolts in the PBA. He was selected overall by the Meralco Bolts to represent them. He has played in many National PBA games and has also won Gold in the South East Asian Games held in Thailand.

Cliff Hodge (MER) Highest Paid PBA Players 2017

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  1. who wrote this crap?!
    1) I dunno where you got your data from, must be from a cigarette vendor outside the stadium (translation: kwentong kalye lang)
    2) In the spirit of true journalism, please fix your grammar issues, kind sir…

  2. You could have got a better list. I’m talking about the content. Or else it is a very unique list and not everywhere you can see such articles. Keep the good job and you can improve.

  3. The list could have been even better i guess.. The contents are not so good though. Please update it with better information .

  4. Benjie Paras was the first and only player to
    win the league Rookie of the Year and MVP
    awards in the same year and Vergel
    Meneses is the only player to win four All-
    Star MVP awards, while Danny Ildefonso is
    the only player to have won five Philippine
    Basketball Association Best Player of the
    Conference Awards… These players are considered to be the best among pba players.

  5. Cliff is one of my favorite pba player. He is very cute too. He seems skilled than other players in this. I started watching pba because of him. Lolz

  6. This article is not so good upto an extent. Better get proofreading done. And you can find better articles than this in other websites. Add something spicy which impresses readers.

  7. I didn’t find this article greatly impressive because it seems like a simple note and no asset value, salary has been mentioned. I can’t approve it

  8. Taulava, herula are very good players. I’ve seen their games and they are so skilled and have immense techniques too. They are great assets for their teams.

  9. The article is not as good as I expected because other articles in the site are very good. No mention of salaries are provided which can help to assess the wealth.

  10. Not the assets or salary of a player is mentioned except the mere description of the player. That makes one reader feel bad when reading this article. Update it.

  11. Herula and slaughter are the great players with majestic height and have excellent skills and fluid movement. They are the most valuable players of the PBA and are ruling it.

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