Top 10 Highest Paid PBA Players

Top 10 highest paid player in PBA in 2017, The most popular players of PBA in the 2017.

The Philippine basketball association has brought about quite a good team of players who are perfect in their masterstrokes. These players in the list below are regarded as the epitome of perfection. All of them have formed pillars of strength in their respective teams. There are few names in the list which are entered fresh this season.

Here is the list of the top 10 highest paid PBA players in 2017

Presenting the steady list of players, who even represents various brands in the market. The amazing performance makes them score triple and at times double figure scores in the wonderful game.

They are as follows:

10. Cliff Hodge (MER):

He is an American basketball player who plays for the Meralco Bolts in the PBA. He was selected overall by the Meralco Bolts to represent them. He has played in many National PBA games and has also won Gold in the South East Asian Games held in Thailand.

Cliff Hodge (MER) Highest Paid PBA Players 2017

9. Brian Heruela (BLA):

He is another masterpiece among the Filipino Basketball players. Currently he is playing for the Blackwater Elite of Basketball Associations drafted by the team of Blackwater itself. There are critics and fans talking about him on the social media websites about his falls and success too.

Brian Heruela (BLA) Highest Paid PBA Players 2018

8. Terrence Romeo (GLO):

This basketball player with spiky hairs plays as a point guard and a shooting guard in the basketball court. His fans are following his updates in the social media websites like the Facebook and the twitter. For Far Eastern University he is designated as the point guard player.

Terrence Romeo (GLO) Highest Paid PBA Players 2018

7. Jayson Castro (TNT):

The name is quite famous in the world of PBA games. This Filipino American Basketball player plays for the Talk N Text Tropang Texters in PBA. He has a blinding speed and is known for his monicker. He is among the dedicated basketball players.

Jayson Castro (TNT) Highest Paid PBA Players 2016

6. Stanley Pringle (GLO):

The good amalgamation of Castro and Romeo has been the numbers defending the teammate. His game has become a little unpredictable in the current conference, but his body playmaking with great rebounding has marked him the best player indeed among all.

Stanley Pringle (GLO) Highest Paid PBA Players 2017

5. Arwind Santos:

Arwind Santos is currently scoring the best. He is the overall second highest paid player in blocks, who made the record of scoring 9-9 doubles so far. He is well acquainted with the conference last season held in the PBA. The BPC in the Philippines Cup needs to rediscover the game accordingly climbing out to the cellar once again.

Arwind Santos Highest Paid PBA Players 2016

4. Asi Taulava (NLEX):

The name still continues to rebel the Time of fathers. Despite of the years of 42, he has kept his iconic status among the other players of the PBA games. He had tough striking in the semi final conference last season. He is still ranking on the 4th position of the list of highest paid PBA players.

Asi Taulava (NLX) Highest Paid PBA Players 2017

3. Calvin Abueva:

This player is going to hit his platinum through the matches’ that he has been playing. He has scored in double figures in three out of his last four games. Thus, the team thought of giving him an added momentum just like the Alaska tussle to stay alive for the next quarter finals.

Calvin Abueva Highest Paid PBA Players 2016

2. Greg Slaughter:

He has slightly built the sleeper case for the season of MVP. Although it is too early to stretch yet the campaign snare at the crowning that too with aggressiveness. This urges him to make him overtake the guy on the first position. It is said that if Greg continues to play the game then no other player can stand in comparison to him.

Greg Slaughter Highest Paid PBA Players 2018

1. June Mar Fajardo:

Fajardo has been the best basketball player in his third season. The scores and the rebounding of the blocks are all lower than the last season. There are many of his fans who claim that this player is the most perfect of the team. There are lot of revelation in the PBA team due to him.

June Mar Fajardo, Highest Paid PBA Players 2017

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  2. You could have got a better list. I’m talking about the content. Or else it is a very unique list and not everywhere you can see such articles. Keep the good job and you can improve.

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  4. Benjie Paras was the first and only player to
    win the league Rookie of the Year and MVP
    awards in the same year and Vergel
    Meneses is the only player to win four All-
    Star MVP awards, while Danny Ildefonso is
    the only player to have won five Philippine
    Basketball Association Best Player of the
    Conference Awards… These players are considered to be the best among pba players.

  5. Cliff is one of my favorite pba player. He is very cute too. He seems skilled than other players in this. I started watching pba because of him. Lolz

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  11. Herula and slaughter are the great players with majestic height and have excellent skills and fluid movement. They are the most valuable players of the PBA and are ruling it.

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