Top 10 Most Expensive Football Players in The World

Top 10 most valuable footballers in the world in 2017, Most Expensive, richest and highest paid Football Players.

The X-factor about the Top 10 most expensive football players 2017: The whole world becomes crazy during the soccer world cup. Even during any club tournaments, people get crazy to support their favourite clubs. Whether it is La Liga or UEFA champion’s league, the football lovers shout for their favourite players and teams. Many top football player’s play for eminent teams like Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Manchestar or Espanyol. These teams pay huge amount to engage the world’s top players into their team.

List of top 10 most expensive football players 2017:

Today, most of the countries in this world have national football team. Hence, we can watch some nice touches with football by some great players. Mainly countries from Europe and South America possess most skilled football players and they all are ranked top. Again, clubs pay huge money to buy these top ranked players. Let us have a look at the top 10 most expensive football players in 2017.

10. Gareth Bale:

This skilled player in now in Real Madrid as Midfielder. He is from United Kingdom and his plays in English style. He is also considered as one of the top midfielder in the National Team of Wales. He is also well known as free kick specialist. During 2014 UEFA Super Cup, Christiano Ronaldo was greatly accompanied by Gareth Bale in winning the match against Sevilla. He is presently valued at £47m.

Gareth Bale Most Expensive Football Players 2018

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  1. If you know football, you know no player are better than Messi. Messi does not need to win anything, he is far better, a more complete player than Ronaldo, backed by propaganda.

  2. Ronaldo will always be the best. Who ever deserves the Ballon D’or should have a clean record on field and out, with Messi and H’s court issues I think he doesn’t deserve to be no. 1. Ronaldo is a far more favourite of all time. He may have attitude on the field well who doesn’t when you play a game. Everyone wants to be winners.

  3. RonaldoandMessi is the best football players but not

    Neymar is betterthan them . He will become best best in theworld in coming year I also wish that his playing style is differ from all the players

  4. yes i respect ronaldo as footballer and as awinner but not as the footballer in the world i surpot real madrid.messi is great we must respect him though he is not a football winner but ronalddo is a winer and i respct him for that.kamanzi reuben

  5. i support realmadrid bt hey messi knows how to play football mi dear.i respect ronaldo as a player but not as the best footballer in the world.kamanzi reuben

  6. Messi is the best and greatest player for now, for ronaldo yes he can play but not equal to messi,only one thing remain for messi to complete football which is world cup.Ronaldo carry his country and give them cup,yes we know that,but he can stay play football equal to football player for now can play like messi or more then messi. So please everyone should respect messi please…..

  7. Comment*The world best player Is:Leonel Messi. Messi Is a football Star who waz born nd originated with football.Also,Leonel Messi Is a very gd FIFA player(With 5 Ballon D’or).Messi Is the the world best player in that,He hardly get angry(after nd offended bad games)etc.Conclude,plz never compare ronaldo’s ftball with Leonel Messi. Stanleyy-Pro..

  8. Comment* CR7 Z D best.i hvnt seen God plyng bt wen i c cr7 plyng.i feel G od z plyng.nd wen i grw up as a grnd pa wl tel mi nephw nd niece dat once upon a time der was cristiano ronaldo.

  9. I think the list has some new names now. Please look for fresh stuffs. There have been a lot of changes and recently there has been a world record transfer overtaking Gareth Bale.

  10. Messi might have retired from international but he still has his popularity in club football. He is an incredible player. I haven’t seen God playing football, but when I see Messi playing, I feel that God is playing.

  11. Real Madrid star cristiano ®onaldo is the best and I like Ronaldo cr7 more than my heart
    I want to meet you cr7

  12. crostino ronaldo is the best he made his international country do it at the final by when he was sub and they realy did it in the euro cup 2016 happy Portugal happy ronaldo

  13. Comment I see no one in the world like ronaldo because he has mind to play for his country and his side club, i think that qualify him to be world best

  14. Neymar is a sensation on the field. He’ll be the star of the game in years to come. He is so very promising and no doubt that he is one of the greatests at present.

  15. Neymar will be the top most. He is so very much promising and he is an exceptional talent with great precision, perfection and swiftness. He is the future of football I guess.

  16. Ronaldo is the best forever. Just like Dhoni for cricekt,it is number 7 Ronaldo for football. He is the best player with best techniques, precision, flow,speed. No one can beat him

  17. Messi is my fav star
    He has won 5 Ballon D’Or Awards and that shows his capability. He is so skilled and he is much better than Ronaldo too. He is the best now.

  18. Messi is the best. He is the greatest in football at present. He is the best player and he is so good with his techniques and game. He rules the football world. He has so many fans and worshippers.

  19. Neymar is super talent. The way he plays is like an alien. He is so good and accurate with his style. He will break all the records and barca is best because of him and Messi. They are the gems of the present football world.

  20. wales that i supported will win . there are many great players ramsey , bale and many .
    they perform the best in euro cup but the most interesting thing is that ronaldo is not playi

  21. Neymar gets paid one of the highest salaries and is an immense talent for now. He is superb on the field with great grip in the ball. He plays very well can beat Ronaldo also.

  22. Comment* to say the fast messi deserve to collect 6 ballo’d or see the way the boy are playing the ball but ronaldo has old no strength again

    1. Messi maybe popular but Ronaldo is very reliable. He scores for his team often and Messi disappoints. In terms of talent also, Ronaldo is much quick and precise and can go through opponents defense easily than Messi.

    1. Ronaldo amis fired but messi-fired accurately like ak47 ….that’s make him great …MESSI is a FIRE like SUPERSTAR RAJINIKANTH .KABALI DA

  23. Ronaldo is best of their time but pele and maradona remain d best of all time.if messi and cr7 think that world cup is a child play they should win it not once,remember d 2010 world cup big name who cry mercilessly is messi that is to tell u pele and his arrivals are still d best of all time.

  24. Ronaldo ya is da best i hve ever come across i think he is the best ever nd he deserve his fourth ballon d,or

    1. Not at all. It’s only Messi the great. He has won 5 Ballon D’Or while Ronaldo hasn’t got 4th one yet. You can now think who’s the greatest. Messi’s talent is just incredible and Ronaldo can’t match him any way.

  25. Ronaldo is the real superstar. Actually, couple of days back, in a report I read Ronaldo is currently the most paid footballer. And they are right. He is a gentleman in the game and plays it really well.

  26. Yeah. Messi is the real talent on football. There may be Ronaldo, but Messi has achieved a lot. He has won 5 Ballon D’Or and that’s not an easy thing at that young age. He has been performing great for his teams.

  27. Is it really Messi?
    I guess it should be Ronaldo. He endorses more popular and rich brands. He is handsome and does lot of ad shoots. He gets paid the highest.

  28. The guy with the killer instinct Christiano Ronaldo amazing personality real heartthrob doing so many endorsements playing for the richest club guys got some real talent and X factor that forces you to keep watching him

    1. Ronaldo plays well, but Messi is the greatest at present. He is swift across the field,he is immensely talented with very quick reflexes. He has won Ballon D’Or five times and that shows his achievement!

  29. LIONEL Messi made it to the top really amazing athlete very calm and composed by of the most popular sportsman in the world real nice guys deserves to be here on the top

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