Top 10 Highest Paid Sports in The World

Highest Paying Sports in the World in 2017, World’s Highest-Paid Athletes List.

The world of sports is one of the great entertainment platforms. The sports world provides well-paid career alternatives for all those people who are skilled, talented and also who are extremely eager to establish themselves as a famous athletes. Nowadays, there is very hardly found any people who don’t searching for the highest paying jobs.

Presenting the list of high paid sports in the world in 2017

If you love sports and want to know about the names of the highly paid sports of the world then go and check the below list.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid most successful sports of the world in 2017.

1. BASKETBALL – Renowned basketball tournaments like NBA are extensively recognized game which is the highest paid game in all over the world. According to the survey most of the basket ball player can earn a huge amount of money from other different source. Most of the famous basketball player has taken part in different advertisement like basketball player which also enhance their income.

BASKETBALL, Highest Paid Sports in The World

2. BOXING – Boxing is considered as one of most dangerous sports. Not only that this sport is also recognized as highest paying sports event in this planet. Report says that most famous boxers can earn a huge amount of prize money from boxing championship. Apart from this, they also obtain a decent amount of money from the commission of Pay-Per-View, endorsements and betting and so, this game is in the 2nd position in this list as the highest paid game.

3. AUTO RACING – Auto racing events including the F1 Grand Prix or NASCAR are recognized as 3rd highest paying sports event today. Though there a risks involved with this sport event, but the huge amount of prize money can help the racer to compromise with the risk. Auto racing is also reputed as a millionaires’ game. Because beside the prize money huge amount of endorsement are involve with this event.

4: GOLF – Famous golfers who is also a legendary athlete, Tiger Woods, still is on the 1no position as the highest paid athletes in Forbes list. He holds this record 11 times. That’s why it is considered that golf is one of the highest paid sport events in the world. With huge amount of prize money, famous golfers are also deals with big sum of endorsement.

5: AMERICAN FOOTBALL – American Football is also one of the widely famous sports events that are why it is also recognized as the highest paying sports event in all over the world, because American footballers repeatedly hold position of richest player in the Forbes list. This sports event is now in the 5th position in this list.

6: SOCCER – We all know that Soccer is basically most excited as well as popular sports events all over the globe, particularly in Europe. David Beckham who was actually the Legendary English footballer was hold the top position as the richest players in 2004 his total earning is $28 million. This popular sport event is in the 6th position in the list of top 10 highest paying sports in the world 2017.

7: TENNIS – Tennis is considered as one of the most famous sports event in all over the world. This game is known as the millionaire sports event. Tennis is in the 7th position in this list of top 10 highest paid or successful sports 2017. WTA tours are the highest paid tennis tournaments in all over the world.

8: ICE HOCKEY – Ice hockey is recognized as “The Fastest Game the world” due to its speed. Not only that this sports event i8s renowned as one of the highest paying sports event in the planet, this game is in the 8th position in the list. Due to its huge amount of the prize money, the ice hockey player repeatedly put themselves in the position of richest player.

9: BASEBALL – Baseball is renowned with a nickname the unique paragon of American culture. Baseball is still one of the big sports of United States. Over 2.1 million native from USA alone take part in baseball. According to the report, the baseball players are recognized as the highest paid athletes in the planet. This popular game takes the 9th position among the list.

10: CYCLING – Cycling is recognized as the most active game in all over the world. But today, cycles or other various human-powered vehicles have undergone huge modernism. There are numerous cycling tournaments held in all over the world which are considered as the highest paying sports events. This sports event is in the 10th position in this list.

Sports always provide large profitable career alternative for interested people. In this list we find the highest paying sports, which are involved with huge amount of prize money and also different endorsement.

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  1. English isn’t my first language, and I have a way to go to improve it. But even I couldnt help but notice that this article was written by a person with low english skills or, most probably google translated. Which is not a problem for me, as long as you are professional and specialist at what you are writing about. doesn’t look this way here. Just a generic article with basic facts (numbers in the wage list of ceirtain athletes, which doesn’t reflect the dynamics overall). Some interesting facts, disappointing overall.

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