Top 10 Most Expensive Sports of The World

10 sports which are most expensive in the world in 2017, The 10 most expensive sports might surprise you

everyone is fond of some or the other activity and sports is the best pass time for many. They are not mere physical fitness but they actually have great relation to luxury. Some sports needs huge capital to even participate and that is why they are not easy like football or basketball.

Top 10 expensive sports in the world in 2017 which are not common to humans

Sports is always meant as the most easily accessible thing but to your surprise the list of sports mentioned will blow your mind because some sports are not easy reach and one has to pay a huge sum to play the sports. And, rather there are some sports which clearly appear to man for spending money.

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1. The Whitianga sport festival: The sport fest concerned with the speed is costliest across the world, and it takes place in New Zealand. It is inclusive of many sports like helicopter racing, boat racing etc.

The Whitianga sport festival, 10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Sports

2. Ski jumping: Ski jumping as leisure activity can cost much but when it comes to competition it costs too much. Also, one really needs to look for sponsors to pursue the sports.

3. Hot air balloon racing: Well, most of us have seen hot air balloons but very few of are aware that it is a sport. But, anyways it is not easy to keep the balloons safe and that is why a lot of finance is required. Also, insurance and navigation tools cost etc.

4. Bobsledding: It is one of the rare sports in the world and that is why the cost of this sport increases automatically. In fact the bobsled used in the sport itself cost as high as $25,000. So, not every person can dream to participate in this sport.

5. Wingsuiting: If you do not know about this sport than it is through the special suit that is body suits which allow you to fly. The first thing which can come to your mind is the expensive wing suit but it doesn’t cost much, but extra costs like learning the art of using wing suit and flying and insurance. So, get ready for this

Wingsuiting, Top 10 most expensive sports

6. Pentathlon: Pistol is not easy equipment and not even it costs less. So, if you are trying to participate in pentathlon than you have to own your own pistol. The most expensive thing is training in this game as it requires lots of experts to guide you and teach the game to you.

7. Sailing: First water sports in the list and you should know that buying sail boat is much more expensive that going to purchase a car and not only boat but additional equipment’s required for sailing can create deep holes in your pocket. And, as whole year can’t be a sailing sport definitely one has to maintain the boat and that also costs a lot.

8. Formula 1: More than anything this game demands for high medical expenses, you all must have seen Formula 1, once in your lifetime on your television screen or in real and that is why you have an idea that how dangerous is the game and it can cost life too. Formula 1 requires the participant to own his own car and it can cost fortune to some. So, those who are dreaming for this particular sport should know the reality.

9. Polo: Considered more for it royal touch, this game is famous around the world for it being a choice of elites. The game is costlier as the player in the game requires more than single horse in one game because horse get tired. To maintain and train the horse the cost is high and that is why it is the elite’s choice game. One added expense with polo is high risk and that is why sometimes you have to pay the medical bills as well.

10. Equestrian: It is a typical horse game that involves the riding of horse and controlling it. The cost is estimated $200,000 and this doesn’t involve the buying and selling of the horse. It is limited to the maintenance of the horse for a year.

Equestrian, The 10 Most Expensive Sports

So, what are you take? Would you like to get involved in some of the sport or you need a sponsor? Enjoy the sports of your choice and enjoy life at the best.

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  1. Amazing to know that even football is not among the top 10 most expensive sport in the world.

    Horses are pretty expensive to maintain and train.

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