Top 10 Most Beautiful, Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

The Hottest most beautiful UAAP volleyball players in the world in 2017, The Pretty Faces Of UAAP Women’s Volleyball.

The game of volleyball is indeed the most energetic game after football, baseball and basketball. The best recreational sport is loved by many and can be easily played year around. There are differences between indoor and outdoor games depending on the volleyball environment. Below is the names of the UAAP players who are really beautiful as they follow the most perfect strategy to overcome the hurdles to win the matches.

Presenting the list of 10 beautiful ladies from the world of UAAP volleyball in 2017

The list of the most perfect UAAP player are just the right one place where you can easily get in touch of your favourite UAAP player. We are sure that this list is going to help you a lot to know in brief about the talented yet beautiful UAAP volleyball players

They are as follows:

1. Mike Reyes:

This is the player who is gifted with freshness that could outlast even most of the gruelling five set matches. Her white skin is so fresh that it makes people to wonder about her skin tone secrets. She works smarter and never gets tired. She always has genuine smile on her face put on no matter whatever happens.

Mika Reyes Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players 2017


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  1. Galanza is so beautiful and gorgeous. Also, she seems really hot and bold because of her body, skin and shape. Her smile is pretty too and she should have topped the list.

    • I think the same. She deserves to be in the first place. She is irresistibly cute and gorgeous. She is like an actress or a model. She can quit playing and find a career in modeling.

  2. Omg! I just surfed this thing in random and I got a good list for that. I didn’t expect one such list a nd happy to see that you have it. I also saw many other interesting lists in this site. Good job!

  3. Right from number 10, each of them seem so very beautiful and gorgeous. This is a freakingly good list. And, aah! No words to express their beauty. Such grace they have and a well built body.

  4. For me gaizer looks the best of em all. She is so well built, well structured. She is so damn attractive and she got me at the first sight.

  5. I just couldn’t stop looking at these beauties. They are so beautiful and gorgeous. Each one of them have to be models I guess.

  6. I love this list.
    Every beauty is better than one another. They seem like actresses and models. They look so good in sports outfit though. Lol! They are extremely talented in the court and beautiful too.

  7. I guess gema galanza should be at number one. She is so gorgeous. Omg! She is well built and beautiful. She should be a model rather than volleyball player.

  8. Omg! How is earth could you find this kind of a list. Fabulous beauties are in this list. They are so hot and their build is so appealing and impressive.

  9. These beauties better to be models. They are enough tall and strong. Their build and structure is beautiful. They have very attractive body structure.

  10. Wrong picture of therese gaston, that’s actually maddie madayag, in my opinion it is much believable if no 2 will be at top 1

  11. Wow!
    Leausent Dawis is so gorgeous. Her build and body shape is appealing. She even be a model too I guess. She is tall and the physique is very perfect for her body.

  12. wow amzing girls I fell in love with all of them how can I rate tthem that wud be injustice to the priceless beauty they have

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