Top 10 Best selling Football Jerseys in The World

Top 10 highest selling club soccer jerseys in the world in 2017, Top 10 Highest Selling Club Soccer Jerseys.

Best football jerseys: motivation of the football players: In this article you will find some of the top 10 football jerseys. The cost of the jerseys depends upon the team. If the football team won many world cups then the cost of the jersey of that team goes high than the others. The foot ball fans are always very thrilled to buy the jersey of their favorite football team. There are some bestselling jerseys that are available in the market with maximum cost. When the fans go to watch their football match in the field they wore it.

Presenting the List of top 10 football jerseys of 2017

Football is one such sport which is not only loved but also encouraged to play more all across globe. For cheering up your team on field all you need is the jersey which you can wear while rocking the field as a supporter of the team.

Below there are some of the best selling football jerseys. They are:

1. Real Madrid – 1.4 million jerseys annual- This jersey is for the football team Real Madrid. This team has won many cups in the history of the football match. The color of the jersey is white. It gives a very stylish looks. It has a very high-quality. But the cost of the jersey is quite high. It belongs to the one of the best football team. It produces i.4 million jerseys annually.

Real Madrid, Top 10 Highest Selling Club Soccer Jerseys

2. Manchester United – 1.4 million jerseys annual- The jersey belongs to the team Manchester United. The jersey is red in color. In the jersey you can find the logo of Manchester United. This foot ball team gives 1.4 million of jerseys every year. They are very attractive. You will look good if you wear it.

3. Barcelona – 1.15 million jerseys annual- This team manufactures 1.15 million of jersey every year. The color combination of the jersey is very good. It has the combination of red and blue which gives a special look to the eye of the viewer. The cost of the jersey is high but if you are a big fan of the team then you can buy it as it has a very high demand.

4. Chelsea – 910,000 jerseys annual- It is the football team of the United Kingdom. The company Samsung produces their jersey. The color of the jersey is blue and on the body of the jersey the name of the company is written on it. The quality is also good. This team produces 910000 jerseys each and every year.

5. Bayern Munich – 880,000 jerseys annual- The color combination of the team’s jersey is black and red. It is the uppermost selling jersey. The cost of the jersey is affordable to the fan who likes this football team. The company produces 880000 jerseys every year. The main appeal of the jersey is the color combination. The back side of the jersey has the red color.

Bayern Munich, Top Ten Best Selling Kits In World Football

6. Liverpool – 810,000 jerseys annual- It is the UK football team. The jersey is very gorgeous to its look. The color of the jersey is dark red which attracts the fan of the football team. There are many follower of the team and thus every year they sell many Liverpool jerseys. Each year they produce 810000 jerseys. The cloth quality of the jersey is very smooth and the man who wears it feels very comfortable.

7. Arsenal – 800,000 jerseys annual- This UK football team also manufactures many jerseys every year. There is a huge fan following of this team and thus the sell rate is also very high. The color combination of the jersey is very beautiful as it has orange and white combination. The company adidas produces the jersey of the football team. It produces 800000 jerseys every year.

8. Juventus – 480,000 jerseys annual- Black, orange combination jersey is for this team. It makes 480000 jerseys every year. When the fan of the team goes to the football field to watch the match they wear this jersey. The jersey is quite reasonable and thus many people buy it.

9. Inter Milan – 425,000 jerseys annual- The jersey is very gorgeous and thus it is bought by many of them. The color of the jersey is black with deep blue stripes. The quality of the jersey is also very good and hence they are long lasting. People look very handsome when they wear it. This company produces 425000 jerseys every year.

10. AC Milan – 350,000 jerseys annual- The color of the jersey is red and black. The team gives 350000 jerseys every year. Each jersey is being sold every year during the match. It can be worn by women also. The quality of the jersey is very good and hence they have a high demand.

AC Milan, Ten best selling football jerseys

Those who have a fetish for football game they can wear these jerseys and go and see the match. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take a step forward for grabbing the jersey of your favorite team. Remember the above ten are best sellers and you need to be fast to grab one before anyone else picks it up.