Top 10 Richest US States

Know the top 10 richest US states 2017, U.S states list by income.

USA is now the sixth among the richest nations of the world. It was at the top, a few years ago, but the recent rescission has pulled them down to rank six. A rich nation is determined by two factors. The first one is the geographical factor, where the minerals and the agro products make the difference. The second is the economic state of the nation.

Presenting the names of leading top 10 richest US states in 2017

The well to do economic nations of the world must have the subparts of them in a stable economic condition, and that is the key of their position in the top list. The top states of US that are having the best economic distribution has been recorded and ranked below.

1. Maryland- The Median household income of this state is highest in USA and it is near about $71,122. The Population of the state, as of the latest report is 5,884,563. The perfect distribution of the economy has been made possible for the different occupations in the state. You can get to that state to get a better employment.

Maryland, Richest US States

2. New Jersey- It is another nation that has many rich counties and that made them place at the top of the states in US that are richest. The population of the state is 8,864,590 according to the latest report and the median income of the people of the state is around $69,667, which is quite high.

3. Alaska- The population of this state is also quite high, but the median income of the state is over 67 thousand dollars. To be exact the population of the state is 731,449 and the median income is $67,712. The state has the best scope for the entrepreneurs and for the engineers too.

4. Connecticut- It is another rich state of US and it is one of the richest states of the entire continent. The population of this state is quite low and it ranges around 3,590,347. The population is low and yet the income of the people is in average $67,276. If those two figures are tallied then the equation states it to be one of the top states of the continent.

5. Hawaii- The population of this state with the active volcanoes is quite sparse and the average income of the 1,392,313 people is around $66,259. It is said that this is the state of the rich people and the statistics really refers the same thing.

6. Massachusetts- The sixth name in the list is of another stated that is densely populated. The population of the state is around 6,646,144 and the income on an average is around $65,339. The statistics say that the states have a difference of income among the dwellers.

7. New Hampshire- This is one of the richest states of US and it has a median income of around $63,280. The population of the state is quite low and it ranges around 1,320,718. This reveals that the income of most of the people is near to the median value.

8. Virginia- This is one of the well known states of US, in terms of engineering works and also in terms of the best employment. This is one of the most densely populated states of US and the population count, according to the last census is around 8,185,867. The median income of $61,741 well explains how rich the state is.

9. Minnesota- The ninth name is yet another state that has a great population. The population count is 5,379,139 and you may think that the state is having population that is quite less than other few, but the size of the state is also low. Yet the median income of the householders is around $58,906.

10. Delaware- The difference between the ninth and the tenth richest states of US is not in thousands, but in only 400 dollars. You will find that this is the state which has the highest population among all the states in the list and that is around 917,092, yet the high income surely states that the state is richest than most other states, in terms of gross income.

All the states that are stated above are ranked according to the median income. The ranking will totally change, if the gross income of the population can be considered

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