Top 10 Richest US Cities

Top 10 richest US cities in 2017, highest-income places in the United States.

When you are discussing about a rich city, then you can easily make it a point to discuss about the names which are high in demand. The geographic location of the place, its high earners, the cost of living, position of the place marks the places among the richest cities in America. Nationwide, the median list of the price per square foot on homes is $120 is even greater challenge.

Presenting the List of richest US cities in 2017

The list of the top 10 richest US cities in America is among those names which do rich owe to their demand in the recent world. Things are quite balanced out in a way. These places are also awesome in terms of their job opportunities, beauty and lot of culture that brings out the latest structure of the society. Here’s presenting the perfect list of the names.

They are as follows:

1. San Francisco: To reside in this place comfortably with the need of $131,365 in SF. The city is in Northern California on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It has wealth prosperity and lavishness among the population living in it.

San Francisco, Richest US Cities

2. San Jose: The administration of the city is rich in its own. The most important fact about the place is its status and population. To live quite well in this place you need to earn about $115,515 minimum to live with your family.

3. Washington DC: The capital of America is also among the cities where you will have comfortable salary of $101,984. The neoclassical structure of the place is about imposing the iconic ones by performing the art venue among the tourists. This is one f the richest cities in US.

4. Seattle: To live in this place you will have to have about earnings of about $93,634 would be ideal here. The place was previously the abode of the Native Americans. Since this is the place where tech industry has found thriving in its metropolitan area. The futuristic space is the recognition landmark.

5. San Diego: You can live comfortably if you earn about $101,984. This major city in California is all about richest lifestyle with all the modern amenities and the facilities of the place. There are numerous art galleries which are frequently visited by people.

6. Boston: The European settlers were first called the area of Trimountains. Currently the financial importance of the place is so high that people who are rich can make easy approach to start their living in this place.

7. New York City: The New York City is about asking for leading centres of finance and the economy that covers the state with high earners. To live comfortably you will need to have a bank balance of at least $131,365 to live in Brooklyn and $169,639 in Manhattan and $116,907 in the Queens.

8. Los Angeles: To live in this city you will need to have at least $102,061 to live in this city. Although this is a coastal based city yet the standard of living is quite high. The city is a sprawling city that fawned many reasons to live here.

9. Denver: To live in this city all you need to have ideal salary of about $82, 036 to start a comfortable live in Denver. This is the multi populous municipality of the US State of California. There are great official safety with emergency, preparedness and the neighbourhoods and the employment.

10. Austin: There are about various mixes of diverse employees working in this city. The biggest thing to reside in this place all you need is to have a salary of around $150,000. You will need $72,912 to be comfortable in this Texas City. These days it has really been very expensive to live anywhere in Austin.

All these cities are quite high in terms of richness and their passion of living. These places also have population greater than 50,000 per year. People tend to live comfortably in each city is based on the studies finding the magic salary number as it is comfort is achieved. Stay connected to achieve the best updates.