Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in India

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers Who Charge a Huge Fee in India in 2017, India’s most expensive lawyer.

Get the names and the charges of the top 10 most expensive lawyers in India 2017: The charges of the lawyer depend on two things. The first one is the experience of them and the second and the most vital one is the success ratio. Below is the list of the top ten expensive lawyers of India who have shown a great success rates in their career.

Presenting the updated list of most expensive lawyers from  India in year 2017

A good lawyer is one who can take an absolute hold on the case of the client and can offer true desired justice in the best possible way. When the number of winning cases increases for a lawyer he gets the status of being successful in this profession and calls for a fee which is expensive. For getting justice and if people can bear the cost they prefer to go for the best and expensive lawyers in the industry.

All of them are very much expensive and their charges are for every hearing, but all of them are extraordinary in their business.

10. Fali S Nariman-

This is the last of the top expensive of the lawyers of India. The exceptional lawyer is versed with the constitutional knowledge and is one of the top lawyers that represent the political parties in the court. His appearance for the business farms marks the difference, because of his argument skills and super questioning style. He charges 2-3 lakh for each of the hearing.

Fali S Nariman, India's most expensive lawyers 2016

9. Soli J Sorabjee-

The old lawyer is another popular name among all the national lawyers. This lawyer has fought many of the international cases too. He has got a success rate that is more than 80% and is one of top national lawyer. He charges 2 lakh for each of the seating.

Soli J Sorabjee Most Expensive Lawyers 2018

8. Rohinton F Nariman-

He is said to be the master of the corporate cases. His success rate in the corporate cases is intense. The super arguments and special constitutional skills have made him one of the top lawyers of the nation. He also charges in lakhs on each of the seating.

Rohinton F Nariman Most Expensive Lawyers 2018

7. Ram Jethmalani-

He is top paid lawyer in the nation. Most of the big corporate house cases and the national or the big political cases are fought by him. At the age of 90 also this master of the Indian constitution charges 10 to 20 lakhs on every sitting. He is basically a criminal lawyer and is one of the biggest names in the nation who fights for the criminals.

Ram Jethmalani, highest paid advocate in India 2017

6. Harish Salve-

He is another popular name among the corporate lawyers. He has been the top name among the lawyers especially after the twin cases of Doordarshan Telecast right case and the case of Ambani brother Gas dispute. He charges around 4.5 l for each sitting and the success rate is havoc for him.

Harish Salve, most expensive lawyers in India 2018

5. K Parasaran-

the top lawyer does have the best reputation in the nation. Whenever any suite is recorded against the corruption, the name of this old lawyer comes first. He has been involved in many of the cases against corruption. He has the best quality to sort out the typical corruptions and that made him one of the popular names in the history of constitutional practice in India.

K Parasaran Most Expensive Lawyers 2016

4. Abhishek Manu Singhvi-

He is yet another world in the nation’s legal bench. The National Flag Case is one of the top cases that he has got success. The success rate is almost 100% for this lawyer although he accepts limited cases. He charges over a lakh in every sitting.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi Most Expensive Lawyers 2016

3. K K Venugopal-

The old lawyer is a popular name among all the lawyers of the nation. He has been the great lawyer that projected the Mandal Commission in the 90‘s and is one of the best lawyer in the nation with great concept of constitutional analysis. He charges around 2-3 lac for every sitting.

K K Venugopal Most Expensive Lawyers 2017

2. Mukul Rohatgi-

He is another lawyer who charges 5 lakhs for one seating. The success ratio of this lawyer is near to 90 percent and that is the reason for the huge charge. He has been the favored lawyer for the Political leaders and giant businessmen.

Mukul Rohatgi Most Expensive Lawyers 2017

1. Gopal Subramaniam-

He is one of the top names among the lawyer of the nation. The remarkable case of this aged lawyer is the Mumbai terrorist attacks case, where he represented the state against the crime. His takes an average of Rs. 5 lakh for every seating.

Gopal Subramaniam, 10 Most Expensive Lawyers 2018

All of the above lawyers are top lawyers of the nation and none of them has a success rate less than 70% in the suites. The experience of them and the super knowledge of the Indian Constitution has placed them at the top and determined the expensive charges of them too. More the cases a lawyer wins for their client, more their fame grows and more they charge.


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  2. Nariman is a cheat. He cheat people of karnataka in the issue of mahadayi water. He might have taken a lump sum but no use.

    • It was not his problem though. He is a great lawyer. He has been successful in some of the biggest cases in India. He is so popular and it’s not right to blame him

  3. Hahaha. Whatever it is but lawyers should have good talking skills and fight for even what is not the truth. It is a difficult profession and can earn well too.

    • That’s true. It’s so hard that they’ll have a take to fight for what is not true too. Lol! But, if they are not much on point, they’ll not win anything big though and also they’ll not have big name too.

  4. We have seen many of them advocating for some of the biggest cases in the country. Few of them also have headed some tribunals. Their assets and earning are so astounding.

  5. A great list this. It is very rare to find such. We have guard the names of these lawyers and to know that they earn this much is just astonishing.

  6. We have seen Nariman, the senior advocate of the nation taking up some big cases of the nation may it be the disputes between states or some terror attacks or the cases where business men were accused.

  7. Jetmalani is a veteran advocate who has delivered a lot of success to his clients. He has been the advocate for some of the nation’s biggest, iconic cases like terrorist attacks, communal riots and for some big business people.

  8. I agree with kapil ther is no point putting some one down the list when its about just getting paid highest so he must be on the top even though I don’t like lawyers but this is the truth

  9. amazing site and quite different kind of list I have no intrrst in it coz these people just play for money most of them

  10. all these lawyer are just basterds bc they adjust justify ther thoughts as there profession and I hate I feel like slapping these guy and the guys who put up this list are you even aware what are you doing your trying to motivate crime by showing these kind of things I know its your proffesion I f**k such money that is getting earned coz of someones miserey

  11. Nariman what th f**k he looks so weird and I hate him for the picture that is posted her it feels like he is so proud to do things that are not even right justice for the people that are innocent but he can turn anything around I hate him for that f u man

  12. Woow Mr ram jethmalani getting paid 10-20 lakhs per sitting but can’t make it to the top the list I think he should on number one because the list about highest paid lawyers in india

  13. No 1 Mr Gopal subramaniam what is better to fight case for your country and even get paid for it and get payed real handsomely and Mr rohtagi amazing successful rate of 90 percent real amazing

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