Top 10 Largest US Cities

Top 10 largest Cities of USA by Population and Rank in 2017, Top 50 biggest cities.

Due to the development of civilization, our world has observed the rise and fall of numerous cities. The city where we live turns your our identity because all of the cities have a certain face no matter how large or small it is. US is one such destination which is home to some of the largest cities of the world.

Presenting the list of top 10 largest cities of USA in 2017

So when you decide to make a long list, you have to remember that the task becomes very critical, as there are various cities which are largest according to the population and some are biggest according to the area. We worked really hard to find the top 10 largest cities of USA. Here is a list of top 10 Largest city of the USA, just take a look.

10. Phoenix: –

According to the most recent census, Phoenix is in 10th position and covers a total of 516.7 square miles. Additionally, this 10th largest city is also the biggest city of Arizona and also this is the state capital city. Not only that, based on population, this city holds the 6th position in the United States.

Phoenix, Largest Cities of USA 2018