Top 10 Largest US Cities

Top 10 largest Cities of USA by Population and Rank in 2017, Top 50 biggest cities.

Due to the development of civilization, our world has observed the rise and fall of numerous cities. The city where we live turns your our identity because all of the cities have a certain face no matter how large or small it is. US is one such destination which is home to some of the largest cities of the world.

Presenting the list of top 10 largest cities of USA in 2017

So when you decide to make a long list, you have to remember that the task becomes very critical, as there are various cities which are largest according to the population and some are biggest according to the area. We worked really hard to find the top 10 largest cities of USA. Here is a list of top 10 Largest city of the USA, just take a look.

10. Phoenix: –

According to the most recent census, Phoenix is in 10th position and covers a total of 516.7 square miles. Additionally, this 10th largest city is also the biggest city of Arizona and also this is the state capital city. Not only that, based on population, this city holds the 6th position in the United States.

Phoenix, Largest Cities of USA 2018


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  1. I think Pittsburgh because they have a lot of really tall buildings and I also think New York City because iit has the tallest building in north america

  2. What the hell is this???
    It don’t even contains some information about tourism. And even it really lacks demographic information.
    You relly need to update this article.

  3. According to me anchorage is the stunning beauty of America!!
    Its higly preferably to live in that place because when compared it of polution free and its of good facilities!!!

  4. Wrengell is one of the best port cities in the world. It has a beautiful beach. The beach increases its immense beauty.
    Im so proud for living in that place.

  5. Houston!! The name itself is good.. i wish i lived in Houston. Anyway this is a stunning article which gives enormous details about America!!!
    It served a tool to improve my knowledge regarding cities.

  6. This is a really good article. This article guves lot of effective information about American cities.
    I thought New York is the biggeet city.
    But i was wrong. This good article made me wrong.

  7. Sitka???!
    Is it a name???
    I Didnt even here about it once in my life time.
    This is a very good article because by this article i came to know more about American cities.

  8. I’m not impressed with this one. I expected a great article as I read some stunning, interesting articles in this site. They were top good but this one is not up to the mark.

  9. This is pretty old a list I guess and no source has been mentioned too. So there comes a question of reality. Better do some proof reading before publishing and do some more research while writing.

  10. Being in us i still dint know the top 10 cities of my own place.. Haha.. This is really funny.. Well.. Good list.. I live in houston by the way.. Even that has been added? Woww.. Great!

  11. Pheonix… A different name given to a city.. The name of a legendary bird.. I must say.. Its really a beautiful city.. With good infrastructurs.. I will be visiting this city very often.. As my cousins live there.

  12. A good list this but some more information regarding these cities like tourist attractions will be of great use to the readers I guess.

  13. I love Phoenix for its grand look and very appealing nights. It is very beautiful city and very populated too.

  14. Houston is also known as space city for having NASA space center which is very much important for the United States. I guess it one of the most populated cities in the nation. It is quite large and is a place for some well known Universities, museums etc.

  15. Phoenix in Arizona is known for its vastness as warm sunshine in winter. The valley of sun is the big attraction with some world’s popular golf courses and night clubs.

  16. Oklahoma has been known for cowboy cultures since long time. The oil wells support the state’s revenue to a great extent. The space is vast and not too very crowded though.

  17. I had been to Houston for a business trip and I loved it. The city is gorgeous and night scenes are very beautiful. The city’s infrastructure and buildings are great too.

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