Top 10 Largest Religions in The world

Top 10 largest Religions in the world in 2016, The fastest growing religion in the world.

The top 10 assests of human liberation of soul – An organized concept that rules the entire world is the word of Religion. Many gurus and Godfathers have come up through this pathway. Many sets of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and also the purpose in regards to the universe specially when the creation of the human agency requires the superhuman to support their religion so that it can get its name in the world. All the below discussed names are the most authentic yet oldest religion of the world.

The love for each religion- Know the largest religious groups of the world in 2016

It is said that he religion can be explained through many ways. The sets of rules and the verdicts are not the only aspects in this world. For good to evil, the faith factors are the most important thing that most of us pounce upon. Thus the list below is all about the largest religions, their sets of rules and the reason why they are made the best top 10 religions of the world in 2016.

They are as follows:

10. Shintoism:

Japanese religion of the ancient times was preached through the religion of Shintoism. It started about 1000 B.C.E. the followers of this religion believed that the spiritual powers existed in the natural world.

Largest Religions 2018


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  1. I’m sikh…..I’m proud on my religion because my religion says all is one, taught to help people in need, fight against injustice, give 10% of your earning to people in need, to be a good person you do not need to meditate at the mountains and in forests, you can be a good person in your social life aswell.

  2. Guys, this is our testing life, so please search for the right God because on the judgement day we are not going to get a chance to come on earth again and prove and beware of satan as he want to betray all the human beings and want them to be in Hell with him. Hope so everyone agrees to it.
    Later when Jesus or EESA Aly salaam comes than the satan would be killed and then no one would be betrayed by satan but before that If you die in wrong religion then just remember need to go to hell. Please wake up…….


  4. Allah is the real almighty. eesa alaihsalam is only a nabi after prophet muhammad has come all the men and women has to convert in islam otherwise hell(jahannam)will be given and in hell(jahannam)there are many very very very huge large snakes and scorpines and everywhere fires were burning

    • False Jesus Christ is the only word of god also told by prophet Muhammad in kuran Christ was sinless and born sinless he is rooh Allah in kuran and is the form of god no one can come to God except through Jesus Christ and he is going to judge the world on judgement day kayamat every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord you all read bible and kuran carefully

  5. I grew up Catholic. One of the precepts (?) was that those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ cannot be saved. What if one has never heard of Jesus Christ? I believe so much of religious faith is tradition, what you grew up with. We all learn from our fathers, and mothers. God is with you, whatever you believe, even if you don’t believe.

    • I’m working on a program of songs from the faiths of the world. What is your favorite “religious” song? One that anyone, not just one from your religion can sing. Thank you.

  6. Can I ask to all the christian who give a comment on this article?
    why you guys said that jesus is “SON of GOD”?
    is your GOD can be a human then give a son to Jesus mother?

  7. Christianity is the only religion approved by GOD Almighty an making it a solid foundation through JESUS CHRIST our Savior so making Heaven and sitting with GOD at d end of this life can only happen to those who believe an trust in JESUS. I am proud to be a Christiana an I will die a Christian.

    • I don’t believe is Santa Claus. So why should I believe in God. These are just stories trying to explain the world. Heaven is wishful thinking.


  8. But PRACTICING christians are not many..most of them do not even know about their holy book…….i guess christians should be called christians only if they FOLLOW christianity

  9. This article is inaccurate on its description of Christianity. The author states that Christianity is based on the teachings and preaching of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus’ teachings make up part of Christian belief, the basis of Christianity is Jesus’ death and resurrection as a sacrifice for sin. If there was no resurrection, Christianity would not exist, and no one today would have ever heard of Jesus.

  10. Jesus Christ is true son of GOD Almighty.HE is the only begotten son of our GOD, and whosoever believeth in him will not perish but have everlasting life.I give GOD all the glory and thanks for knowing the truth and a christian .Glory to the most HIGH JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH for being a christian and knowing the truth.

  11. hinduism has divided people into varnas and many kulas.many upper caste people are violently killing and raping the lower caste india there are many cruelities happening on lower castes especially on countries should help daliths from caste discrimination.caste feelings are rooted in should be destroyed.

  12. hinduism is full of castes.some caste people are being humiliated by upper castes.lower caste people are converting to other religions to live peacefully.

  13. Hey guys, I’m just stoping by to say that I’m seeing a lot of many different replies to the religion debates. I’ve been seeing mostly “Allah is the one true god,” “Jesus Christ is the one true son of God, and I love him,” “Hinduism is the oldest and best religion,” or “Guys, it’s all about humanity.

    Humanity is a religion.” I just wanted to say that none of you truly know what God or belief is correct. I’m personally Christian, so I believe in God and Jesus Christ (who was Jewish. I saw some people say he was Arab, and that’s not actually true), but I may be incorrect. And I’m okay with that. Allah could be the true God, and all the Muslim teachings could be right, and I could be wrong. Maybe there is no God to begin with. Maybe there are millions of Gods. All Im saying is that no one knows what is true. We base our beliefs on books and things we’ve been told, so really, there’s a 50/50 chance we’re being told the truth and we’re being lied to. I’m just saying. Go easy on other people for their belief, and please don’t claim that you alone ‘know’ what religion is the correct one. Even my fellow Christians.

    Let’s all calm down, and accept that we are really just humans who know nothing about the higher forces. But, like I said earlier, I am Christian myself, so I’m not saying that there is no God in general. There is a chance there isn’t a God, but I believe there is one. Not everyone believes that, and that’s okay. You can believe what you believe. Because you haven’t been proven wrong, and you haven’t been proven wrong. The only time in our natural lives do we know if our religion is correct is when we pass away, and if you’ve typed something on here or you’re reading this comment, then you have not passed away, and therefore you don’t really know which religion is correct (including atheism).

    • Agreed. Adding to that, all religions should be treated with the utmost respect. I’m also Christian however not believing in other religions does not give me the right to attack them. That goes for any and everyone. That being said, I wouldn’t put up with someone talking bad about my religion do why would I ever want to do that? Those types of comments really hurt people. Fight for what you believe in, guys. It’s who YOU are so why should others care? Embrace it.
      By the way I’m a 14 year old girl. I don’t know everything. I’m not the smartest person. I’m just speaking out of experience. Don’t let people tell you what to believe in!

  14. Christianity has the highest population than f**king religion Islam and we are all know that Christian is the best region that can take us to heaven through jesus the only son of God

  15. I am a Christian n m so glad about it that i came to know the truth..
    And Jesus is gonna come soon ..
    He was there,he is there,he will be there..
    So as our bible says love our enemies..let’s do accordingly..n let god himself judge those people according to their deeds…
    But those who have know Jesus have been saved..
    N Jesus is gonna come soon…

  16. proud to be Christian , God said love neighbor, love your friends , love your family, love each other , be nice to people that you meet in your life, God never teach us to hurt other ,,,

    i love you all guys

  17. Hey….you all first come to know man…..who is jesus….his name is eshaa…we all muslims respect eesha bcoz he is one of the follower of Allah…his name is mentioned in many places in quran…..

  18. If a muslim states ” hevean is only for muslims”, we hindhus say”let every good get good”. See the difference in openion. Let good give a good person a good thing.

  19. Budham sharan gachami!!
    Budham sharanam gachami!
    Sangham sharanam gachami!!
    Budham sharanam gachami.
    Let truth alone prevails!!
    Let peace alone prevails..!!!!

  20. Im proud of being a Hindu!!!!
    It is the mother of all religion on this planet. The concept of religion in Hinduism is so broad that it accepts almost every usefull and meaning full tradition in the world.

  21. Jesus is the only truth in this world!!
    Except Jesus Christ nothing is correct, nothing is real. He is the Almighty!! Amen. Amen.amen.amen.amen…..

  22. I only believe in Jesus because he gave his life for us in the cross. To repent our sins ……praise the lord …..jesus saves ..amen….

  23. there is nothing called religion in this world. its all we people create our own groups and name them and then call it a religion. thats it.

  24. how can u blame islamic people so easily?? i mean.. we all know there is lot of bloodshed all over.. but we cannot blame all the people right? there are lots of islamic people all over the world.. and in india too.. they might be your neighbours too.. just go and check them!

  25. Don’t believe statues .
    Statues are made from stones
    Stones and this world made by allah. Its small example for to think.
    Allah is the one. .

    Guys see your hand uur figures shows allah in Arabic latters

  26. Isn’t it funny how everyone believes their one is the only true religion? All of you would probably have another religion had you been born to other parents, in another part of the world, or before your country was conquered by a foreign power. Accept this and you will be more tolerant of the beliefs of others.

    • Exactly. People need to think that no one comes with a seal or stamp during their birth that states their religion. It’s just that they go with something they didn’t opt for. Once people widen their thoughts, all these communalism, racism won’t be there.

  27. Wait, this article is all over the place. It says that Christianity is the “biggest religion” right after saying that Hinduism is the “majority religion in this world” so which is it?

  28. Actually Hinduism is the great religion and it teaches the right path to salvation. Maybe because of misunderstandings, disputes and caste systems people in Indian subcontinent converted to other religions. That’s why now Hinduism is being diminished.

    • At first you have to go to hell. Anyone doesn’t come with a seal of saying which religion he or she belongs. It is the biggest mistake we make. There should be no religions and there will be no fights.

    • You all disgust me. Nobody likes you muslims. If you guys are so so so great, why are you all blowing shit up? Isn’t your religion the religion of peace? Your are all lying f**ks who just move to other countries as beggars, asking for help, and not accustoming yourself to our way of living, rather demanding that we grow accustomed to your close minded lifestyle. Your religion is nothing more than propaganda which you use to grow your following, and eventually establish your shitty religion as the dominating religion of the world.

      • The Islamic belief has what we English-natives call “The Holy War,” and really, I can’t blame the Muslims for fighting for their religion. It’s what the Qu’ran teaches, and so they truly believe they are fighting for Allah, and they are spreading the name of Allah. It may not be peaceful, but the Islamic faith is based on the spreading of Allah, and this is what the Holy War is. The spread of the name of Allah.

      • You are such a horrible person. You have really upset some people here and I believe that we should not be talking trash about other sacred religions. How would you like it if someone said that about Christianity? You should go and get a life if all you can do is be an idiot online.

      • You are such a horrible person! Your comment is awaiting moderation since you have really hurt some people. You should go and get a life rather than waste it discriminating other people’s religions.


  29. Islam is number one, because allot of people say that they are christian but they dont practise what they preach.

    • Islamic religion is real failure and a disappointment to human race and the world.Have you ever seen a video where a so called muslims fellow read a there holy book ‘Quran ‘after all the rituals the victim was beheaded and all the muslim was so happy, singing and saying it was the pratice in the religion .Is so aweful and wicked, so many houses was burnt and christians killed on daily basis because they refuse to practise the Islamic religion and says all must obey or they will be kill.Can you believe this !Please if i may ask what kind of relationship is that when all you pratice is to kill.

    • Of course it’s Christianity because the term “Christians” is the main word for people who believe in Jesus Christ. It’s three major churches are Eastern Orthodox Church, Protestantism and of course Roman Catholic Church. That’s why it’s the first because Catholics alone are 1.2 billion around the world plus other Christian religions 🙂

  30. even i din’t know there were so many religions. i thought its only islam, hindu and christian all over world. good that i found this article.

  31. we’re all of one single religion and that is ‘human’ religion. come on people please stop being like allah is the only god or jesus is the only.. let us first respect our single religion.

  32. The real religion is islam….it is a religion of peace though some people are misusing it…nd it’s also the most ancient…

    • It don’t matter you guys don’t believe in love. Your religion don’t believe GOD can do all things. But us christans we believe GOD has sent his son JESUS CHRIST to die for us so we can be saved. The love of our father in heaven to send his one and only son to die so we could have life. And to know that GOD can and will make a miracle like that happen speaks truimph.

    • Islam is the reason why terrorism is so wide spread in the world. There is lot of bloodshed daily only because of islamic groups.

      • you stupid u hindu remained in shadow of muslims foe more than 1000 years and still you are against them they should eleminate you from the earth

    • A Religion which lived by the sword dies by the sword.Your days are numbered.
      Nobody has to do anything to eliminate this scourge Islam.
      You are as it is killing each other in all over the Middle East .
      One Muslim killing another Muslim

      • SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN THAT RUDE …. I AM CHRITIAN TOO JUST BELIEVE IN OUR GOD ALMIGHTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hinduism is the most ancient religion and later other religions came to life. That’s why it is the greatest religion. It shows a way for life. It is the right path to salvation.

    • Rishika sister if you are a hindu so please tell me , why hindus have created gods statues?? I am not a hindu but if you read the hindu scriptures,they say very clearly “THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND YOU MUST NOT DRAW A PICTURE OF HIM..OR CREATE HIS STATUE”,and you hindus have a lot of baghvan,hanumaan,ganpati pappa…and many many more..and sister if you don’t believe me so please just READ your hindu scriptures…like sita..and many others..SISTER I REALLY RESPECT YOU AND I WANT YOU TO GO TO THE HEAVEN (EVERYBODY WOULD LIKE TO GO TO HEAVEN) SO PLEASE READ THE HINDU SCRIPTURES..AND TELL IT TO OTHER HINDUS. THANK YOU AND LOTS OF LOVE , FROM MARIA p.s. please reply….if you have read my comment

      • u are right ,there is no god but ALLAH no dout its 101% true..there is a heaven n hell no dout & may allah give all humanity a heaven

  34. Islam is the powerful and Correct religion i am not denying christinity . . . in Our holly book Quran Essa a.s (jesus) is mentioned . . . but the last prophet Mohammad is the last messenger Of Allah .. even we believe that Jesus christ (Essa a.s) will return to the world as a muslim according to his prayer and will b a fight to devil before just end of the world .. .

  35. Hinduism for me is not a religion but a thought and way of life. It just leads you to sanity and heaven. It is just a gift from the ancestors that they are leading us to moksha.

  36. Jesus, Allah, ram! Come on people. It’s all about humanity here. We all have to worship our mother earth and save her. She saves us. That’s why I hate people talking about their gods.

  37. Is anyone heard Dr. Zakir Nayek he,s Indian scholar God gave him a lot of knowledge about religion. I want to tell people who do idle worship please listen to him. He have a lot of knowledge about Hinduism Islam Christianity.

  38. jesus saves….. christianity is not only the religion but it is the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven… praise the lord

  39. Amen. for as Jesus said as his kingdom will be the greatest of all, there it is. Thank you God for proving this to us show this other people who you really are.

  40. Hinduism is the most ancient of the world. It started with earliest civilizations of India. It dates back to vedas. But later after conversions it lost its number.

    • But it’s wrong for you to think that people should only be of Hinduism. Maybe there would have been some loop holes in the religion like discrimination, castes and that’s why people converted to other religions. It’s the nature. But I think all of the human kind should be one. All are equal and all are bound to die one day. And we don’t carry religion straps when we die and our souls leave our body.

    • Conversions happend onpy because there were flaws. Not in the religion but the people who compelled to follow. So, Christianity, Islam all had various perspectives so people tend to change.

    • That because there is a God who is greater then everything and loves YOU with an endless love! And the only thing he wants from you is that you believe in him ( JESUS) Give him your life and you will have a home in heaven with an endless love for you! this goes for everybody who’s watching this ! Jesus love you . God bless! sry got a bit off track

    • But one has to know whose problem is it. The caste system and discrimination gas led to all these. I want to tell that wherever there is only one religion in the nation, it is peaceful. That’s why if there is only one region on the world, it would be the most peaceful.

      • the problem though is that if one group or one specific religion becomes very popular, it can fall apart from things like corruption, almost like an empire. Take the Roman Catholic Church for an example. I’m a Catholic, and honor the Pope, however I believe that if Catholicism would be the only religion in the world, the Pope, who has supreme authority over the church for this religion, would be given waaayyy too much power as a human. Of course, there are religions where there aren’t any “heads”, but that was the first thing that came to mind. I think its important for there to be different religions, but all with the same goal in mind (God), so that everyone can see the uniqueness of their own purpose and journey, whereas their interpretations of how they should worship and follow God may differ but all beliefs end up with the same results.

  41. Indeed. There shouldn’t be any religion discrimination in the world. All are equal. We are all one religion. I belive Hinduism is the most ancient religion or I call it as way of life for those who follow it. It started from long long ago in much prior to any civilizations.

    • Being a good human being, wishing for the wellness of the humanity is the best religion to be followed. Each of the religions have great, unique preaches and values and they are all said for the betterment of human lives and worth to be followed.

  42. I just Believe in one religion and that’s is bieng human and I don’t know how many people are in it but I respect all the religions it is someone individual choice

  43. There are alot of cultures in the world and if only these made it to the top in growing rapidly shows that these religion really separate them for others although diffrent religions have different restrictions but the religion with the least restrictions make to the top

  44. Amazing fact I didn’t even knew so many religion are there hahaha but it’s quite the information for me as I love travelling abroad and now I will know how to behave in diffrent countries having diffrent cultures

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