Top 10 Largest Companies in The World

Top 10 largest companies in the world by revenue in 2017, The world’s biggest companies.

There are lots of companies in the world; all of them are claim that they are best. But based to the profit, here is a list of world largest company. World associations have left the downturn at the back as they focus on their position aggressively for growth—and building a workforce big enough to sustain their business while staving off the competition is basic to future success.

Presenting the list of largest companies of the world in 2017

The stories behind the making of every company is inspiring one. There are few companies which made their grow so promising that they managed to make their place in the top 10 list of biggest companies of the world. Check out the list we prepared for the biggest companies of the world.

10. McDonald’s –

McDonald’s MCD 0.27% is one of the world’s most valuable brands and the second U.S. Company to make the list. Its workforce total includes employees in its corporate offices and company-owned restaurants, but excludes workers at its 29,179 franchisee-owned restaurants. One element of its turnaround strategy is a plan to install self-ordering kiosks and mobile ordering at its restaurants—a move that should improve operating efficiency but will reduce its headcount.

McDonald’s, Top companies in the world by revenue

16 Replies to “Top 10 Largest Companies in The World”

  1. I don’t know if the standings are still the same. Because I’m very unsure as there has been a great changes in all these companies.. Maybe the top 3 spots is the same but I’m not sure about the others.

  2. Walmart is just so widespread that you can find its stores in almost every continent. It has grown to a majestic height and has a supremacy over retail business.

  3. McD my love! Burgers way how are the best but the fries are the most awesome. The taste remains the same all over the world. And I have to say that coca cola should also be in the list, because they have a worldwide market. I’m not sure if it is the biggest.

    1. I’m from India and it’s fascinating to know that it is present all over the world. One cannot feel it difficult to have food if there is a McD. I prefer the burgers over pizzas,so it is always better than Pizza Hut or Domino’s.

  4. Never knew Foxconn was that big a company. Not so much info is provided here, so I’ll just Google. But it is a helpful list. I didn’t know that they have such huge asset and they are one of the biggest manufacturers.

  5. The descriptions are not so impressive. Can be improved to a far more extent. But the countdown in the list is useful. The piece of information cannot be found everywhere.

  6. I have recently heard of Foxconn as the manufacturers of most of the leading mobile phones. So, I can’t just imagine how big the company would be so that they are the number one manufacturers.

  7. The list is fine but why the contents are so poorly written? I’ve gone through the other articles too. I appreciate the writer for giving lists of various genres but the contents have very poor grammar and language.

  8. Foxconn are the big companies for manufacturing of some of the popular electronic gadgets especially smartphones. Huawei, gionee, Apple all are manufactured by them. It is so huge a company.

  9. McD are the best. They are popular and for quality it’s the best. The French fries are so damn good. It’s almost everywhere in the world.

  10. Very recently I got to know that Hon Hai or Foxconn are the manufacturers of iPhone and also render to other big brands tooo. The designs are taken great care of by them. They have many and many R&D centers and the manufacturing plants are also many with numerous workers.

  11. McDonald have their stores spread all over the world. The taste of French fries is same all over though. I love their burgers. They give fantastic taste and flavors.

  12. Foxconn is a big manufacturer for the world’s most leading brands but they are very less known to common people. It has its R&D institutes widespread with numerous employees.

  13. Walmart is such a big business. It’s spread all around the world and they have revolutionized the retail business. They have a great foot hold in it.

    1. Yeah. The Walton Family are the richest family in the US only because of their Walmart retail stores. The stores are also present in other parts of the world too. They have got the major foothold in retail than any other companies. Numerous workers are there in the company and the turnover us also so huge.

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