Top 10 Largest & Strongest Armies in The World

2. China:

China army strongest in the world 2016

China is the No. 1 biggest army by the active personnel. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China. It was found on August 1, 1927 during the Nanchang Uprising. It consists of the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force and the Strategic Support Force. It is the World’s largest military force with active personnel about 2,300,000 and reserve personnel about 510,000, the total being about 0.18% of the country’s population. In China, military service is compulsory but, it is never enforced due to large number of personnel in service. It has the world’s second largest budget for defence that amounts to about US$147 billion.


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  1. Guys calm down,
    Everyone over here know that india is best in its own.
    Pakistani have always tried to compete india but always failed.
    Their fakes lies should not be taken as a part of debate or point of view.
    They have always been in denial mode.
    Bharat ki sanskriti hi bharat ka gaurav hai
    Inn lootero ke muh lagke inski beizzati naa kare.
    Inhe to ye bhi nahi pata ki inko swatantrata 1857 se lekar 1948 tak kaii jawano aur mahilaoo ne gawaee hai.
    Vande matram ke naare se aaj ka pakistan kal kabhi to gunja karta tha
    Jai hind
    Pakistanio ko problem hai to twitter pe baat kare

  2. Indian Army # 3…. I’m gonna laugh.
    The world’s most cowardly army, That violence against innocent Muslims in Kashmir and terrorism in the region, Indian Army fears of Pakistani soldiers

    • LOL is it true that we fear from pakistani army LOL BIG LOL….that why everytime you lose everything WAR,CRICKET,HOCKEY and you are shameless …accept truth no matter how bitter is taste Pakistan can LIVE.Breath because we are not like you we have chances to destroy Pakistan but we don’t because we are humans and you ? If you’ve got chance then you will destroy whatever you hate because of your EGO …

  3. Pakistani Army is best army in the world.

    Pakistan Army wins international sniping competition in Beijing.
    Pakistan Army wins gold in Exercise Cambrian Patrol in UK.

    America, israel are the most terrorist country who produce terrorist. they are killing peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Rom, Sham etc. You are such a terrorist in all over the world. Taliban you created and used for your purposes and then after you put on pakistan such a mother f**ker.

    Attack on us then will tell you who is the cowered a** holes.

    • The US would no doubt destroy the Pakistani army in within the time period of 3 weeks, and no I would say more middle eastern countries are More of “terrorist country” than the USA probably because the Islamic State, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc.

    • I have an idea muslim parasite why don’t you kiss my ass and try and invade my country; the only thing a muslim can do is to kill women, children and the elderly

    • That’s not how it works. India and Pakistanis militaries aren’t the strongest, Indi military is stronger than the Pakistanis overall and they have stronger allies. How ever Pakistan troops are very well trained. But the US is better that any country. They have 10 air craft carries and almost 700 subs. US personal may be small when compared to its population but it’s branches are very well trained and have a lot of experiance

  4. Lol all you Pakistani bitches , stop crying your asses off coz ur country is not in the list ! Oh wait it would probably be the world’s weakest army living on the funds provided by Iran an rest of the countries. You beggers ! U couldn’t face american army so u attacked and brought down worldtrade center You cowards . And you got your asses kicked by the Indian army recently . Such a shame !

    • China? Number 1? By what measurement? They have a much less capable navy, far fewer nuclear arms, and sheer number of people (canon fodder) is China’s only advantage.

  5. hum ko to pata hai ki tum yeh kabhi nahi manoge tum log looser ho pakistanis hamare india ke samne aakh utake dekhna mat aakh nekaldege .salo tuhmare desh me khane k to paise hai nai or ladai karne chale aye aaj india 4 rank pe hai insaalah kuch sallo me india 1 pe ajayege

  6. Where is Pakistan??? My god world’s 6th largest and the most bravest and experienced army and hence not included in the list why man???

    • Really Bravest?? The only army in the world who trains terrorists and so called “experienced” only in coups under the commands of whom? a retarded general. C’mon do you really think you deserve a place in here.

    • bro i was also taken aback but when i researched about this, everywhere almost on every site i saw Pakistan was on 11th,13th or 17th number it was so shocking to me but all these researchs are done by US people and they’d definitely done something wrong cuz i don’t believe this shit!

    • Pakistan is on no one’s list of top 10 militaries in the world. Pakistan doesn’t have large numbers of troops, limited armor and artillery, no navy to speak of, older generation aircraft, and far fewer nuclear weapons than the bigger players. Pakistan does not belong on this list.

  7. Italy ought to hang head in shame for joining hitler. Thought he would win so aligned with Germany the gutless wonders
    Ooooooo soooo scary. Wankers

  8. Oooooo Italy’s army is so scary. They rolled over and took hitlers side don’t forget, cause they were scared he might win. Gutless wonders. Ought to hang heads in shame

  9. Italy has a stronger army than the U.K. ??? Is this based on how many people are in the army? That really is old school. It’s all about technology now and double the budget the UKs army is far more advanced. Arguably the U.K. Should be ahead of France too.

    • Oh really Pakistan has always been good to Indians but India has a out of order mind with the world’s scariest army ever too funny….lols

  10. I’m a brave Rwandan and also proud of Africa because here as civilians
    we live together like brothers watching rebels, polititians and soldiers fighting in the forests.

    But you as a source of civilization you are there fooling yourselves!!!!!!!

    Pakistan and India y’all brothers and sisters!
    there is no reason of fighting because of your religions crap conflicts.
    there is also an expression says : ignoring other people’s culture is a backward tradition.

    so which means one of you is on that side.

  11. India and Pakistan is one nation, only polititians and religions separated brothers and sisters!

    There an expression says: Ignoring other peoples culture is a backward tradition

    i think one of you is on this side otherwise y’all are.

    I’m a brave Rwandan but proud of Africa because as civilians we leave like brothers in peace watching polititians,rebels and soldiers fight like fools.

  12. This was obviously written by an Indian as if you look at more respected in depth better analysed assessments India does not rank third but fifth.

    what is important and has not been adequately assessed by anyone is the use of artificial l intelligence, computer hacking and security, satellites , technological aids that aid including intelligence monitoring . In the end this will make a crucial difference.

  13. Sala me soch raha tha India and Pakistan ke Zagde se kya kya fayde ho sakte he, kinsey business chal sakte he. Jese mano kisiko apni website traffic create karna he to bas koi bhi emotional news dal do kismet pak ki beijjati ki ho. Bas, atanki syebr cell se koi na koi to aahir jayega. Wese is me bhi El tact ho sakti he ki mene news dali to kuch comments bhim me khud hi dalu. Dono Tarf bekaro ki koi kami to he nahi. Wese jese jese me is bare me such raha hu. Such raha Hu k me bhi eknath fake atanki toli internate people tayyar karu kuch fake vedios k sath. Kitna simple ho jayega na k mere people annyay hua he or muze ab badla chahiye. Or fir kisi masum look kidnap karke apni hard bat manvau. Lekin Ek dikkat he. Iske liye Muslims hi chahiye. Qki baki log proof mangte he har bat k liye. Muslimo ko dummy vedios bhi chalte he. Unhe bas bol do k tumhare bhai behno pe atyachar ho raha he or tum hi unka akhri Sahara ho. Shayad isi liye pak me sab se jyada investment border k taro k niche se aati he.

  14. टीचर : एक गरीब देश का नाम बताओ ???।

    पप्पू : पाकिस्तान ,,

    टीचर : अबे गरीब देश पुछा है? भिकारी नहीं

  15. saaalo Pakistan waalo
    bhikaari ho kamino
    kitna bhik maangte ho namuno
    kya aukat hai h lawdo tumari
    saaalo bhikari ki aulaado
    abey haram khoro kis list me ho tum log..
    lowest economy
    loser army
    jitna tum logo ka budget h year ka utna to India k 1-2 businessman ki income h
    saaalo bhikaariyo
    installment me weapons kharidne waalo
    saaale bhikaaari
    ghatiya desh
    tum log k upar thukne ka bhi man nhi krta
    saala chhotasa desh
    baaate dekhlo badi badi
    bhikari saale

    • acha waisay tum kia kar sktay ho batain so kro meray bhai hum badlay main galeyan ni detay yahe fark hay ap main ar hum main kch practicle kro yar kia kabotar pakar reh ho tum ar tmhare army
      long live pakistan

    • Bhi sahb aap b apny cntry ki trha kuch ne kr paty tu galyun or alzmaat py utr aty ho….bhi koie or bat ne kty hum……km iz km us kbootr ko tu chor do bechary ko…..jiska nam ly ly kr indian maien apny bchon ko drati hn soja bcha wrna PAKISTAN kbotr bejh dy ga,,,,,,hahahahha
      vry funny
      ek aise khbr jiski koie okaat nahi Indian us khbr ko pora maah sunty rahy….aql say pedl kooom

  16. Inida ko jald pak ka hesa banay gy. Begharat peshab peny waly dhod peny walo sy nahe lar sakty hmry tiger’s army k samny Indian monkey army ki jurath nhe…. Gand paht jati h india army ki 1995. Aur kargal bol gay tum cow k beto. ???

    • Avi tak India ne F*CKistan ko 5 baar haraya hai fir v yeh kah raha hai ab kya apni maa ko India se chudwana chahta hai,abe apne baap ke liye toh kuch chore de randi ka aulat….

      • Oh really but what about Indian militants in Kashmir ?? What about Indian militants in Gujarat attacks and In the riots of 1984??
        What about your militant, rapist army??
        Hahahaha too too too too funny…..lols

    • Han kiyunki sale Mulo ko aaj be jinda छोड रखा है।तेरा वाप हिन्दू है।सा ले तभी तेरा देश 1947 मैं वना ।तेरे देश का नाम लेना भी पाप है।


  18. kutto bhul geye kya 1965,1971,1999.Kuch karna nehi ata muh se badi badi baate.Tumhari to hizro ki fauj hai salo,kaha geya tera east Pakistan….bahaduri ki baat kar rehe hai saale…..hum Mongol mission kar rehe hai,har mahine satellite launch kar rehe hai aur ye budbok Pakistan terrorist export kar raha hai….jong me sikost khake ab terrorist export karte ho darpook log…jong ki nasha chor ke pehle apne logo ko shiksit koro,khana khillao,ab bhi Pakistan ke 50% se jiada abadi asiksit hai,2bar khana nasib nehi hota,aisa hoga to hum bhi khush honge kyu ki hum log poroshi ka bura hal nehi dek sakte.Lekin ab jang hui to jaise east Pakistan nehi raha waise baki Pakistan bhi nehi rehega…aur bahaduri ki baat tumlogoke muh se acchi nehi lagti…jis desh me electricity,khana nasib nehi hota wo desh Bharat se jong ki sochta hai….hum Bharat se Pakistan ki tulna nehi ho sakta,nehi mante to net se hi compare kar ke dek lo bhikari saale,har desh ki samne viksa ke kotre feilanewale log,logoki development nehi aur terrorist exporter,kya nam kamaya hai Pakistan ne.

    • Oh lun ke dukhye tere abdi zeyda he hamri nahi
      Gurbat hemsha us mulk me zeyda hoti he jis ki abdi bhe zeyda ho
      Or rahi bat jang ki bhol gye jab lohre subha ko nashta tumhre fooj ne Pakistan me Krna thA
      Tu us waqt keun 500 tank chord kr gye the
      Oh kise gashti ki padawar poch apni baro se kya hal howa 65;71;99 ki jang me

    • Tum mahan ho, Tum bagwan ho, tum Modi and gandhi kay chaley or more like gay ho. Tum jesay log jab baat- I mean bakwas krthy hain yho mjy tumarey mu pe spit penknay ka dil chahtha ha.

  19. Tum ne 2 soldiers maray hum ne jawab mein 13 maray in latest attack ap ka eik soldier jo ro raha tha usko dekha ap ne Dekha nehein to youtube par dekh lo aur Han unki dead bodies to le jao yar

  20. Aur Pakistani bitches…….. Kya haal hai……… I’m back……… Surgical strike se maja nahi aaya kya tumhe…….aur bhi kuch chahiye kya…… Randiyon Tumhari country terrorist se bhari hai…….. Pak me normal people se Jyada to terrorists rahte hai…….. Isliye tumhara desh world’s no. 1 terrorists export karne vali country hai…….. Bye……. Happy sucking Pakistani bitches.

    • Oa kuta hum agar terrorist ha to tuja bi nahi chura ga Zara Apna mulak ko to sanbal lo inshallah soviet union ke tarah tukra tukra kara ga dekh lena aur Zara madan ma awo phir pata lag ja ga k Pakistan ma terrorist zyda ha ya Pakistani
      Terrorist to hum tumhara lia tyar karta araha ha aur tyar karta raha ga go tum logo na terrorist banae ta us ko hum na khatam kardia ha ab hamary bary ha hamara terrorist ka liya tyar ho jawo

      From pakhtoon KPK


      • Abe chutiye pakistani, tune khud kabool kar diya ki tum terrorist paida krte ho aur Tum chutiye ho . Tum chutiya hi rahoge. Tumhara naam pakistan nahi Chutiyastan rehna chahiye.Terroristan already declared.


        • Hahahahha baat krna koi tum sy seekay. Zaroor wo tum hogay. And change your name sucker werna me tumarey ma k kus me dhunga. Bekar janwar, tum bht rape k videos dekthy ho. Kahin parha tha k indian apney maa aur behen ko chodthy hain, tumara b dil cha rha hoga and chodhliya, koi nhi, tumari behen phly sy deeli thi qk Hindu hain na, ek chartha ha tho dhusra uthartha ha.

    • App ilzam boht asane se lagaty hai lekin phir saboot app ke pass nahi hotha thom ham pr sabith karo na ke hm ne konsa terrorism kya hai

  21. Indian Television channels pay advertisement a rahey hotey hen kay Suwach bharat kay liye Showchaaaley main jaiye, Jis Qoum ko tatti karna nahi aati wo pakistan say laray gi ???? pehley tattni karna haggna to seeekh lo napak kafiron , phir pakistan ki baat karna , napaaak qoum , napaaak kafir log.

  22. Pakistani’s be careful there would be a lot of circumstances you need to face …….there. Is no cunning country like u……be careful with India

    • Hum tare India ki maaan bhen KO lun DA dain ga Jasy 1965 r 1999ma kargel ki Jung ma tum logo ki gand ma lun DA k chod dala tha

  23. tamam indian peoples apne auqat apne language s zaher kr rahe han galyan hamen b ate han par hm khanziron s nahen insanoh s bat karte han aur medan jang men jawab date han pakistan zindabad jiss ko ziyada kharesh ha mere Facebook id zariab nod p bat kr le

  24. helo tamam india to mere taraf see s pegam ha k pehle apna zaban p qabo Karen aur sb k man— jo be bada badmash h samne ahe kutun ke tarah peche se bonkte ho border pe apne fog ko 1 meter b age ate waqt phatte ha aur ab baten karta han BC

  25. sun b pakistani kutto jiss din jang ka alaan ho gya us din pakistan m bs kbr rh jayegi ronne wale b nhi rhege kya okaat h tumhari indian militery or india kea aage dum h to aamne samne ki kro 1 ya 2 ya 100 se kya hoga dum h to aao pura pakistan fir btate h tumko ki kisme jyada taakt h ok i love my india and i loves in indian army …….

  26. V love our country pakistan….inshallah Pakistan will b at number 1 soon…cz Pakistani army is one of the courageous and brave army of the world …Pakistan zindabad ,Pakistan paendabad…Pakistan army is the best…pak army may u stay blessed by allah frevr..ameen…and may u won evry war ever.ameen…best of luck for our great army for evry mission ……General raheem Sharif is the best General of the world…

  27. If Pakistani bitches r angry…….. After reading my comment……… They can tell it to Hafiz sayeed or nawaz Sharif……… Dekhta hu kya kar lenge ……….sharif and sayeed both r madarch**d…….. Sucking Pakistani bitches

  28. Hahahahha india is losest.
    You can check anyones strength,number,technology or any other thing but no one can see anyone s heart.
    We PAKISTANIES are greatest

  29. The world’s most bhikari country in world ( Pakistan) much at a to nahi he surf jhut pe jhut bolts rehete he pagal log dusro me sum pe chalne wali aur India ki badnami karege karke to dikhao dekhte he kon jita he

  30. Salo tum pakistan walo ki aukad hi kya hai
    Bas dusaro ke dum par uchalte ho

    Dusro ke diye hue plane istamal karte ho
    Saala chutiya Pakistan

  31. Guys one thing for all mainly Indians whose media is driving govt and peoples that in war no one is winner, if India think they will kill 100 then in return if not 100 but at least 70 Indians will lose their lives which is not in anyone’s favor. Just in one day with this news whether it’s falls your stock market collapse and the currency devalued so think if it happens for longer period of time what is going to be a situation.
    Just to refresh the memories check out in Internet the situation of 1965 when it was attacked at night on Pakistan and what was response given by destroying all Indian tanks and also check in Google Wikipedia the name of M M Alam who made world record agains India destroying 9 fighter jets and out of this 5 were destroyed in just 30 seconds. Never under estimate opponent and remember no winners in war and we should all pray and try for Peace.

    • lol bhai chootiya hai kya??? s fighter jet 30 sec me??? bc fighter jets udh rahi thi.. koi cycle nahi chootiya… aim position chase ye sab bc 30 sec ke andar karke 5 fighter jet udhaa dala tere mm alam ne??? lol bc ye bolkar tum log khud joker ban jaate ho.. even teri pakistani officials khud is baat par claim nahi karti or na he aaj tak confirm ki hai lol.

    • lol bhai chootiya hai kya??? 5 fighter jet 30 sec me??? bc fighter jets udh rahi thi.. koi cycle nahi chootiya… aim position chase ye sab bc 30 sec ke andar karke 5 fighter jet udhaa dala tere mm alam ne??? lol bc ye bolkar tum log khud joker ban jaate ho.. even teri pakistani officials khud is baat par claim nahi karti or na he aaj tak confirm ki hai lol. 5 jung haar ke tera poora pakistan or tum porki log sathiaa gaye ho lol

  32. All army is powerful stop fighting ….. the best army will be the winners…..don’t fight here ….no use ….am happy to know India is 4 position ……the Muslim in India is more than Pakistan …happy to hear that some Pakistanis said the are number 1good for u ….. respect all army they work for us die for us who ever barks like dogs here saying they will destroy India or Pakistan please go to borders and stand in the front line and say it …then u will know what is u talking…army also human they are not a killing machine…. peace is better…if u think about peace u are wise…. Kashmir don’t want Pakistan support ….plz take care to f Pakistan ….with all respect to army ….I love my army they are heroes for me ……

  33. Pakistan is smaller than India in any which way. Smaller area, population and army.
    But Pakistan is still capable of destroying India.

  34. Indians can do nothing but give empty threats,they didn’t back out of the war because they want peace.They only backed out because they are afraid of Pakistan and now we also have the support of Russia.India is nothing but a land of hypocrites and liars.they are dumber than there dumb cow.

  35. If u Indian had brains so u would think that how the kashmiri would feel think a little if these things happened with u u people also say to want your own peace land.And u think India is the best army.which joke??? Pak army can kill the whole India but in Islam it is written that respect other religions…u should have brainzz

    • Muther f**ked pork thats a time for you to read indo russian history. . Russia has helped Inda in eartime also. .. Its just using you porkies coz you are against usa , otherwise who care of street mad dogs like you..
      4 times you started and led the war .. Each time you defeated..
      Hey I am also a kashmiri .. So dont misguide the
      Only pakis will understand :- tumhar okkat nai hai bete.. Kyounki tumarie vajood ki buniyad nai hai. ..

  36. Hey see what India is capable of..
    We blast Pakistan ..we killed and destroyed terrorist camp in Pakistan..Pakistan is nothing infront of us.just compare the weapons and strength of indian army.pakistanies are bluff they are blind they made to be mind by the govt and media in Pakistan.they are frogs in well..just come out from Pakistan and recognize power of knows but you never…you only saw the friendly part.but now you are going experience the worst part.

  37. Hey you indian listen you think that you was showing peace hahahah its totelly lie peace done by pakistan army only over islam said us that Too not lie or abuse another religion if they dOo once then destory the whole as you

    • Indian army best in the world…..pakisanio…71…62…99…tin youdho mai tum buri tarhe se har chuke….ho…or har bar haroge….100 bar ladoge to bhi 100 bar haroge…..i kitni bar haroge humse besharmo…kabhi kisi se jite ho kya…..hamesa tum logo ne…hath faila diye….hamari army ke samne…pakistani…..ffatuo….phir lad lo phir haroge tum……jai hind….

  38. Pakistan will lose the war with India.we are not breaking Pak border because we believe in peace not in guys have only the support of China.but we have majority of thumbs.for India it is only a matter of an hour’s to destroy Pakistan completely.but we don’t believe in war and all we want is peace.

    • Hey you indians iam pakistani what are you doing with kashmiri’s you dont have harts i think that your hearts are made of steel iam just 12 years old what are you thinking you have the power of america we have the power of ALLAH and you have just amerca but we have Russia,China,Turkeyand saudi arabia

      • U what cn u do with ur supporters…and listen if indian army is permitted to smash within no time ua country will be smashed..but we indians are friendly and loving nature…so we r forgiving u…we r having hearts thats y we r still showing patience on u …

        • What will you smash idiot?
          Qasam khuda ki tum jung shuru karo hum bina kisi supporter k kal suba tak delhi mn bethe hoongy….makarr nature hy tum logon ki….there is no super power just Alah and his loving people.

        • hey indians agr war hoti ha to dono countries destroy hongy …..dunya main muslim countries to or b boht ha …..but tum dusra hindustan kaha se lao ga??

          zara bach k rehna 1965 bhoolna na..

          • Sach bole bhai 1965 bhulna nhi….agr america bich me nhi padht to lahor bhi khodete….o to indian ki talve chaate tumlogo ne to teri army aur teri jamin tunlogo ko dubara bhikh me de diya india ne….aukat kutte jitni bhi nhi tumlogo ki…..

      • We don’t need anyone. we don’t have habbit of begging. You go and beg to these countries. see what can they do for you.

      • you say that yo u have Russia???? Don’t you remember the 1971 war when India and Russia were on one side and on the other side there was USA, China and UK(Pakistan bas nam ke liye tha hua usse kuch bhi nahi). But we won that war!!!! Russia is India’s closest freind and by the way, don’t you pakistanis know how to speak english??? You are
        nothing more than an a**-hole.

  39. I am pakistani iam just 12 years old what are you thinking Indians your are powerful i know you are powerful but we have the power of ALLAH what are you doing with kashmiri i think that your hearts are made of steal you dont have have heart

    • LOL Allah is blessing my country peoples also?
      We don’t have any problem with Muslims bro
      We have Muslim friends every place of India.
      The problem is your government and that Terrorists.

    • India is a secular, democratic and socialist country. India wants peace. Pakistan is just attacking from behind like a coward. Pakistan should very well know that it has less than the half power of Indian army. That is the reason India has never invaded any country in its 100000 years of history. Pakistan is a terrorist country. I will not say India has the best army in the world but believe it or not India is much much much! better than pakistan. But from now if Pakistan attacks India, we will not just defend this time we will attack. So that Pakistan will always think 100 times before attacking INDIA…..

  40. pakistan army is best but it’s leader are very corrupt. in kargil our prime minister ordered to fall back and that was the war in which Pakistan army was going to win.
    if your indian army is so strong then why isn’t he crossing the line that General Raheel Shareef have made.
    if you have guts then cross that line first then we’ll see who’s best.
    you are just moron’s nothing else you just attack without any reason and without any information.
    for war both two nations have to inform each other that we are starting war.
    you are just cheaters.
    you are g*ys nothing else.
    a man always attacks from front not from behind.
    that makes your army g*y.
    first become man then talk about war.

    • Have remember bangladesh war 19710your 93000 army surrender infront of indian army with your general .its a record ..dont live in a dream ok …. otherwise we destroy you… hum hathi hai kutto k bhokne par dhyan nahi detey

    • Pakistan is a worst it is complete terrorist worst country and dont compare you worst country with our economic cultural religious country

  41. बडी हैरानी होती है☺?
    यह देखकर कि

    पाकिस्तान जैसे हरामी देश के
    पीएम का नाम ” शरीफ” है ।

  42. Kon kis se zyada taqatwar h ye larai kb khatam ho gi 🙁 hum log kab insan ki tarha sochain gy ap ke bhi bachay hain humaray bhi bachay hain….. why not just find a way to spread peace… please spread love spread peace

    • Hey tq for showing kind heart….sister India and Pakistan fight for Kashmir and now they really want to fight …most of people don’t like fight…but this is happening because of some foolish thought ….if two countries fight …both will loose …all county have power to save them but if a war happen like that humanity will fail peace will fly away ….u see the comments in here some are Indians some are Pakistanis ….saying my country is powerful…but who know the truth …..China support America support but bomb will fall in our country not in China or America….so guys it will not be nice to face war ….it’s very very very bad situation….I love my country I wish there is no war in my country …but if any country want to screw my country …I wish screw they the same way……..and now all the world knows y Indian army get mad to Pakistanis army …..we lost our brothers who want to protect us in the border …we lost our brothers who was ready forgive their life …we lost our brothers because of some maniacs come from our neighbor country ….sister it’s all because of politic…..salam….in India we have Muslim more than in Pakistan….don’t worry about Kashmir it will be OK …. politic are politic evrywer

  43. Hindustan=Rapistan=BC’s=haramistan

    Tum hum Muslims ka Kia muqabila karoge
    Hum to tumhara khuda (COW) ko zibah kar ke khate gain lol
    Go f**k u r self’s

    • Chal Bey— MotherFooooker hahahahahBCBCBCBCBhahahaha
      Vo to mera visa cancel ho gya Varna Teri Ga***d Tod ke Jata Vha aaker :p hahahahahaahahBcbcbcbcbhahahah

    • भाईयो हम शांति चाहते है। लेकिन भारत बदल चुका है। हम अब यह नहीं कहगे कि आप आतंकी हमला बंद कीजीए आप कीजीए मगर मरने को भी  तैयार रहे क्योंकि तुम एक मारोगे तो हम एक , दस या सौ नहीं पूरे हज़ार मारेगें और हाँ पाकिस्तान हमारा ऐहसान मानो की हमारे देश ने क़ैदीयो को जंग मे नहीं भेजा नहीं तो पाक शब्द पृथ्वी पर मिलता भी  या नहीं । वे तो हमारे दिल के पास रहने वाले फौजी भाई है जो तुम्हारे प्रति थोड़ी मानवता दिखा देते है और हम छात्र का भी  दर्द समझते है कि इतिहास मे इतना पाकिस्तान के हार के बारे पढा है कहीं समाप्त कर दिया तो फिर एक नया पाठ पढ़ना होगा “एक था पाकिस्तान “!

  44. I think every pakisthani is a great fool or pretending they are more brilliant than google.we indian know no.1 position is not india not even pakistan. we indian know pakistan has literacy and economic problem,but i don’t know they olso have problem on eyes not to see the right thing on this page or others website,and every country know pakistan is a terrorist country,indian many time proved it.i think “EVERY PAKISTANI IS NOT TERRORIST BUT EVERY TERRORIST IS A PAKISTANI TRAINED”
    and you fool believe in jehad you olso know that our country have more than muslims than yours.
    And please tell me about the fool who say,”OSAMA WORKED FOR AMERICA NOT A TALIBAN LEADER”
    So all the f**kers never compare INDIA vs pakistan……


      Tabhi Subah Subah jb koi puchta heto kehTe he Pakistan ja raha hu….lolzzzz

  45. I am an Indian but I would say that this list is wrong! India is not on the 3rd place. On the third place is China. India is on the fourth place. Russia is not on the fourth it is on the 2nd. Germany is not included. But in future I think India will be on the top because it is progressing extremely fast. Only one thing is correct, that f**king Pakistan is not included. And it can never be in the top 10 in its next 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!…

      • You know very wel who is looser and who is winner. Aur ha jeet k baad b humne tumhare logo ki laasho ka antim sanskar kiya jinhe tumhari sarkar ne wapas lene mana kar diya tha.. Ye ho tum and tumhari soch and tumhari sarkar. Tumhare kalakar apna pet paalne Hindustan me aate he. Are tum logo ko soch kyaa he wahi koi samjh ni payega.. Khuda b sochta hoga kya banaya mene.

      • According to the Library of Congress Country Studies conducted by the Federal Research Division of the United States[24] –

        The war was militarily inconclusive; each side held prisoners and some territory belonging to the other. Losses were relatively heavy—on the Pakistani side, twenty aircraft, 200 tanks, and 3,800 troops. Pakistan’s army had been able to withstand Indian pressure, but a continuation of the fighting would only have led to further losses and ultimate defeat for Pakistan. Most Pakistanis, schooled in the belief of their own martial prowess, refused to accept the possibility of their country’s military defeat by “Hindu India” and were, instead, quick to blame their failure to attain their military aims on what they considered to be the ineptitude of Ayub Khan and his government.

        Devin T. Hagerty wrote in his book “South Asia in world politics”[117] –

        The invading Indian forces outfought their Pakistani counterparts and halted their attack on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city. By the time United Nations intervened on September 22, Pakistan had suffered a clear defeat.

        In his book “National identity and geopolitical visions”,[118] Gertjan Dijkink writes –

        The superior Indian forces, however, won a decisive victory and the army could have even marched on into Pakistani territory had external pressure not forced both combatants to cease their war efforts.

  46. Are duniya ki di hui bheek me jine wale best nahi hote..BHARAT is always best nation in the world…. pakistaan to humaare har ghar ghar me hai… q ki hum roz subeh hi jaate he waha…

  47. Sale behen ch____ sale tum Pakistani apne apko kya sochte ho pk ho ka pagala gaye ho ka ek baar modi ji ka dimaag sathia gaya na tumhari ami c____ jaegi salo top 10 me india 3 me he aur uska saath usa he jo ki 1 number me he dono miljaenge to phir Pakistan map se gayab hojaega

    • Bhai hum akele hi kaafi he.. aakir humare jawan 72 hooro ke liye nahi ladte… unke sath karodo logo ki duaaye hai q ki wo apne watan and apne logo ki raksha k liye lad rahe he…

      Tum doodh mangoge hum kheer denge … tum Kashmir mangoge hum cheer denge.
      himmat he to ghus to dekh, ma kasam jaha se aaye ho wahi ko fek denge….

      • hindu qaum musalmanon ka kia muqabla karo gey jinka khuda hi musalmanon ki ghiza h r hinduon ka hal to yh h k PAKISTAN banney se qabal jb chote chote bachey yh nara lagaya krte they nara e takbir r le ke rahen gey PAKISTAN too hinduon ki dhoti gandi hojaaaaaaati thiii yad hay

    • 3 number per kis kam mai hai yeah b to btao b…nd mai pani nai or karty ho baty dosro k tukro pal palty ho Goole search kar achi nasal k gan….y kiry Pakistan army Is no 1 USA 2 no per hai


  49. Pakistan army never fought direct war with India.They never declared war on India and won.They fought backing stabbing war and inflected some damages.Pakistan will never and ever win war aganist INDIA .JAIHIND .

    • Dumb porki see some foriegn u vl get to know u were the loser every n hv lost all the 4 wars against India SEE SOME FORIGN REPORTS NT UR COUNTRY’S BIASED REPORTS DUMB PORKI???

      • tum logon ki fauj lahore nashta karne ka irada rakhti thi kia howa tha yad h apni fauj ka pata nahi r chale hn dosron ko baten karney pehle apni shakal r dhoti sambhalo tumhare modi gee ki auqat ka bhi pata h itna pata nhi k qaumi trana laga ho to seedhe khare hona h ya ghoomte rehna h apna mulk sambhalo dosron ko baten krney se pehle yad rakhna chahye k rehne ki behtreen jaghon m se ik jagha apni auqat b h kia samjhey?????

    • How many times our brothers explain u ppl, pakistan is not even in the list at top10 then how it became no:1, first develop the knowledge skills from ur side, dont try to intensify that pakistan leaders promoting peace ,come back after two days i didn’t have the mood right now to laugh for the jokes

  50. we’ve all said well about our different opions but the greatest out of all is peace let talk about it,let all allow peace to manifest.”LET US BUILD A BRIDGE RATHER THAN A WALL” peac out.

  51. The only war America supposedly lost was called off because the American people chose not to support it. If the USA were ever pushed too far the planet would be a radioactive hell. And that would come before any REAL loss. I of course believe you are speaking of a actual war. Not a police action. Hopefully it never comes to that. Peace should be what is sought by all for their children’s sake. And for their children’s children.

  52. Pakistan army is one of the best in the world, here are 10 reasons why they are the best and why they can beat India in war:
    1) The first war between Pakistan and India (1947) Pakistan had no weapons except guns and India had everything and lot of tanks and still Pakistan and India draw ed because both sides killed 1500 troops and Pakistan wounded 115 more than India.
    2) The second war was lost by India but they almost won. Pakistan had 260000 number of troops and India had 700000. India also had nuclear power in that war and Pakistan didn’t.
    3) Pakistan lost the 3rd war in 1971 because it was east Pakistan and India vs west Pakistan it was 2 against one and they also had a lot to worry about because east Pakistan was getting there independence from west Pakistan.
    4) Pakistan won the Kargil war in 1999 even though Pakistan didn’t get use the navy or air force and India used air force and infantry. Also Pakistan had 5000 troops in that war and India had 30,000.
    5) In 2010 and 2012 Pakistan army came came 1st place in a world wide competition.
    6) since 2008 Pakistan nuclear power has grown by 40 percent and is stronger than Indias.
    7) India will have a lot more to lose than Pakistan in war because India is bigger they also have a good film industry and a bigger population.
    8(Pakistan army commandos are claimed to be one of the toughest forces on the planet and have cam 3rd place with the us green berets 1st place and British sas 2nd place
    9) Pakistans army is the worlds 6th biggest.
    10) pakistans commandos size is so special and the size and list of operations is classified by joint chiefs of staff and Pakistan has won a bravery medal for doing everything and in warputting themselves at risk.

  53. Every Army is the best for his country. no one should talk non-sense about any army. all of them serve their country and tries to save it from others. so please stop talking about other armies just concentrate on what you are and who you are. and for what purpose you are fighting. this is not the matter of who is good and who is bad. this is to know whose training is the best fr their army.

    • Longiwala post pe attack kiya tha tum Pakistan army walo ne wo bhool gaye salo dum daba k bhge waha se tum sale hamare chund soldiers se tanke or weapons k dum pe bhi nai lad pate ho or badi badi bate karte ho jao or search karo us ladaai k details phir bolna or ha jate jate ek jumla soon lo “india had reached to moon and marsh but Pakistan still trying to enter in Kashmir in it’s dreams ” salo tumse apna karachi to sambhalta nai or Kashmir chahiye *GHANTAA*

        • abe saale ek baar india ne hmla kar diya na pakistan par ton tumhare tatte sango ko lag jayenge.salle lodu tumhari behn ,betio ki ham sab bhartiya bade ache se padenge .tumhari 1 pakistani aurat ki 10 -10 hindustani tohkenge bahut maja aayenga .bus ek kam karna kesar wala dudh tiyar rakha .aur phir kujh jor dar aawajne ayengi tumahari aurto ki marte waqt aur woh kehengi jese are bas karo india walo hmari maar 2 kar laal bati mat bana dena,indians ?aap ho asli mard? baki saare pakistani namard ?,aaaauuuuueeeohmy god =&¥##/#/*¥^$#@$#! $#@ pakistani women?indians aap hi hon asli mard baki hmare walo ka toh uthta hi nahi inko toh mardana dwai bhi asar nhi karti.aur rahi baat best ki india is hamesha in top in military,economy.tumhar pakistan ka toh kahi number hi nahi aata fudduo.bus tum ek cheej main jaroor number 1 ho atankwad main aur kis main hahaha .sari countries ko pta hai pakistan ki kya aukat hai .tumhar deshse se lok india main aana chahte hain .tumhare lok international level par apne aap ko pakistan kehlan par bejati mehsoos karte hain.agar baki desh tumhare se sanbadh bigadh le,bharat sindu pani band karde ,sare samjohte band ho jaye toh pta chal jayega apne desh bare.itna hi gusa hain bharat par toh saalo hmari bollywood ki films kiyo dekhte ho.your pakistan duniya ka sabse bakwas desh hain .cahe apne bahiyo se puch lo .par dosri taraf india bahut age baad raha hain india har sector main age pahuc ta ja raha hain hamare desh main abroad se log business karne ke liye ate hain jaha badi 2 industries hain tumhare desh main tattA kujh nahi hain .fuddu desh ke fuddu lok.

    • Ohh really, thats why they lost every f**king battle against india. Even they ran out of the battlefield you motherf**ker loser pakistani. Go and check on google you will came to know history of every battle fought between india and porkistan dogies

  54. India learn more war techniques till from 1960s onwards many time win in war against Pakistan,india is the only army fight with -°c to 40°c world nations watch the power Indian army

    • I hope you are joking. Is that what your government is telling you? Is Pakistan like North Korea or some shit, where they just feed the population a bunch of lies and don’t allow foreign media? You are brainwashed my friend, your army is absolutely horrendous.

  55. Indian army may not be the first but it is the most fastest growing army , coupled with the fast economic growth india is experiencing in its current state , Indian superpower is inevitable in the coming years. Proud to be an Indian Jai Hind.
    For more news on how india is rapidly growing its army visit :

  56. After 70 years of independent Indian become CEO of pepsico, microsoft, google, jaguar, land rover.
    Indian reached mars and Pakistan still trying to to enter India.
    They are like a crab. They do not trying to get the best.

  57. You forgot Vietnam the strongest army is the army willing to lose more and the us does not rate Americans do not have what it takes to win . We are great at 3rd world countries but Russia China n Korea are better man for man .

  58. This huge military strength of these countries should be used to end terrorism in the world and make it a safer place to leave. ????????? ????? leave????

  59. Indian army is one of the world biggest terrorist army deserves the word shitt .i want to remember all the indians 1965 war .you know M.M ALAM what he did with your fighter pilots all were look foolish quack in front of him

  60. I wish peace all over the world and there will be no necessity of spending all these amounts on defense. Instead other humanitarian or developmental causes can be served.

  61. you dnt know anything u not see from how many years amreica try to finish taliban but they cnt and u dnt have knowledge how pakistan army killed taliban in pakistan and now have peace pakistan army number 1 in the world

  62. So, I didn’t know that countries spend this much on defense. It is a great thing to know actually. I guess the US army is so well equipped an it is the best in the world.

  63. You people chat so much shit I’m a neutral party and serve in the armed forces and worked with the Pakistanis and Indians I have to say the Pakistani army are one of the most disciplined and deadliest armies in the world I have done my research and I know they had beat the Indians back in the partitions saying the Pakistani army works with terrorists and so on is the utter most shit I’ve heard the Indian army have heavy man power and have had a lot of assistance of us and the Americans although a strong army I would say the best forces I hear worked with have been the Pakistanis the Chinese and Americans

    • Henry do research again Pakistan is the global distributees of terrorism it is true you believe it or not

      • I think the same. Only Indians know how much problems they give and how many bloodsheds they have caused. Our soldiers have faced do much difficulties because of PAK terrorists.

    • Henry, you really sound dumb… I don’t know where you have served but surely that even if it was in armed forces then you must be deployed in cleaning staff. Porkistani army surrendered to Indian army when Bangladesh was created. It was one of the biggest surrender in last 100 years and such a shame to Porkistan.

      You taking side of a shit hole where all the cockroaches are hiding with the help of ISI (hiding Bin Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Saeed and so many terrorists) which are declared wanted from Interpol as well clearly shows that you either you are just a fake ID or clearly lying.

    • Indian army best in the world…..pakisanio…71…62…99…tin youdho mai tum buri tarhe se har chuke….ho…or har bar haroge….100 bar ladoge to bhi 100 bar haroge…..i kitni bar haroge humse besharmo…kabhi kisi se jite ho kya…..hamesa tum logo ne…hath faila diye….hamari army ke samne…pakistani…..ffatuo….phir lad lo phir haroge tum……jai hind….

  64. The one who posted this does not even know that Pakistan army is the best army and the most powerful and the most largest army in the whole world! It should be understood that the one who posted this is joelous from Pakistan army !!! General raheel Sharif is world’s bestest, powerful, strongest general in the whole world !!!! May Pakistan live a long and strong life !AAMEEN! you are not up to date ! Pak army zindabad Pakistan paindabad!!!!!

  65. I am a Pakistani but i belive that we should salute each and every singal men and women of the army thoes are serving and suffering for their countries and protecting each citizen of his/her country. With due respect I as a Pakistani salute all of the armies in world.

  66. US is the mighty bro in military. They spend like a lot on defense itself. They lead the world in any peace keeping operations. They have lead some iconic operations in the world like that of Osama, and saddam

    • Pakistan has lost to India many times. One should always know that it is the breeding place of terrorism and it had sheltered Osama bin Laden and America killed him, but not Pakistan. Terrorism should be killed from the roots or else the country will be demolished.

  67. India has a big population and the reason for huge army is the border it shares. The terrorist bases of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh always pose problems. Even the China is always troubling the nation in case of borders. India though not with great sophisticated machines and guns, it is capable of fighting enemies out.

    • But what about the facilities? The government didn’t even bother about the soldiers who were at Siachin and the other parts of himalayas with minus degree Celsius. The army should be given more modern weapons and the conditions of soldiers should be more taken care of.

      • Yes. They don’t provide any facilities to Indian Army. But politicians make a lot of money. Our soldiers work so hard there in harsh climates but still no one cares about. There should be a strict decision to make all the necessary arrangements for soldiers for their facilities.

  68. The USA army is so huge and powerful. They create some great weapons and they have taken part in many wars around the world and have won.
    They have killed some most wanted terrorists successfully.

    • The equipments and superior technology is employed by The US army. They are fighting against terrorism very effectively. They have called a war against terrorists in nations affected by ISIS, Taliban and others.

  69. yeah thought so biggest populated country in the world China holds the biggest army but the real brains and technique is what USA has and he can beat anyone I mean anyone

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