Top 10 Largest & Strongest Armies in The World

4. Russia:

Russian army strongest and largest in the world 2016-2017

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is the military service in Russia, with the President of Russia as the Commander-in-Chief. There are three branches of Armed Forces: the Ground Force, the Navy and the Aerospace Forces. There are also two separate troop branches like the Strategic Missile Troops and the Airborne Troops. The domestic suppliers in defence sectors are Sukhoi, Mikoyan, Kamov, Tupolev, Ilyushin, Kalashnikov Concern, GAZ, ZiL, Sevmash, Uralvagonzavod and others. The conscription period is about 12 months for people of age 18 to 27 years. The active personnel are about 771,000 and the reserve personnel are about 2,000,000 that largely include the ex- conscripts.