Top 10 Largest & Strongest Armies in The World

The 10 Strongest & Largest Armies in the World in 2017, This list is based on World Military Strength, Weapons, technology, active personnel, tanks, attack helicopters, aircraft, aircraft carriers and submarines.

In order to maintain sovereignty and integrity in a nation and also in cases of national emergency, natural disasters, military forces serve these purposes. The whole of the world is facing terrorism threat and these military forces are striving hard to combat the terror attacks. However, the pages of history have registered numerous conflicts between two nations or two blocs, where the military forces were used to show the dominance. With alliances like NATO, powerful military forces have joined together in many peacekeeping operations all over the world. With all the modernization in the field of Defence, the nuclear weapons are still the greatest menaces to the mankind.

Numbers might not be everything, but having capacity to fight against enemy of all type with sheer size always provides a certain benefit. Because, there are various other factors which have to be considered when a country will be trying to making the strongest military on the planet.

Army’s plays a king size role towards maintenance of peace and harmony among different countries. They fight for the security of the country and they also show their responsibilities towards other countries when there is need of support. We researched well to find the Strongest and biggest armies of the world till 2017.

List of Top 10 Largest Armies of the world which are strongest also.

Here is the list of top 10 largest and strongest armed forces in the world depending upon the Military Strength Index obtained by considering factors like the active personnel, tanks, attack helicopters, aircrafts, aircraft carriers and submarines is given :

10. Turkey:

Turkey Army Storngest in the world 2016

This Eurasian country is the 18th most populated in the world and has a growing economy ranked 17th in the world. Its military service, the Turkish Armed Forces has five branches: Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval forces, Turkish Air Force, Turkish Gendarmerie and Turkish Coast Guard. It obtains military equipment from The US, Germany and Israel. After Turkey became a member of NATO in 1952, the armed forces underwent comprehensive modernization and currently are the second largest standing military force in NATO. The number of active personnel in the TAF is about 639,551 with about 378,700 reserved personnel. The country’s annual budget for defence is about $18.2 billion that amounts to 2.2% of its total GDP.