Top 10 Biggest Music Festivals in The World

List of The greatest music festivals in the world in 2015-2016, most popular biggest music festivals in the world.

It’s celebration season! Furthermore, while England and America have a tendency to get the vast majority of the credit for significant music festivals, we did some examining and discovered the biggest festivals on the planet. For example, an awesome number of individuals advance to Rabat, Morocco, consistently to see events of Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, and Angelique Kidjo at the enormous Mawazine Festival.

Presenting the list of top biggest music festivals for 2017

Music is loved and appreciated by people across globe and it will hard to find a single person who doesn’t love the melody and rhythm of music. We researched a lot to find the popular as well as biggest music festivals for 2017.

1. Coachella – This was the world largest music festival which is supported by world’s renowned independent musical artists, Coachella is a celebration for music lovers and music. This is organized overtwo weekends for three complete days, the celebration goes about as a stage for both established and new comer. Coachella is gets huge popularity due to its camping facility- allows the guests to campout on the celebration grounds through the course of three days. Tickets for Coachella likewise turn out as the most lavish, costing fans £251 for the weekend.

Coachella, The Worlds's Biggest Music Festivals

2. Tomorrowland – Tomorrowland is the biggest electronic dance and music festival in the globe and it takes the second position as the largest music festival of the world. The fest started off in 2005 with just 9,000 people in attendance. Nowadays, it gets huge popularity. Attractions at Tomorrowland its beat-dropping- bass-pounding relentless sounds incorporate its incredible stage set ups, more than 10 stages that play host to more than 400 DJs and obviously stay away from EDM fans in whose organization it’s hard not to be diverted. Tomorrow arrive in Belgium, occurring in July, beat the outlines as the most costly celebrations general this year, costing £187 and £186 every day individually.

3. Exit – Exit held in Serbia over the past decade, now this is one of the most popular music festival of Europe’s most popular festivals, is still the cheapest overall, with a daily cost of £54. Exit celebration in Serbia, which over the previous decade has developed into one of Europe’s most famous celebrations and get 3rd position in world ranking. But this is still cheapest, with an everyday expense of £54. Exit started as an understudy movement for the flexibility that battled for vote based system and the privileges of the individuals in Serbia. In any case, its prosperity was such that went from being simply an understudy development to one of the world’s most mainstream music celebrations. Right up ’til the present time, the fest, after quite a long time it is arranged holding fast to socio-political subjects.

4. Rock in Rio – With groups like AC/DC, Scorpions and Queen some piece of the line-up, it is no wonder why such musical festival draws millions of people from distant locations abroad. With 1.5 million people in participation in its first year in 1985, rock music lover- this is the thing that nirvana will feel like. Presently the celebration has extended in all directions, now this is held in Lisbon and Madrid and colossal main events, including Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen in 2013.

5. Donauinselfest people – Donauinselfest effectively takes the crown for the 5th greatest celebration on the planet generally speaking, and does as such astonishingly over the short course of three days. This celebration is organized for three days, the celebration plays host to both neighborhood and universal acts from over the world.

Donauinselfest people, The best music festivals in the world

6. Mawazine – This tremendous celebration is moderately unknown in America. The line-up is for the most part made up of African specialists, particularly those from French-African nations like Amadou & Mariam and Tinariwen from Mali. Mawazine that began on a much littler scale is today gone by around two million fans from over the world.

7. Sziget – Positioned as one of five best music celebrations in Europe, Sziget is a fest that invites music across distinctive types like rock, reggae, hip-bounce, synthpop, independent, alternative rock and so forth. Hungarian youth required another summer outlet – thus started the Sziget Festival. Presently a top of the line celebration, Sziget won the UK Festival Award for Best Major European Festival and sees both onlookers and specialists from many diverse nations.

8. Glastonbury – Likely a standout amongst the most famous and longest running music celebrations, Glastonbury is a five day music event and a fantasy come to valid for honest for music addicts. The fest that began on a little scale today draws swarms from over the outskirt furthermore brags of sold-out tickets inside a matter of a couple of hours.

9. Sunburn – A child to the music celebration scene, Sunburn Goa – since its dispatch in 2007 has been India’s contribution to the worldwide EDM scene. Held throughout the span of three days, Sunburn consolidates the best ability in the EDM classification with fantastic lighting and high octane combination of space and sound.

10. Przystanek Woodstock – A rock celebration that draws in more than 5, 00, 000 individuals from crosswise over Europe, Przystanek Woodsto is a true blast of rock music.

Przystanek Woodstock, The greatest music festivals in the world

These all are the largest festival of the world which hosts millions of music lover year after year would ought to have a commercial breach to it. Not only can that through this music festival, organizer make a huge profit.