Top 10 Biggest Events in The World

Greatest amazing Events Around the World and Top 10 Events and Festival Holidays around the world in 2015-2016.

Events- which gives smile to one’s face- In the world there are people of diverse religion. Thus it is very obvious that each and every people celebrate their festivals or events in their own way. The festivals which are celebrated by the diverse people in the diverse way are really beautiful as everybody spend their events in their own colorful way. It is very important that we should take part in all the events that take place in the world in a year, but it is not possible. It is ok that if we couldn’t celebrate it but we should know all the events. In this article we will come to know about the different events in the world.

List of top 10 largest events 2017

Events and celebrations are part and parcel of life and to imagine a life without these seems incomplete. We made an effort to understand what the largest events of this world in year 2017 are.

Below here is the list of top 10 largest events which are celebrated by everyone. These events are really famous and everybody should celebrate it.

1. Mardi Gras- The event is celebrated on the Tuesday 17th February 2017. Another name of the festival is Shrove Tuesday. In this day everybody walk on the street like a parade. People wear mask while walking. In this carnival people spend the day in a lavish way. The event is celebrates in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Netherland, Sweden and some parts of U.S.A.

Mardi Gras, biggest event in the world

2. St. Patrick’s Day- The event is celebrated in U.S, Australia, and New York. Canada, Caribbean. The event is to pay tribute to the Christianity. It is a holy event and in this day every Christian spends the day in the church. It is the death anniversary of the great saint Patrick. The event is very nice.

3. Roskilde Festival- It is the largest music festival. The event is mainly happen in Denmark. In this event different types of music are sung such as sports music, cultural music and humanitarianism music. It is a very famous and largest event. Previously the event was only for hippies but now this is for the whole young crowd.

4. Canada Day- This event is celebrated as the birth day of the country Canada. The event is celebrated on I July of every year. Previously the name of the event was Dominion Day but now the name has been changed. This event includes parades, music, festivals, fireworks and lots of thing. It is a prestigious event.

5. Calgary Stampede- The event is on 3rd July to 12th July 2017. The event is celebrated on Canada. This is the festival of cowboys where all the dress up likes a cowboy for a shorter period of time. In the event there is also parade, music performances, agricultural competition and lots more. The Canada people have a real fun in this festival. For then it is a great festival to celebrate.

Calgary Stampede, greatest events of the world

6. V Festival- The event basically held from 21st to 24th August. It is a music festival. In this festival lots of different types of music are sung. They also have a nice dance sequence in this festival. The festival is mainly for the young generations in this event they can eat, drink and enjoy in the happiest way. This is an awesome festival.

7. Bestival – The event held from 10th to 13th September. It is an award winning boutique festival which is loved by the people. In this festival people make different types of dress and they used to give award for their excellent fashion concept. Music performances are very important in this festival. The festival is really nice to spend.

8. Oktoberfest- It is a sixteen day festival. The festival is mainly celebrated in Germany, Munich in the first Sunday of the October. It is the largest fair of the world. The main attraction of the fair is that here different types of beer is found. People used stay in the beer tents.

9. Dusshera (in Kulu) – It is an Indian festival. The festival is mainly happens in the Himachal Pradesh. It is a seven days festival. People buy new dresses and had a great fun in this event. Idol worshipping is dome in this festival. It is celebrated in the kulu valley.

10. Christmas- The event is celebrated on 25th of December. Children are given many beautiful gifts. People wear new dresses and go out with their friends and family. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is the most popular event among all the religion.

Christmas, famous and most popular events in the world in 2015-2016

Thus these are famous and the largest festival in the world. Everybody enjoys these festivals in their own way. Do celebrate it and feel of essence of celebrations in life.