Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in The World

The World’s top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in 2017, The X-factor about the most expensive sunglasses.

For carrying on the status symbol, designer eyewear can be an exclusive choice. Different types of expensive designer eyewear have become extremely popular among the elite class. From the past, expensive sunglasses have always been considered as status symbol. Varieties of brands are there in the market and most of these brands have become famous for such expensive sunglasses. The cost of sunglasses depends on the material used, durability and the capability of transition.

The top 10 most expensive sunglasses available in the world in 2017

A person searching for the best and elegant sunglasses should always pay attention towards the material used for every such sunglass. Depending on the designs of these sunglasses, the price varies. It may be made of gold or with any other precious metal. So, here one should keep eyes open while choosing the most suitable sunglass for him or her.

Here we can take a look at the 10 top most expensive sunglasses available in this recent market.

1. Lugano Diamonds: This brand established its fabulous firm in the year 1974. This firm has paired up with Barton Perreira, world famous designer to produce stunning eyewear. Here the sunglasses are available with huge framing alternatives. Gold framed sunglasses are designed with pink diamonds of 2.85 carats. The leopard print frames are nice designed with black diamonds of 3.59 carats. One can have this sunglass at a cost of $27000

Lugano Diamonds, The World's 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

2. Bylgari: This world famous brand is presently celebrating their 130th anniversary. Besides, having a wide range of jewelry, leather products, fragrance etc, and this brand have gained immense success in launching eye catchy and stylish shades. The beautiful sunglasses made by Bylgari are purely designed with diamonds of 2.5 carats. These sunglasses are not produced in huge numbers.

3. Bentley Motors Limited: Though this company has fame in the automobile industry, but very recently the company has made a proud entrance in making nice and attractive sunglasses. The market price of the sunglasses made by this company is $45000. The body of the sunglasses is made solely with platinum. Besides, this expensive sunglass, if you want sunglasses made of white or yellow gold, and then these can be available at a price of $14000.

4. Bulgari: Among luxury sunglasses, here you can have sunglasses with 18 carat of white gold. Again, these sunglasses are designed with diamonds and sapphires. The price of the basic model without too many diamonds will cost nearly $ 25000. However, normal designed sunglasses are available at a price of $59000.

5. Maybach-Manufaktur: Formerly famous automobile company has become an excellent manufacturer of luxury eyewear. The specialty about these sunglasses is the unique design of the body of the sunglasses. The body of these sunglasses is made with pure yellow gold of 18 carat. Nicely hand crafted diamonds have been placed on the frames.

Maybach-Manufaktur, 10 Most Expensive Pieces Of Eyewear In The World

6. Franco: This famous jewelry designed company is specialized in designing shades. The cost of each shade made by this famous brand is almost $65000. 132 handcrafted diamonds are fitted on the frame and the body of the shade is made of 18 carat gold.

7. Clic Gold: If one is searching for the most expensive and rarely designed sunglasses then he or she can rely of clic Gold. It takes nearly 40 hours or more in making each shade. Each shade is made of solid gold and lenses are made with advanced anti-reflection technique. These shades were also produced in lesser quantity.

8. Shiels Jewellers: This Australian company has become extremely famous in producing various types of nicely designed jewelry including designer sunglasses. The lenses are made of emeralds as emeralds are eye protective. The frames have also been designed with precious diamonds.

9. Dolce and Gabbana: Among the most expensive sunglasses, this Italian design is being considered within top ranked sunglasses. The sunglasses made by this company are available with golden frame nicely designed with diamonds. These eye catchy sunglasses are available at a price of $380000.

10. Chopard: Here it is the most expensive sunglass. The cost of this shade is $ 408000. This is made of 24 carat gold of 60 grams. The looks of this shade is absolutely stunning. Truly, this sunglass will be a right choice to maintain the status symbol.

Chopard, Top Brands & Makers of Luxury Sunglasses

Those above are the top most expensive sunglasses which are designed superbly to do the justice to the persons of elite group.