Top 10 Most Expensive Rum in The World

Most Expensive Rum Brands in the World in 2017, The World’s 10 Most Expensive Rum brands.

The top 10 most expensive rum to cater to the drinker’s fantasies: Manufactured from the world of sugarcane to that of the most famous Caribbean era when pirates still roamed its seas, the rum has been enjoyed for the centuries but not at times by the common man. The bottle of average rum can be purchased for little as $6 USD if brought to the country of its origin.

List of top 10 most expensive rum brands available in the market 2017

The list below is of the latest wine structures which are just perfect no matter whatever you taste, you can prefer to your rum straight. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can easily read and taste through these expensive wines knowing the distinguished wine and also the drinker.

The list of expensive rum brands 2017 is as follows:

1. 1940s bottle of J. Wray & Nephew: The latest of the rum discovered till date comes from the house of the latest and extravagant flourishes which are retailed by the legendary pirates and also the bad boys. Craze for this brand of rum was always there, that is the reason why it is at times out f stock. The parent company of this wine was brought by Gruppo Campari in the year 2012.

1940s bottle of J. Wray & Nephew, Most Expensive Rum brands

2. Legacy by Angostura: Chances are seriously very few for all the good things in this world. Thus, it is the same case with that of the limited edition of the vanity liquor. The retails of the $6,000 shots are really very limited. The presentation in the bottles is highly smooth and blends the handmade wooden box with the handmade sterling silver box to store the wine.

3. 1780 Barbados Private Estate: In Leeds Harewood House, England had a historical tie with that of the Barbados plantation. The rum bottles are available on discounted based and appearance alone. The price range f this is around $11,000 US each. The mix of the light and the dark rums with hand blown glass bottles have been auctioned after being tested.

4. 50 years old Appleton Estate, Jamaica Independence Reserve: The oldest barrel aged rum ever is ultra smooth and unique in taste. One sip of it has all other fantasies and the beautiful thoughts mixed in it. It is very old yet the taste is classic. A very classic taste commemorates 50 years of Jamaica independence it is worldwide available for sale.

5. British Royal Navy Imperial: The brand had century’s long tradition serving the drinkers with the latest speciality in the drink. The royal navy imperial has been reduced to one eighth of a pint that emphasizes the special bowl of the royal functions. One sip of it is just the best treat to your drinking habit.

6. Ron Bacardi De Maestros de Ron, Vintage MMXII: The world’s first and the definitive beer, wine and the spirits with the information has created a new blend in this world. The expensive rum is being stored in the bottle that happens in the limited edition bottle. Thus is renowned as the Vintage store of Rum. This special wine is celebrating success anniversary of 150 years.

7. Havana Club Maximo Extra: Crafting of the truly magnificent new bottled rum with its name. By fusing together the best rums, this master blend was discovered. This is actually made by blending the finest as well as the oldest rum kept in reserve that supreme expensive wine indeed. The classic Cuban rum for the officials and the army men suits the best.

8. Rhum Clement 1952: This is dark amber in colour which looks as great as its appearance. The expensive wine is stored well with all protection. The bottle of 1952 vintage Clement Rhum was founded by Homere Clement in 1887.

9. 8 year old Bacardi, Millennium Edition: Another limited edition from the house of Rhum is one such that was produced for the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This is a crystal decanter that is hand filled with a special sherry finish version of the Bacardi millennium edition.

10. Pyrat Cask 1623: An awesome blend of 9 Caribbean pot still rums is aged up to 40 years. The Cask is very special rum that is being pronounced with the rich and sweet orange mixed to add a special flavour to the wine you are looking ahead to.

The common consumption of the old wine is rated expensive when they become extinct slowly but steadily. Close your eyes and think of rum warmed vacation spots? The places like-Jamaica, Panama and Bermuda or other lush beach lands which just the best one stop solution to those who want to enjoy rum in their best mood and best vacation spot.