Top 10 Most Expensive Rings in The World

World’s most expensive engagement rings in 2017, Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World.

10 costliest rings in the rings: Since time immemorial the solitaire rings have always been the best choice for all elite man. The solitaire ring as an engagement gift is the best gift to the lady. But, the present trends have changes and designer and modern rings have the same place as the elegant solitaire ones. What attract us are not the rings which are given by the man by bending on the knees but prices of these rings. But, diamond rings too are given by many lovers.

Top 10 most expensive engagement rings 2017

Rings in present days are not just the symbol of love and commitment but they have become status symbol and that is why the costliest and expensive list of rings is given by the royal prince or celebrity. And, think of it the ring of cost @2.5 million is the cheapest in the list:

Well, hunt for these expensive rings on the planet earth:

1. 18 carat blue sapphire – This ring was given to the duchess of Cambridge by Prince Williams. This ring is basically the traditional family ring which was worn earlier by Late princess Diana, mother of prince William which was given by Prince Charles of Wales. The ring is embedded with blue sapphire in between with the 14 diamonds around. Presently the ring cost around $137.200.

18 carat blue sapphire, Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World

2. Pear cut diamond ring: – Not only royal families but singers too are known for gifting costly rings and being in this list Enrique gifted his beautiful girlfriend Anna Kournikova a diamond ring. The diamond is cut in shape of pear with two stones holding the diamond.

3. Fred Leighton vintage ring: – This ring is given by Joned Doyglas to catheriene zeta Jones. The bigger diamond cut in the shape of marquise and this diamond is surrounded by 28 small diamonds. Again, the cost of ring is 2.5 million. The ring has those vintage era look.

4. Lesotho III diamond ring : – This ring values to 2.6 million. This ring is carved out from 420 carat diamond. This ring is worn only twice by the owner and now it is kept in the locker of banks. Aristotle gifted this ring to Jacqueline onassis.

5. Graff emerald cut diamond ring: – And, diamonds are the first love for women and you can impress her by the diamonds. But, women are diehard fan of stones as well and Donal trump experimented with this love for women and gifted Melnia Knauss an emerald ring in the structure of basket. This ring is a style statement and is of worth 3.0 million. The side details of the ring give additional beauty to the ring.

6. Neil Lane blue diamond engagement ring: – The ring is wonderfully attractive, gifted by Marc Anthony to Jenifer Lopez but unluckily they got divorced later. The ring has 8.5 carat diamond embedded in it which is mounted higher with the help of metal. The ring costs worth 4.5 million. It is amongst the most priced and valuable possession of the Lopez.

7. Cartier emerald cut diamond ring: – This ring is of worth $4.06 million and you won’t believe that the ring is embedded with the 10.47 carat of diamond. Prince of Monaco, Prince Raineir III gave this precious ring to his wife Grace Kelly. This ring has two diamonds in the side supporting the emerald. Awestruck is the word which you will use when you see the ring.

8. Gold and diamond encrusted ring: – This ring is of worth 4.7 million. Gifted to Paris Hilton by her Ex fiancée Paris Latsis, it was later auctioned by her to the victims of Katarina hurricane after she diverged from him, the ring is embedded with the massive diamond of 28 carat.

9. Lorainne Schwartz Plantinum diamond ring: – Jay Z gave it to Beyonce as her engagement present, the diamond of this ring is crystal clear and certified for the same. The ring has 18 carat octagonal shaped diamond.

10. Asscher- cut Krupp diamond engagement ring: – Richard Burton who married Elizabeth Taylor twice gifted her this huge 33.10 carat diamond ring. This ring was later auctioned and surprisingly bought by an anonymous Asian.

So, what are you engagement plans? Girls do share this post with your soul mates and let the, know your love plans.

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