Top 10 Most Expensive Purses Brands in The World

Most Expensive Purses Brands in The World in 2017, World’s Most Expensive Handbags.

Choose the best brand: for buying the most stylish purse: Your elegant dress up for a party remains incomplete without a good looking purse in your hand. If you take a very fashionable and the stylish purse then you will look very elegant. In the market there are various types purses found but to choose the best one from them is really not easy. The good looking purse will give your style statement a new look full of gravity. Thus when you are going in the party or any occasion you must carry the best purse so that people will look at you and give a very good remark to your purse.

List of top 10 most expensive purses brands 2017

Below here is the list of top 10 most expensive brands of the purses. Women who love to buy purses then they can buy the purse from these brands. These purses have a very stylish look and you can take this purse with all types of dress.

1. Louis Vuitton- It is the most costly brand. The brand was first introduced in the year 1854 and thus it is the oldest brand also. They make bags with 15 different materials. Every women love to buy their branded purse. The purses are very fashionable also.

Louis Vuitton, Most Expensive Purses Brands

2. Hermes- The Company is very famous for its fashionable bags. They provide the bags with different good colors. They make the bag with high quality of leather. The products re made with proper care and they are very beautiful. These bags have a very trendy look and the young ones will love to use it.

3. Mouawad- In the year 1891 this brand of purse was first introduced. The purses are very nice. Some of their purses are made of 18 karat gold and they are decorated with 45,000 diamonds. The price of the bags starts from 3.8 million dollars. The purses are very comfortable to use.

4. Fendi- The brand was first introduced in the year 1925. The brand manufactures different types of beautiful purses. Women are very fond of these purses. The purses are of different styles and fashion. Sometimes in this brand you will get traditional purses also. They are very famous for their leather bags. They also provide bags of crocodile skin and lamb skin.

5. Chanel- This is the most exclusive handbags in the market. They also provide sunglasses and perfumes. Some of the purses are decorated with good quality of crystals. The bags are very stylish and fashionable and you can take them to any kind of occasions. All the bags are of different good colors. Mostly because of the colors the women get attracted to the bags.

6. Marc Jacobs- The designer of this fashion brand belong to U.S. the cost of the bags starts from 50,000$. They also make the purse from crocodile skin. Mainly the purses are made of good quality of leathers and then they are handcrafted with proper sophisticated experienced handcrafters. In the special occasions you can take these handbags.

7. Gadino- The brand was first started in the year 2001. This brand makes the purse with white diamonds, crocodile skin and white gold. The designer of the purse is Hilde Palladino and he is the youngest fashion designer in the market. The purses are very stylish looking.

8. Judith Leiber- It is one of the most popular brands in the world. The purses are very innovative and they are found in various designs. The product is very unique. The brand was first introduces in the year 1963. They are most prestigious handbags in the market. Some of the handbags also have crystals in them. These are very costly crystals and thus the purse look very beautiful with the decorated crystals.

9. Prada- This brand was first introduced in the year 1913. The brand was first started by Mario Prada. The purses are made of leather. The purses have a very fashionable look and thus when a women take this she looks very elegant with that. The quality of the purse is very good. They are found in various colors.

10. Lana Marks- It is the most luxury purse brand. The brand is situated in United States. This purse offers an elegant look and there are more than 150 designs of this purse brand available in the market. These purses are handcrafted in Italy and they are mostly used by the celebrities.

These are the most expensive purses brands. Women like to use different types purses from high brand they can buy these purses.