Top 10 Most Expensive Fashion Brands in The World

The World’s top 10 Most Valuable Brands in 2017, Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands.

Fashion is a tradition of every people. A stylish and gorgeous manner is always a vital thing of every human. People want looking very stylish and beautiful that’s why they spend many times to select their cloths. But they not only spend their time they also make investment on dresses to look different and unique.

Presenting the list of top 10 expensive brands in the fashion world 2017

This short information about top 10 most expensive fashion brands 2017 all over the world. This list is for those people who want to look stylish and different from other. All these brands are highly popular and really very sweet able for fashion lovers.

1. Oscar de la Renta – Oscar de la Renta is took the place of No.1 position between all the fashion brands and is a leading name in the industry fashion for good reason – he is the one who dressed some leading names of the world, elegantly. He made his presence felt in year 1960 itself for getting dressed First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Oscar de la Renta, Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands.

2. Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton is almost certainly the biggest name in luxury handbags and accessories. Louis Vuitton declared its company value at over $28 billion in 2014. The LV logo is one of the most highly recognizable in the fashion industry. Founded in 1954 by Louis Vuitton. This is produces shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and books.

3. Prada – If you are want to create a change in your life then it is the best choice for you. This is one of the most expensive Italian brands and it attracts a large number of young fashion lovers. It also maintains a good name in the perfumes market. And it took the 3rd place between all.

4. Chanel – This brand provides some variety stylish designing cloth and other things which really attract every people. Quality shades, skin care items and beauty products are also named after Chanel. The uniqueness of this brand is really a great thing and it does not copy other styles that are why they are maintaining their own existence. For that it took the 4th place.

5. Dior – Dior took the 5th place and it known for being highly classy, glamorous, stylishness, modernization and prestigious clothing designs. These extremely expensive products catch women also from the industry of fashion as well. There are many items of this brand like perfumes, sun glasses, bags, women wear and various other fashionable wearing.

6. Gucci – This brand is a famous Italian brand. The expensiveness and good quality made this famous. They also design item for men and women. They produce ties, handbags, skirts, shoes and luggage bags. It is expensive but all the item of it is luxurious and stylish. That’s why it took a place of the top ten lists.

7. Dolce and Gabbana – Dolce and Gabbana is also a brand of Italian culture and it is a well-known company that’s why they don’t need any type of word to describe their popularity of their brands. It is a brand of fashion for men and women both. It took the 7th place between all the brands of fashion. The print and texture quality of the dress has no match through the world. D&G is the most expensive clothing brand of the world in 2013.

8. Armani – At earlier it is a company of manufacturing cloth specially jeans and T shirts. It is not only the expensive brands of shopping but it is also the popular brand all over the world. This brand has a huge range. It is the 8th most expensive brands among all the brands of shopping. The designs of cloths recommended by the certified fashion designers and boutique shops.

9. Burberry – Burberry is one of the best and oldest companies all over the world. The maker of this company is Thomas Burberry who found it in the year of 1856 in Basingstoke, Hampshire. It came with huge success over 100 years later. The company opened its first store in 1891. This London based luxury company screams “old money” with their signature khaki trench coats and plaids

10. Versace – Versace is a brand of Italian fashion and it is for men and women both. It is highly popular and took the 10th place between all the fashion brands. It produces new and modernized design. It is famous for those who are ready to pay for latest fashion and better quality. It is one of the best brands for clothing and accessories.

These all renowned fashion brand of the world for they own style. All of them have their own uniqueness that most of the fashion conscious men and women try to wear. From this list you can find why they are best. Try out one.

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