Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans Brand in The World

Most Expensive luxury Jeans Brands in the world in 2017, most popular jeans.

Jeans is actually a big name of stylist attire. There are various purposes to wear jeans. Anyone can easily wear it in any event and occasion, where not needed any formal attire. Basically jeans are informal as well as comfortable attire. There are lots of jeans brand which are valuable than your expectation.

Presenting the list of top 10 jeans which are most expensive 2017

If you are fond of jeans and want to have the best one in your wardrobe against any amount which you need to pay for buying it then the below list of jeans are just for you.

Here is a list of top ten jeans which are most expensive in the market.

1. Secret Circus – $1.3 million – This jeans brand is extremely well known due to its classic design; there you can find a high quality big diamonds pierced in back pockets of the exclusive classic jean. This makes the jeans world’s expensive jeans. It is very first pair of jeans which costs million dollars and which world market ever seen.

Secret Circus, most expensive jeans brands

2. Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim – $250,000 – Dussault Apparel which is a popular name as a luxury jeans are generally come with stiff and tight design. You can utilize this jeans N numbers of times to break into it. After several times wearing and washing this jeans will get fit in your figure better and also will turn into like an absolute second skin. This handmade exclusive Dussault Thrashed Denim is also popular due to its handmade features which need to pass through a special procedure. Before it stitched, the fabric is washed more than thirteen times before going for dyeing and then gets painted to give a special depth in the look of jeans. This is the 2nd expensive jeans of the world.

3. Levi Strauss & Co. 501 – $60,000 – We all know that jeans get and look better with its age. Lavi’s 501 series which is vintage jean collection gets huge popularity. This is 3rd expensive jeans of the world and this is oldest brand jeans. According to the research a collector of Japan bought a Levi’s jeans that date back to period of 1880s for $60000 from an auction. The particular vintage jeans are a part of 501 series for which Levi’s is very popular.

4. Escada – $10,000 – Escada is basically a designer of luxury jeans who allows his consumers to design or give their own concept during the making of their jeans. Some of them prefer the look of button fly, and many favor the decent yet old-fashioned look of zipper. Some people like the faded jeans. All things are found in Escada, 4th expensive jeans brand in the world.

5. APO Jeans – $4,000 – APO jeans, one of the popular jeans brands, available with pockets in silk and riveting which is made of precious metals like silver, gold, or platinum. Diamond can also be utilized in this jean in form of button. The maker also ensures the fact that only exclusive or supreme quality fabrics are utilized to make this jean. Presently this jean is 5th position.

6. Gucci – $3,100 – Gucci is now one of the elegant fashion items, if you place thin in your word rob. The brand made a pair which was treated as well as beaten up well for making it one of the vintage collections. Main features of this jeans brand are ultimate use of buttons as well as African beads. This is now in 6th position among the top 10 expensive jeans of the world.

7. Dolce & Gabbana – $1,200 – You have to make a registration if you desire to get a pair of this particular jean as there is big list of waiting customers who are willing to purchase it. A main feature of this jeans brand is use of distressed as well as faded fabric which makes it popular brand. Other feature is that it comes with embroidered designs of butterfly that makes it most adorable brand of women. This brand takes the 7th position of the world.

8. Roberto Cavalli – $1,200 – You have often heard the word “Roberto Cavalli” which is actually a popular jeans brand, not only that this is now in 8th most expensive jeans brand in all over the world. They mainly get popularity among the women of all ages because their jeans are decorated with exclusive jewels, that features are mainly adored by stylish women.

9. Earnest Sewn Custom Fit – $1,000 – As the name suggested Earnet Sewn Custom fits get extreme popularity due to its proper fittings and style. This brand not only designs customized pair of jeans but also they stitch the jeans according to customer needs. This is the 9th expensive jeans brand in the world today.

10. 7 For all Mankind – $298 – This is one of the popular jeans brand among the young star and teenager which features various color and styles. The reason of this popularity is perfect fittings and colors, we all know that jeans are one of the comfortable dress. This brand takes the 10th position among the top 10 expensive jeans brand which offer their consumer style along with comfort.

In this list we will discuss the top features about the top 10 most expensive jeans in the world. There are lots of reasons that why this jeans brand comes within this list and why they are expensive.