Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses in The World in 2017, Most Expensive Wedding Dresses.

10 dresses which costs most in the world: Weird is the hobby of various people who opt for different hobbies and create path breaking record, take example of the fashion designer who not just create fabulous dresses but sometime they go off track and create dresses which forces people to create list of most expensive dresses.

List of top 10 most expensive dresses 2017

Yes, below is the list of such expensive dresses from whole world which are priced in millions and not every person is honored to wear such dresses. Different designers sometimes just go off limits and use their creativity for such a thing that costs in millions.

Have a look at these 10 most expensive dresses of all times:

1. Nightangle – This is costliest in the list and you won’t believe but this red fairy tale dress is the costliest dress made with the different material with silk being the dominant fabric and chiffon, sating etc used at different part of dress to give a complete different look. The dress is embellished with the diamonds, swarovski crystals. Though, the design is not that great but the dress owes the cost of 30 million because of multiple diamonds and other valuable used for the dress. It is created by designer Faiyzali Abdullah which was displayed in Year 2009.

Nightingale, most expensive dresses

2. Abayya: – And, it is quite interesting that this Muslim attire is worth 17.6 million. This dress is designed by famous designer of Britain origin Debbie Wingham. This dress is made with the combination of around 2000 diamonds of white, black and red color.

3. Dress of Scott Henshal: – Yet again a diamond dress for 9 million dollars. It is web shaped dress and hence it was worn by one singer in the spider man movie premiere.

4. Dress of Maria Grachvoge – This maroon shade dress looks stunning but the other factor is the use of 2000 diamonds used in this dress which makes it one of the costliest dresses. It is around 1.0 million. And, it was first seen in the fashion show.

5. Naomi Watts , diamond dress: – The use of diamond for rings and accessories is known but it is used in dresses is kind of surprising in the list of expensive dresses. And, yet again a diamond dress by Armani Prive and Neil Lan which was worn by Naomi watts for Oscars. The cost of the dress is 1.5 million. But, this dress is definitely stunning and catches the attention of crowd.

6. Marylyn’s birthday dress: – When whole world is after Marylyn’s beauty, her dress created news in the market. This dress was designed by Jean Louis Berthaulto. Originally the dress was priced 12 thousand dollar but later the cost of the dress was sold in an auction at the price of 1.3 million. The dress is diamond studded. She wore this dress for the birthday party of John F. Kennedy.

7. Ginza tanaka’s gold coin dress: – Japanese jeweler Ginza created this golden dress using 15,000 gold coins. Gold coins are valuable but the incorporating this coins into dress is a wonderful concept. This dress is around 10 kilograms, which is difficult to carry. The dress costs $267,948 and was walked down in 2007. This dress is quite inspirable.

8. Ginza tanaka’s gold evening gown: – Again Ginza tanaka proved her love for gold with this golden evening gown.This fabulous golden dress created of golden wire is of cost $245.000. The weight of this dress is 1.1 kilogram. The more relevant fact about the dress is that can this dress can be ever worn or not.

9. Swarovski “Dirndl Dress” – With the cost of $127.000 this dress is most expensive with the Swarovski crystals on it. The dress is inspired from the medieval designs. And, the inspirable crystals on the dress make every woman lust for this designer outfit.

10. Dress of princess Diana: – Well, when it comes to royal family the dress has to be costly one. The dress is designed by Catherine Walker. The same designer has created many designer outfits for her. Princess Diana wore dress for twice, once is Cannes film festival and second at Miss Saigon. The cost of dress is $125.000.

So, which one is your favorite pick. Hope, this post of expensive dresses was interesting.