Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in The World

The World’s top 10 Most Valuable clothing Brands in 2017, Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands.

Most expensive clothing brands: Amongst the basic three human needs that is food, shelter and clothing, clothing has now become more of luxury which is not only used to cover human body but it serves the purpose to add glamour.

Top 10 World class clothing brands which are expensive in 2017

Clothing is bare essential need for many and as the fashion industry and glamour world is developing the demand for clothing and especially designer clothing is increasing with no limit and bar. And, this is the reason the international market for clothing is becoming more popular.

1. Gucci : – And it needs no description. The designer and world class items produced by this brand are absolute designer and scenic and barely there is a thing which is not liked. From comfortable tees to party dresses , handbags, luggage trolleys etc are produced by this brand.

Gucci, Most Valuable clothing Brands

2. Chanel: – Chanel is slowly becoming one of the best designer brands across the globe. Giving it’s customers an opportunity to choose the best amongst the various options. It is a choice of elites. Young people can find more fondness towards this brand. The most favorable part about Chanel is the unique products they have to offer. There branding is not limited to clothing because they are also store house for shades and cosmetic series.

3. Prada : – Well, Prada is more known for its handbags and wallets but its range of the unbeatable clothing collection is known to world and barely there is a human who is interested in fashion and have no clue about Prada. Firstly, it has unique and different collection and secondly the outlets are found all over the world which makes it easier for people to shop Prada outfits.

4. Dolce and Gabbana: – The duplicate copy of Dolce and Gabbana is known to all with the short term D&G. Many street markets have local tees with the D&G mark. But, it needs no introduction as most fashionable outfits are found in this brand. it once before in year 2013 was declared as the most expensive brand. The brand is more famous because of the unbeatable quality.

5. Armani: – The perfect brand for suits for mans. it is most expensive brand and also the most popular one. Armani manufactures range of clothes for all from kids to men’s and women. They have the best collection in the store and also they are widely available around the world. It is in fact the oldest brand dealing with the clothing. Not to your surprise Armani has wide range of perfumes as well. So, get the perfect pair of clothing with the right fragrance.

6. Marc Jacobs: – Originally dealing with the perfumes and jewellery this brand has wide range of clothing as well for different seasons. So, if you are looking for brand which has clothing for various seasons than you can choose this one.

7. Dior: – Most of the celebrities prefer this brand. It is choice of sophisticated and elegant class people. The latest trend alerts are produced by this brand and you won’t believe but it has quite fashionable range of clothing in the store for all those who are fashions freaks.

8. Guess : – An American brand of clothing which particularly concentrates on the production of jeans. The denims and the tees of this brand are quite famous amongst the youth.

9. Versace: – It is for all those fashion icons who never care for price for style and fashion. It produces equally classy clothes for both the genders. The designs are flawless and fabulous.

10. Valentio: – Clothing is the biggest weakness for a women and this classy and designer brand can make any woman fall for it. The classy and bold designs by the designers of Valentino are unbeatable and especially the range of evening wears will bllow your heart. Do , adorn your wardrobe with the clothes of valentine.

So, though the list of brands of most expensive clothing , the list also explored on various brands which manufactures hell lot of other products as well like perfumes , handbags, accessories and what not. Choose the best outfits for any occasion be it formal or party and look your best with these most celebrated and expensive clothing brands.

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  1. False evidence, guess will never be one of the most expensive clothing brands. Unless you mean most popular. Plus you misspelled Valentino. None of these are more expensive than Louis vuitton. Where’s Maison Martin Margiela?

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