Top 10 Most Expensive Belts in The World

Top 10 Best Brands & Makers of Men’s & Women’s Luxury belts in 2017, World’s most expensive belt buckle.

Get the list of the top 10 most expensive belts 2017: Belts are the second most important passion for men after the watches. Men love to wear costly belts and love to get through the most expensive belts of all time. The most important thing that the belt can have is the loop of it and the leather of it. These two things determine the cost of the belt. Here is the list of the top and the most expensive belts of the world.

Presenting the list of top expensive belts in the industry 2017

Quality belts are expensive and the reason for that is either the quality of the leather or the quality of the loop. Most of the loops of the belt are like the ornaments. Here is the list of the top expensive belts in this year. Just go through them and get in your knowledge what the expensive belts do have.

1. Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt- It is the great piece of work with lovely designs. The loop is made of the best 3 D crystal, and the leather of the belt is perfectly extravagant to make you like the piece. You will get the belt at $1095. The best quality leather will make you feel the durability of the belt and the design of the loop.

Versace Crystal 3D Medusa Belt, Most Expensive Belts in The World

2. Ralph Lauren Alligator Engine-Buckle Belt – The engine buckle style of the loop is going to make the belt look great and you will like the leather quality that has been used in the belt too. The high end design of the loop and the belt is going to feel you amazed and feel the justification of the price of it. You will get the belt at 1750$.

3. Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt- You will get the crocodile belt with the best quality leather, the best quality buckle and the ornamental get up is provided with a finish of palladium. Thus it is important that you get a justified price of it. The price of the belt has been fixed at $1760.

4. Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium Belt- You are getting a palladium finish and a perfect eye catchy style at only 2310 dollars. This becomes more amusing when the leather that you will get in it is of crocodile and the buckle that you will get is made of palladium. The design of the belt is absolutely the art of a genius and you will find the worth of it as soon as you get them at your sight.

5. Billionaire Italian Couture Alligator Belt- It’s all over about crocodile. Now it’s time for the leather to be made of the alligator skin. The superb looking belt is made of Italian style and that is going to express the beauty in style. The superb quality and the finishing touch in the belt have fixed its price at 2850 dollars.

6. Louis Vuitton 40 MM Crocodile Belt- The grand looking thick belt s made from the skin of the crocodile. It has a nice looking buckle and the leather is 100% made from the crocodile skin. This has helped to fix the price of the belt at 3500 dollars. The beautiful buckle at the end of the belt makes it look more lavish.

7. Hermes Etriviere- It is one of the top brands in the belts. The best quality of leather and the best looking buckles are always attached with them. This is the belt that is made extensively for the rich class. The style of the belt is classic and that is worth of 5100 dollars.

8. Selfridges & Co. Gold Belt- This is completely luxurious piece of work. The superb looking belt is available at the best rate and that is going to make the belt look grand. The buckle is made of gold and the leather body is having 70 pyramids of. The price of the belt has been fixed at 32 thousand dollars.

9. Roland Iten Calibre R822- The 14 Carat Diamond belt is available at the store at just $84,000. This is a luxurious product and is having the best finishing touch. The belt has been designed like that of a predator and thus it has been rated as the predator machine belt.

10. Republica Fashion’s Gucci 30 carat diamond- This one is another gem of a presentation and is fixed with 30 carat diamond. The beautiful looking belt is going to make you spellbound and that is the beauty that is having with it. More than the buyers there are the viewers of the belt as the price of this belt is $249000 and thus is like that of an antique piece.

All the belts are the best in terms of looks and durability and they are all grand for yours. You can avail some of the belts easily and can experience the difference easily.