Top 10 Most Expensive Beers in The World

10 of the World’s Most Expensive Beers in 2017, Most popular beer brands of the world.

The cost of everything keeps on going higher up. People are always looking for the best. Those who are keen about drinking, for them it is really very important to figure out the latest brand of beer. The budget beers saw a huge increase in the sales in the late 2008 till the first quarter of the 2009. Well, the beverages branding experts take full care of the drink that they are preparing in the interest of the people.

The list of the top 10 most expensive beers in 2017

The list of the top exclusive beers is the most consumed alcohol all over the world. Thus, when evaluated with the others, you will find that you have great updates in the year 2017.

The list of world’s most expensive beers 2017 is as follows:

1. Antarctic Nail Ale: Water from the melted Antarctic ice berg by the sea shepherd with the conversation society is used in making for this high priced beer. The beer brand was launched by Nail Brewing Company. The single 500 ml beer bottle that costs around $800 and the profit earned from the sale was redirected to the welfare organization.

Antarctic Nail Ale, most expensive beers

2. The End of History: This is another invention of BrewDog. The end of History represents luxury as well as strength. The cost of the expensive wine is about $765, just for 330 ml. The stuffed barnyard critters are used to make the bottle of the brand.

3. Jacobsen Vintage: This brand of beer is one of the best beer brand named Jacobsen Vintage produced by Danish Brewery. The single bottle is available in cocoa and the vanilla flavour which is sold for $400 in the present market. The beer was kept in French and Swedish barrels so that it goes under the process of maturation.

4. Schorschbock 57: This is considered to be one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in this world. In the year 2011, it was just 36 bottles of the brand that was released by the Schorscbrau brewery. Each and every bottle worth for about 200 Euros. It is sold at a price of about $273 with the nutty and the raisin.

5. Utopias: The bottle looks so sophisticated that it is known as popular alcoholic beverages across the world since 2002. The beer ingredients includes Caramel, Vienna, Bavarian smoked the malt that is fermented with the fruit. The limited edition of the bottle is about 700 ml that was sold at about $150.

6. Space barley: The brand of the space barley was introduced by a Japanese brewery who was known as the Sapporo along with the support of a Russian Scientist. The batch which includes six bottles is priced at $110 in the market. The name was kept Space barley owing to the barley seeds used in making of this beer was kept in the International Station for about five months.

7. Ambassador Reserve by Crown: One of the most expensive beer brands in the world is the latest Ambassador available in the market. The French oak barrel for a year was sold only four batches. There are about 8,000 bottles in a single batch. The full bottle of Ambassador Reserve by Crown was sold at a price of $90.

8. Sink the Bismarck: The name stands the best for its own. This is the slim sleeked bottled to go out with that coining wacky Scottish brewery in the year 2012. The cost of a single bottle from this brand is about 375 ml costs $80. The bottle looks perfect and stylish. This person was the first beer brand that was introduced in the year 2010.

9. Tutan Khamun Ale: The first limited edition of the bottle of Tutan Khamun Ale produced by Cambridge researcher was sold at cost of $7,686. It is considered to be one of the exotic beer brand residue prepared three millennium years ago based on the old recipes produce exclusively for beer brand. The single bottle of 500 ml priced at $75.

10. Blue ribbon: In the year 1844, the ribbon brand was upgraded to about Blue Ribbon by the Chinese Pabst. A single bottle of the beer containing 720ml costs around $44 USD making it one of the expensive beer brands available in the recent market today.

These beer brands are a MUST in the party and therefore you can choose any of the beer brands to experience all the best times. You can grab the best brand from the list.