Top 10 Most Expensive Alcohol Brands in The World

Top 10 most expensive, rare, exclusive liquors in the world in 2017, Most Expensive Alcohol Brands.

The expensive alcoholic brands in 2017: Liquor is one of the most consumed products amongst the adults which are the most expensive liquor brands. The most perfect every sip of it can make the best venture out from it, between the scotch, whiskey and the rum, vodka tequila saturating the alcohol market covers every taste and level of income.

The list of the top exclusive brands of alcohol which are truly expensive in 2017

The lists of the focusing high end beverages are mentioned just to make you saturate the alcohol to drop a minimum of $10,000 per bottle from all arrays of alcohol brands.

The list of the brands is as follows:

1. Billionaire Vodka: The price tag of the expensive vodka brand is about $3.7 million. You will have to save money and become a millionaire indeed to taste a sip of this wine. The bottle is encrusted with 3000 diamonds making it somewhat worthwhile investment but there is no report of the brand is ever being sold.

Billionaire Vodka, Most Expensive Alcohol Brands

2. Tequila Ley .925 with diamond encrusted platinum Bottle: The price tag of the wine is about $1.5 million. The ludicrous price is due to the elaborate bottle fabrication. The platinum container is being encrusted with the diamonds the rare design is quite the spectacle with the impeccable manner.

3. Diva Vodka: The cost of the bottle is about $1 million. The price-value relation to a whole other level. especially the millionaires only, the Blackwood Distillers went to full throttle for its customers by using the diamond based purification procedure filters the vodka through the Crystal diamonds featured perfectly on the inside of the bottle.

4. Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch: The price tag of the expensive alcohol bottle is about $58,000 maintains the exclusive purchase in the market. It was first introduced in the auction in order to savour the world’s expensive scotch since its discovery produced in 1942. The buyer had to purchase good lot of money to acquire the bottle.

5. Legacy by Angostura: Amongst the most expensive alcohol brands in the world. The legacy by Angostura takes the crown for the rum section. With the 20 bottles produced in 2013 by Master Distiller John George and the limited edition was retrieved. The finest blends are among the 80,000 barrels. The cost of the bottle is about $25,000.

6. Kors Vodka 24k: The brand of this alcohol is about the best among the world’s top exclusive brand of wines. This is ranking on the 6th position owing to the fine distillation of the liquid within. This is one of the latest and the most famous vodkas in the world. The George V is the limited edition process. The cost of the alcohol is about $24,500.

7. Dalmore 50 year Old decanter: The brand alcohol has an image of a superb deer with horns. The go-to whiskey amongst the richest families in the world is famous for the wonderful smoky taste and the supreme taste of right crystal decanters. This brand of alcohol appeared in the market about 1978. The bottle is meticulously shaped.

8. Glenfarclas 1955: This alcohol tastes like sweet toffee and an earthy smoke like flavour. The cost of this brand is about $10,878. In spite of the high price, people tend to use this brand of alcohol owing to the best unique features and specifications that he has. The company reported that 110 bottles were sold even before the brand was legally introduced.

9. Macallan 1939: This brand of alcohol is about 40 years old distilled in 1939, especially when World War II was commencing. The liquor was bottled after 40 years old. The features are quite unique and drag many drinkers towards it for the royal taste that it has. It is about the fine and he rare series of brand in the world. The cost of the brand is about $10,125.

10. Chivas Regal royal salute-50 years Old: The cost of this brand of wine is about $10,000. This is among the top expensive alcohol in the world. The first invention of this brand was just to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth to receive the bottle.

All these brands are the most perfect and yet the expensive brands of alcohol ruling the world since ages. To make every occasion special, they are just the right option indeed. In fact, there are some of the liquors over a decade that owners may hold to hold to the wallet.