Top 10 Cheapest Vodkas Brand in The World

Most popular cheapest vodkas brands in the world in 2017, Best Brands of Vodka.

Top 10 vodka brands, must try: If you think vodka of every brand is same and hence you are becoming miser and saving money that you are doing wrong to your liquor taste buds because the exquisite vodka drinks will make your buds twirl. Saving money and compromising on cheap vodkas can never be a good idea. But, wait there are few vodka drinks which can actually be a budget drink and also taste smoother and best.

Presenting the list of List of top 10 cheapest vodkas brand in 2017:

Vodka is one such drink which is loved and appreciated by many people who love to drink. We made an attempt to find some of the cheapest Vodka drinks which can give the opportunity to people who love to enjoy Vodka but cant because of being out of budget. Here is the list of worlds most famous and top vodka brands which are like by all and especially those who drink and have good taste:

10. Firefly mint tea: –

This mint tea vodka is a different category of vodka drink altogether which will not only give you high feeling but it needs no additional drinks, just sip down this original mint tea vodka and enjoy the drink in original taste.

Firefly mint tea Cheapest Vodkas Brand 2018

27 Replies to “Top 10 Cheapest Vodkas Brand in The World”

  1. Vodka is the best drink of all. Even those who don’t drink can try this because it is prepared from potatoes. It’s super cool to have these for the weekends.

    1. Lol! You’re gonna feel high with anything that has alcohol. There is nothing that this is good and that is bad. One thing is that vodka have good effects on health with limited intake

  2. Well. This list was right what I was searching for this weekend. I loved it. I have tasted only two or three of these but I guess, I should try em all. As an aficionado of vodkas, I believe this is quite a great list.

  3. I guess this vodka is far better than other alcohols. Vodkas are best for the tooth aches. A sip of vodka can heal the pain of tooth aches

  4. Do peg marr bhul ja.. Haha.. Vodkas have special part in my life.. We oftenly have vodka parties among friends.. For evry bdays, aftr d exam.. Haha..

  5. I like firefly vodka, but it is given in number I think I should go for other top things. That’ll be damn great I guess. Firefly actually is my favorite flavor and it tastes so good.

  6. This is not well written but the article is quite unique. It is a very good list if written well. I wanted to know the best and not much impressed with the way it is written.

  7. A very unique list is this. So I guess I should look for one of them for this weekend. Vodkas are my love and not even wine or beer feels like vodka.

  8. Svedka, Plantation have a good taste. I haven’t tried others though. These feel so good to have. This make the perfect companion for the weekends rather than over boozing.

  9. I’ve loved Plantation vodka since long. You know it’s taste just gets into you like nothing else. You can just enjoy its hangover and it’s blissfull for a weekend.

  10. Woah! Liked the lost. But firefly is my favorite brand. Vodka is the best drink than any other alcoholic drinks.

  11. Thanks for the list. Got to know a lot of new brands to try for the weekends. A unique list and never knew of many of these brands.

  12. Firefly mint tea is of incredible taste and it feels great to have it. All others may also be good but it is the best ever I’ve had. It’s a great companion for a weekend hangover.

  13. Hahha great list.. Was searching for one all this time and found this. I hav to try em for this weekend. Never knew that there were this many brands and the famous brands.

  14. A good list.but I’m only looking at the names because the descriptions are not so well written. I think the author must recheck or ask for a proof read. Unique article though but the way of writing is not so good

    1. Hey! You can check out all the flavors. After all you’ll feel high after having all of them. You’ll love each one. These brands are the best. They just make the feeling so damn good after a drink.

    1. well.. not a bad list i guess.. but i would suggest to make the description a bit interesting or creative so that a person who reads those should fall in love with vodkas!

  15. I guess Mark one is the cheaper and the best. The taste is so dang good and is a great companion for hangover. Very well brewed alcohol and it is excellent.

    1. when i first drank vodka i choosed mark.. i must say it has an awesum taste. but the hangover i got from that was like i fell ill for two days!

  16. I think this is a great list and the next time I hit a bar I’ll ask for few of the new one’s I got to know from this list. I had earlier loved the seagram’s vodka. They taste very good and are crafted well.

  17. Plantation Vodkas are my favorite. Made in the US, these are finely curated, crafted personally to deliver incredible taste and kick. The sip gives a great feeling than any other drink I guess.

  18. This list told me about the Svedka vodka. I definitely want to taste it very sooner. That looks very impressive too and will surely be good.

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