Top 10 Best Selling Watch Brands in The World

Top 10 Best Selling Watch Brands in World in 2017, Best-selling Luxury Watches for men and women.

Best watches: to look more fashionable: Most of the men and women are very choosy about the brand of watch. Fashion plays an important role to the person personal life. Some of then buy high class branded watch just they have a hobby of buying branded watch and some buy branded watches to show their status symbol in the society. With every passing day more and more trendy designs are coming up from every popular brand in the watch market. Some of the designs are so unique and eye catchy that it appears difficult for the branded watch lovers to stay away from buying the same for their watch collections.

List of top 10 best selling watch brands of the year 2017

Mainly in the hands of young college going boys and girls we see the branded watch. But choose a branded watch is not a joke. When you go and buy the watch you have to very careful about its quality. Here we present the list of top 10 bestselling watch brands in the market. If you are true lover of quality watch then we are sure that you will have at least one watch from any of the below listed reputed watch brands. also read branded jeans brand

10. Bulova –

this company gives the watch in the most reasonable prices. Thus people for whom watch is the stylish accessory can buy it. They can wear it in their day to day life and thus they look the most stylish person in the crowd. The brand watch is found in many designs also.

Bulova, Best-selling Luxury Watches for men and women in 2016

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  1. Hi.Thank you so much to share us such a wonderful list.but what about Sihh watches.I think you should add this name in your list. You can also review it from .

  2. tissot watch quality is better than the tag heuer, as watches tissot using strap made of leather. design is suitable for use anywhere. not like watches tag heuer has a very compact design so that it can not be suitable to all types of event

  3. Omega deserves a higher place. Really!!
    I mean, look at the Omega speedmaster!
    And off course The new Omega seamaster planet ocean! Just perfect.

  4. Lame, this is 2016 none of those have any kind of tech nor luminosity
    this watch give very little functionality and only stuck up snobs will buy them

    1. That’s honestly a stupid assessment from you. It amount of mechanical engineering expertise that goes into the crafting of these watches are tremendous…….besides, the leader in the watch industry won’t be apple or google, they have size and scale…..they have the tech, but then again, every one can employ people with the technological know how to build smart watches. Some of these big names, including omega and Casio already have smart watches that appeal to “stuck up snobs”. Plus, your biased notions to your self…..don’t insult the rich just because you’re not, a good number of them worked for their wealth and those that inherited theirs have done well to keep their legacies going…..I say this cause a lot of the “stuck up snobs” support a lot of philanthropic work.

    1. I dont think so. Tissot watches are not that well made. I would never buy another one. The one I bought have no resistant to scratches whatsoever, and overall it is just cheap….(no i didnt get it from ebay or anything i got it from a authorized dealer, the bay in Canada). Well i cant say it is bad, but it is at a crappy medium where it is no where close to being complete crap, but if you have seen and used better watches, you will be fully disappointed.

  5. I appreciate all of the lists that you provide here. However, as a school teacher from America I can’t help but notice that your Grammer needs a lot of work. It is sometimes difficult to understand what exactly you are trying to say. I am willing to edit your writing for a fee. You can send me what you write before you publish it. You then pay me and I will send you a version with proper English Grammer. Please do not be offended. I am only trying to help you. I’m sure your Grammer in your native tongue is flawless.

    1. How are you seriously going to call out this guy’s grammar, say that you’re a school teacher, and then propose that he pays for your corrections when you cant even spell grammar correctly?

  6. I’m sorry, but I would run your writing by a native English speaker next time you spend all that time and actually publish something…Itsa so bad that I had trouble actually understanding it sometimes…just trying to help.

  7. Citizen are not very much popular as the best brand but I consider them as the best. The crafting and design are always stunning. The time pieces are very unique too.

  8. what a coincidence! all my friends have one of these watches. each has got one brand. and i have rolex watch gifted my boy friend. i love it.

  9. hablot!! woww!! the best designs and collections i ever saw.. whenever my parents or friends plan to buy a watch i suggest for hablot.. am a hablot lover..

  10. I’m of the opinion that citizen, Rolex are the best brands rather than Hublot or other luxury brands. They offer best collections with rich designs. You’ll have a lot to chose from and a wide range of price too.

  11. Rolex truly is the best brand. They have luxurious collections that are just too good to resist falling in love with. The wedding collections especially is so good looking too.

  12. Maybe I’ll just be the one lover for hublot all my life. It is the best watch one can have. Everything is so good about it. It is so cool and rich looking too. The precious is the best in it for those who think each second is important.

  13. this list is really good but i feel the contents or description written or not so good. it would be nice if the author had used few words which would impress anyone.

  14. Rolex! I love the looks though. It’s pretty damn impressive in looks. The designing and precision are built to best. But they are pretty impressive too.

  15. It’s true that one who wants to keep up with time and wants to look appealing, always prefers a watch as a stylish accessory. Rolex, Hublot, Citizen, Tissot are the best watch brands as far as I know.

  16. I’ve always been the admirer of hublot watches. They are the luxurious and richest in every perspective. So beautiful are the collections. The design and precision are at their best in hublot. What a brand! <3

  17. Rolex has the richest, luxurious collection I feel. They have the best crafting and design in the world. Highly precise are these timepieces by Rolex.

  18. Liked this article for its unique information. It’s very uncommon and I found many other articles too that are very rare on Internet. Thanks to the author.

  19. Hublot are my favorite watch brand. The collection they offer make it difficult to choose. The design, cut and the precision is so great about these watches. They are the best brand.

  20. It’s a welcome list but dude why is thus so badly written? The articles look so bad and worstly composed. A description of watches should have been much better.

  21. I have seen the best precision, craftsmanship, design and class in Hublot watches. They are the best in the world. The choice is wide range and one can always expect the best from the brand.

  22. Rolex are so rich looking beautifully hand crafted watches. These are timeless time pieces with stunning cut and designs. The whole collection is so astounding. That deserves the first place.

  23. Citizen watches have been the leading ones in the market since a long time. They are timeless masterpieces with rich, fine craftsmanship. The designs are beautiful and attractive.

  24. The list is good. Especially the top 3 is very well done because it is always a confusion for the buyer to choose from. I expect the author to give more informative list with better English.

  25. Why the articles don’t contain enough information about the brand and just written with bad word compositions?
    This should be updated with better information and checked by a professional, native Proof reader.

  26. I guess the Hablot are the best watches. They are luxurious, good looking and beautifuly crafted. The designs are so very impressive that it feels difficult for one to choose from. The wide range of options and collections are just too good.

    1. Hablot is more about being a luxurious brand. But it has some of the finest designes for watches too. The inside mechanism will be shown in their watches and it is just stunning view. Incredible perfection and precision is maintained by them

  27. rolex is one of the best watches i ve ever seen. it has classy collections. but compared to other watches i feel its too costly and can only be used by high class people with best personalities. i wish i had one!

  28. citizen time pieces are oldest ones as per my notice.. it has few best collections. my grand parents love these watches though. and they had presented me one too. its really pretty.

  29. Tag huer are of great class. The design is very richly crafted and all of it is the great value for price. It’s sight is just astonishing and striking for its royalty.

  30. Rolex have a nice curated collections for men and women with the watches that look very rich and classy. The diamond studded watches are striking in looks.

  31. Hablot are the best watches. They are crafted for the best design and class. The price is so worth paying for these watches.

  32. Bulova timepieces are my favorite choice.Their craftsmanship is so admirable, Bulova is among the few brands that can offer a high-quality watch at an affordable price.

  33. Great List I want them all can anyone gift me one haha m sad coz I cant afford one haha but reall impressive list loved the designs of Hamilton and Rolex, Bling Bling!

  34. Rolex the king of the watches world I own one of the Rolex but I want more it like the most expensive and classy accessory I own and really turns heads when I sit out with a girls in the club yo m on the top haha

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