Top 10 Best Selling Vodka Brands in The World

The Top 10 Best Selling Brands of Vodka Worldwide in 2017, the world’s largest vodka brands

One of the most popular drink rather than wine and whiskey is the vodka. It is an alcohol. People have it in their fun times. Thus it can be seen in the parties or in any occasions. The reason for the popularity of the drink is that it has a various tastes which most people like to have it. You can also have it as a cocktail, which means you can have it both with plain water and with any type of soft drink. These have a great sale in the market of today.

List of top 10 vodka in the year 2017 which will surely impress your taste bud

1. Grey goose- it is a famous French brand. It ranked in the highest position in the best selling market of the world. It was first introduced in the year of 1997. This vodka is best for making cocktails. It has a unique flavor of almond which is liked by most of the people.

Grey goose, The Top 10 Best Selling Brands of Vodka Worldwide

2. Crystal head- it is a Canadian brand. Mainly this vodka came into the notice of the people in the year of 2007 and from then onward it is in the top selling vodkas in the market. This brand has a huge fan following just because of its great taste. The bottle in which it is found also has a classy look.

3. Ketel one- It is traditional vodka which is very common in any family occasions. It is made in Netherland. The vodka is very famous for its balanced flavor, soft taste and high quality alcohol. All these characteristics of vodka made it in the top position in the world market. It has a great taste and the vodka lovers love to have it in the leisure time.

4. Stolichnaya- it is a popular Russian brand of vodka. It is made in Latvia. This vodka is made of wheat and light grain. The quality and the taste of the vodka bring it in the eye of the vodka lovers. The cost of the vodka in the recent market in quite high thus it is mainly used by the classy people.

5. Belvedere – the polish vodka belvedere is an excellent quality of vodka which comes in many flavors. Just because it has variety of tastes, it is so much liked by the people who love Vodka in any form and taste. The flavor which they used is made out of real fruit juice and they don’t use artificial one to make it taste well.

Belvedere, Top 10 Vodka Brands In The World

6. Smirnoff- It is the oldest Russian vodka. The vodka is tripled flavored, and that’s the reason it has got a beautiful taste. This vodka is found in many ranges of price thus it is affordable to the normal people. It can be had in the small parties also. The bottle in which it is kept attracts the users.

7. Reyka – The bottle gives the main attraction to the buyers. It is the product of the Iceland. This vodka is made of spring water which gives an excellent flavor to the product. It also gets filter by lava rocks. This vodka is perfect for making cocktails and it is loved by most of the people.

8. Absolute- The Swedish vodka absolute has made an impressive name in the market of vodka. In many countries this vodka has a great sale. Due to its affordable price people like to buy it. It has a soft flavor which doesn’t give a strong smell. This smell is liked by most of the people. You can get this vodka in the bars the most.

9. Skky Vodka- It falls under the top 10 best selling vodkas. It is a US brand which has been a sale from the year of 1992. The fan following of the vodka is very high due to its delicious taste. It is available in many special flavors. The cost the product is also very reasonable and thus it is fond of by the most of the people.

10. 42 below- It is one of the best selling vodka brands. The product is belonged to New Zealand and it was founded by Geoff Ross. This vodka is famous for its purity and it is known for its smooth flavor. It is regular vodka which comes under the flavor of Manuka, Honey and kiwi.

42 below, Top 20 best selling vodka brands

The above are the top 10 Vodka brands which are bestseller of 2017. If you are true lover of Vodka then for you it’s must to taste at least once the above brands. Good things are always bit expensive, but if you want to get the best flavor of vodka then we are sure you will not mind paying the right price for the right taste.