Top 10 Best selling Tablets in The World

Top 10 highest selling tablet brands in the world in 2017 with prices and reviews, Most popular tablets in the world.

Some of the best tablets of 2017: seen in the hands people: Just few years back we were all unknown about the word tablet. But in the recent years we see this product in the hands of most of the citizens of this world. There are many companies who launch this product every month with new facilities and applications installed in it. But there are very few which have made their name in the market. The product is made in such a way that it can be used by every people so that they don’t face any problem while using.

List of the top 10 best tablets of the year 2017

Life seems in complete when there is no modern accessory to use. People always are in search of modified version of electronic products which can give their lifestyle a new dimension. Here we are presenting the names of all those tablets which made their place in the top 10 bestselling list.

1. IPad Air- This ipad has a sleek get up which looks very classy in the hand of the people. It has many application installed in it which works very fast. Comparatively the price of the ipad is quite high but the price worth it as it gives has high inbuilt memory storage in it in respect of other ipads.

IPad Air, Best tablet for 2015-2016

2. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet- This tablet can be used in the version of the phone also. The screen of the tablet is very clear which gives it a classy look. The product has the upgraded snapdragon 801 CPU. It contains 3GB of ram. This tablet is found in many colors which gives a vibrant look to the tablet.

3. IPad Mini 2 with Retina- This ipad is the advance version of Mini 2 ipad. It is found in the most reasonable price and thus it can be used by the ipad friendly users. The ipad has got a fashionable style with a superfast A7 chip in it. The ipad has the HD screen.

4. Google Nexus 7- Originally the phone is of seven inches. It has 1.5 Ghz quade core processor in it. The phone had 2 GB of ram and it has an inbuilt memory of 16 GB and #@ GB of storage. This tablet can be found in all the local super markets. The battery life of the tablet is also very good.

5. Samsung galaxy Tab Pro 10.1- It is a water proof product. All the modern application can be downloaded in the tab and after downloading it also it will work in a smooth way. There will be no complains if you use it. The best thing in this tablet is that they have a good ram support and the inbuilt memory.

Samsung galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Most popular tablets in the world

6. LG G Pad 8.3- it is an android tablet with all the features installed in it. it has a lovely aluminum shell which gives the tablet a classy look. It is used by many users in the market and they have also given a good review about the ipad. The battery life of the tablet is also very good thus it stays for a long time.

7. Microsoft surface Pro 3- It is neither a laptop nor it is a tablet. Basically you can say it is a hybrid of tablet and the laptop. It plays all the roles which a computer and a tablet play. Thus if you buy this product of the Microsoft then you will get a high productivity from it. The price of the product is also affordable thus it can be bought by anyone. it can support almost all the application. It has a great review by the users.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2- it is a product of Samsung. The product is famous for its inbuilt memory storage. It is one of the best selling tablets in the market. It has also a very bright screen which gives the HD effect.

9. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7- It is the best selling tablet. It has the full HD effect on the screen. It has 2GB of ram. It can store up to 64 GB. The operating system of the tablet is 3.0. basically it is the advanced version of nexus 7.

10. Ipad mini- Though it is a small tablet yet it is one of the best selling ipad product in the year 2017. Just because it is named as mini the ipad has a large screen which gives a beautiful video effect. the storage capacity of the tablet is also very good.

Ipad mini, highest selling tablet brands 2015-2016

If you want to have more information about best tablets then you can surely go through the leading online portals to get in detail information about the popular tablets in the market. People these days are not only stylish but also tech savvy. They want both class and style together in every accessory they use in their everyday life. Stay tuned for updates about these leading tablets in the market.