Top 10 Best Selling Sony LED TVs in The World

Here we are discussing about the list of Top 10 Best Selling Sony LED TVs in The World in 2017. A company that has made its mark in Camera, Smartphone, Sound systems, Sensors with some extremely innovative technologies, Sony is very popular around the world. They are also big name in television manufacturing as they give some astounding sound effects with exceptional picture quality.

As the CRTs were replaced by LCD and LED TVs, Sony have also developed some brilliant technology for their LED TVs that are now very popular. The segment is named as Bravia and there have been Sony’s TVs in amongst the best sellers in the world. Every TV has its own pros and cons, but Sony’s TVs stand out giving some exceptional performance for their price unlike their close competitors.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Sony LED TVs in The World in 2017

Here is a list of Best selling LED TVs from Sony Corporation that have been acclaimed worldwide and are affordable :

10. Sony KDL60W630B :

Sony KDL60W630B Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2017

This TV has a huge screen of 60 inches, yet very sleek and light weight. The picture quality is so incredible and sharp with X-Reality Pro technology that also comes with great sound output too. Another notable thing about this TV is USB streaming facility that enhances the entertainment, making it not just a TV. Smart functionality is enabled that let’s the user to browse Internet, games, apps and stream HD videos from popular online sources. The TV is priced at about $ 748 and offers great performance too.

9. Sony KDL48R510C :

Sony KDL48R510C Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2016

The TV fancies Edge LED Backlighting technology for a Full HD LED screen that delivers stunning pictures with boosted contrast. Each detail comes to life with X-Reality Pro technology that hosts Motion Flow XR 240 in a television that is elegantly sleek and slim. Even the fast paced movements look very natural with this TV. Priced at $ 390,it offers a bug screen of 48 inches to render some futuristic image quality.

8. Sony KDL32W600D :

Sony KDL32W600D Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2016

Quite compact LED TV, yet very powerful with stunning Full HD picture quality matched with powerful audio output that is very natural. This has smart functionality enabled with Android TV that supports Google Cast, Voice commands and let’s the user to choose from the huge platform of Google play. It sports a display with refresh rate of 120 Hz with Motion Flow XR 240 technology that renders amazing video quality. HD wireless streaming is enabled to stream from YouTube, Netflix etc for endless entertainment.

7. Sony KDL48W650C :

Sony KDL48W650C Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2018

This TV offers crisply detailed pictures with Full HD display of 48 inches. It is accompanied with Sony ‘s specially designed sound system that renders incredible surround sound for an immersive TV viewing experience. It hosts online streaming with smart functionality enabled powers by Android. The screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz with M XR 240 technology making it a powerful TV for motion streaming in high quality.

6. Sony KDL40R500C :

Sony KDL40R500C Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2017

This television offers incredibly crisper , sharper images with the Full HD LED display with Edge LED back lighting for boosted contrast to enable viewing from all the angels. The system is so compact and we’ll designed that it keeps wires out of our sight. A pure, natural yet intuitive sound output system is embedded that takes the TV viewing experience to whole new level. This TV is priced at about $ 299 and is worth the price.

5. Sony KDL48W600B :

Sony KDL48W600B Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2017

This television is very highly acclaimed for rendering beautiful image quality with some exceptional natural color transitions with wide contrast and brightness ranges. One notable feature is that it comes PS3 compatible ready for taking gaming experiences to the next level. This is done by pairing DUALSHOCK 3 controller. With this HD wireless streaming is also enabled that allows that user to stream YouTube videos in Full HD.

4. Sony KDL55W650D :

Sony KDL55W650D Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2018

A highly refined, sharper, crisper images are rendered by this television that endorses some stunning picture clarity. This TV stands out in having USB streaming system for viewing media and streaming on a bigger screen. The sound output is also incredibly brilliant in this television and renders a performance that is a stand out than its competitors.

3. Sony KDL40R510C :

Sony KDL40R510C Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2018

This showcases some astonishing picture qualities that seam life like. The Full HD LED display with 1080 pixels resolution with the help of embedded Motion Flow XR 240 technology brings out the motion in a very realistic manner with a dramatical clarity and sharpness at a very low price of about $ 289. The display has Edge back lighting system for better contrast and depth in field.

2. Sony KDL50W800C :

Sony KDL50W800C Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2017

A television that is capable of working on Voice Command, being powered by Android. The television offers access to wide range of apps, games contents from Google play store. HD wireless streaming is enabled that streams High quality HD videos even from YouTube after processing. The color enhancer technology is embedded and with X-Reality Pro, stunning motion flow is observed. Being priced at about $ 694, it is a great value for money.

1. Sony KDL48W650D :

Sony KDL48W650D Best Selling Sony LED TVs 2016

This is an incredibly smart TV powered by Android that let’s the user to access movies, TV shows, apps, games, news right from the TV, that too in a picture quality beyond HD. The design is incredibly sleek and stylish. Motion XR 240 with X-Reality Pro technology stream videos in quality never before. The built in WiFi and USB sharing systems with the advanced photosharing plus system makes this TV the best seller in the segment after being priced at about $282.

The list showcased the wide variety of LED TVs from Sony in 2017 that have found success in the market. There maybe few cons in these TVs, but amidst the competition in the market, their features have been outstanding, thus making them the best sellers.