Top 10 Best Selling Sony 4K TVs in The World

Here we are discussing about the list of Top 10 Best Selling Sony 4K TVs in The World in 2017. Even with numerous companies coming up with latest television technologies, the name of Sony Corporation is always in the leading and popular companies list. This is the result of their constant innovation and research in television technology rendering some breathtaking television viewing experiences.

The Sony employs seamlessly intuitive, smart and futuristic technology that makes it outstanding and renowned across the world. Even though many big brands have 4K TVs in their name, Sony’s 4K TVs are very much happening in the market and have found great success too. Their 4K Ultra High Definition LED TVs are Smart and powered by Android by Google,that makes it incredibly brilliant.

So, here is a sneak peek on top 10 best selling 4K TVs by Sony Corporation that have gained huge popularity in the world and have found their place in the list :

List of Top 10 Best Selling Sony 4K TVs in The World in 2017

10. SONY XBR65X930D :

SONY XBR65X930D Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2018

A picture quality that is 4 times sharper and crisper than standard High Definition delivered by this 4K Ultra HD with a LED display of 55 inches. The refresh rate is 120 frames per second with built in Motion XR 960 technology powered by seamless X-Reality Pro technology that refines a picture to render an astounding picture quality. There is Edge LED back lighting for better contrast and depth to enhance even the little details. This TV is priced at about $ 2998 that delivers a rich viewing experience with an incredible sound powered by Sony’s flagship systems.

9. SONY XBR65X930C :

SONY XBR65X930C Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2017

Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro upscaling technology renders stunning motion flow view in 4K Ultra HD with less or no blur for fast paced motion videos. The image quality is astonishingly clear with Dynamic contrast and Dynamic Brightness and is better viewed because of Edge Lit LED display of 65 inches embedded with Motion Flow XR 960. The device is an Android Smart TV that is compatible with PS3 for better gaming experiences. The price of this television is about $ 1565.

8. SONY XBR55X900C :

SONY XBR55X900C Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2016

This device is a step up for an FHD LED TV user to a new level of TV picture quality with the Sony’s 4K UHD Android TV. It is intuitively smart and everything that is viewed is upscaled for 4K Ultra HD viewing. Dynamic contrast enchancer with a much wider range of brightness is very impressive. The Precision Color Mapping and enhancer technology renders pictures with natural color transitions. Access to various Android contents, apps and games are made possible with this television priced at about $ 899.

7. SONY XBR-55X900B :

SONY XBR-55X900B Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2018

It is powered by Android that lets the user to access favorite apps, games, media and many more from Google Play platform. The Slim Backlight Drive has resulted in sleek and slim profile that renders stunning picture quality in 4K Ultra HD. The Voice command and search options with personalized optimizations make the user to explore more out this futuristic technology in television. Google cast enables to cast media from smartphone on a bigger screen. The picture quality is very much life like with sharpest, crisper image clarity in its kind.

6.  SONY XBR49X850D :

SONY XBR49X850D Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2018

Sporting a gorgeous 4K UHD LED display of 49 inches, this TV is powered by 4K processor X1, that helps in upscaling of images to 4K for a image clarity like never before. The user can dunk in a whole new world of endless entertainment with the powerful Android platform and everything is viewed in 4K UHD. Dynamic Contrast enhancer and color enhancer brings vivid and vibrant pictures with very impressive Motion flow view with X – Reality Pro system. The television costs about $ 1298 and is of unbeatable value for the incredible performance it offers.

5. SONY XBR43X830C :

SONY XBR43X830C Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2017

This sports a 43 inches 4K Ultra HD display powered by Sony’s X-Reality Pro technology that gives picture clarity much beyond 4K HD, i. e 4K HDR or High Dynamic Range display for varied contrasts, brightness to bring every little detail into life. The Motion Flow XR 960 technology for a display with frame rate 120 Fps, renders some amazing view of fast paced action sequences with every detail clearly visible like natural along with pure, natural sound reproduction technology.

4. SONY XBR55X850C :

SONY XBR55X850C Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2017

A powerful 4K processor X1 delivers 4K Ultra HD images much beyond Ultra HD with the incredible Triluminous LED display. The edge lit LED panel boosts contrast along with dynamic contrast and brightness enhancers that render great viewing at varied light conditions. The Motion Flow XR 960 enables smooth action streaming with very less blurring. The Android Platform enables the user to have a more interactive and smart TV for top notch entertainment hub via online.

3. SONY XBR65X900D :

SONY 65X900D Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2016

This television offers a vivid, stunning pictures with the 4K Ultra High Definition with High Dynamic Range viewing. The big 65 inches display with Motion Flow XR effectively about 1440 with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, streams action sequences like never before. It is compatible with PS3 by connecting Dualshock 3 controller for unprecedented 4K HD gaming experience with incredible sound output. The Google Cast, Voice command and the huge Android Platform shows limitless possibilities about the technology. With X-Reality Pro upscaling even online streaming is done in 4K UHD.

2. SONY XBR55X810C :

SONY XBR55X810C Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2016

An Android TV with elegantly slim design with ultra slim bezel, that supports Google Cast, Voice command with access to movies, apps, games from Google play and Internet. The 4K experience is much enhanced by this Sony television where X-Reality Pro and sound systems give a perfect blend of picture display and sensational sound for an immersive TV viewing experience. PS3 gaming is also made possible as the TV streams action videos by rendering perfect detail in each frame. This TV is priced at $ 998 which is worth the incredible performance of the television.

1. SONY XBR75X850D :

SONY XBR75X850D Best Selling Sony 4K TVs 2017

This television renders a picture quality with incredible detail, so lively like never before. The image quality is much beyond 4K UHD, as the depth, contrast, brightness is perfectly taken care of in each pixel. Everything to be streamed is upscaled to 4K by the embedded X-Reality Pro technology. Motion Flow XR 960 makes the difference than its competitors. The remarkable sound output enhances viewing. The Precision Color mapping technology brings out vivid colors that look very realistic. The TV is priced at about $1398, and this being the best seller in the list is worth every penny spent on it, proven by the detail it renders in each pixel.

This list showcased the incredible quality 4K UHD TVs of Sony in 2017, that render some futuristic technologies for top notch entertainment. These unveil the endless possibilities for entertainment via TV powered by Internet. These TVs are the ones to look out for in the market for all those who intend to buy one.