Top 10 Best selling Smartphones in The World

The Top 10 best Selling Smartphones in the World in 2017, most popular smartphones brands. Smart phones: looks very fashionable in the hands

The mobile phone sector witnessed a huge revolution with invention of smartphones that didn’t just remain as phones to communicate. The popularity of these smartphones increased with Symbian, Blackberry, Windows OS initially and took a leap with advent of Android and iOS that made the usage simpler. Many brands produced smartphones with varying features and capabilities and today we have numerous smartphones, few of them even being called flagship smartphones that perform incredibly well, even beyond our expectations.

Here is a list of Best-selling smartphones in the worldwide market that have taken major shares in the sales and have been hugely popular around the world:

List of Top 10 best selling smartphones in year 2017 in world market

10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 best Selling Smartphone 2017

This smartphone features a 5.5 inches IPS LCD Full HD display with approx. 403 ppi pixels density and 16M colors support. The smartphone runs on Android v5.1.1 with MIUI 7.0 and inside it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 1.4 GHz Quad Core and 1.8 GHz Dual Core Processor. Its two variants are 16 GB internal memory with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory with 3 GB RAM. It has 16 MP primary camera and a 5 MP secondary camera, both of them rendering life-like sharpness, contrast and clarity. It has a finger print sensor for security and has a long-lasting 4000 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery .

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  1. I like Xiaomi,Huawei and TCL (Alcatel) they offer good value and specs for the price and considering how new xiaomi is to the market and the impact it made it is astonishing….keep it up!!!!


  2. Lenovo the best phones .
    it gives many features like Samsung , Moto,HTC
    in less price .net speed is fast than s7 edge .
    the screen of this phone awesome .I used Lenovo a7000 since SEP 2015 ,it still working well like new and it never hang .?

  3. Am a Promoter of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone But i love to choose Motorola Moto Always Motivated A First Mobile company which reminds what’s called a mobile device first Then Samsung Brand And Lg I like Google’s Android phone Not iOS Cuz simply Android users will not use any iOS features But iOS users Always use Google search 😛

  4. I like 3 company
    But Samsung J Series is bad
    My favourite Samsung S7,S5 and on7 Apple IPhone 5s,IPhone 6s and IPhone 6s plus
    Xiaomi redmi note 3

    1. Samsung, lg, xaomi , oppo is bad quality . Apple is the best. Then Motorola, Nokia. Oneplus one so forget asian’s smartphone company. Its just beauty , have good app but have not good quality.

    1. will you are so expensive shit who like to buy smartphone that can explode, such as samsung note 7, samsung galaxy s7 and s7edge and samsung note 5

  5. Oppo f1s is the best one at its price rate.It has very good camera, smart looking and very good performence than other mobile at the same rate

    1. oppo has been miss guid to their customers whats good on your F1s only except Camera except front camera Ha ?? with beuty filters ?? o boy you have spend you 18k to only camera phone other wise non is power non performers non full hD display non ful hd video streaming non 14nm nano meter chipset like samsung brand using in J7 prime with powerful Exynos chip and whats your oppo use a low class old version mediatek 6750 which is not support full hd display which is not support heavy gaming which is not support 60fps gaming totally wasted Now Happy with Chinese miss guidance company 😀

  6. I want a mobile below like featuers,
    Mobile :-Any company
    Sceen size :-4.7
    Cemera :-40 Mp
    Featuers:-23 Mp
    Sceen resolusion:-515
    Android or ios verson :-for life long
    Ram :- changeable
    Rom :-Changeable
    Gorila glass can be changeable
    Battery back up:-removeable upto letest verson
    Flash light :- front and back
    Led Sceen………….
    Thats much only……

  7. Just gave up my Note 7 for the LG V20. I had quite literally only owned Samsung smartphones (the only LG phones I’d had in the past were slider phones.) I had the first Galaxy, then the Note II, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Galaxy S7 Edge, then Note 7. I loved the Note 7’s appearance, as it was the Coral Blue and I had a beautiful case on it. I probably would have just kept it, had it not been for the flight ban. However, although the LG V20 doesn’t quite have the stunning appearance of the Note 7, I am not disappointed. It’s got a removable battery, not too heavy, and I actually find LG’s interface to be a bit simpler and more intuitive. I thought I was going to hate the rear button, but it’s actually easier to use while holding the phone one-handed, and the Knock-On feature still makes the screen accessible from the front.

  8. Miss my Note 7, just got S7 edge today, got under two weeks to decide, have 24 Samsung Devices since 2009 !!! Note 7 was only debacle item I ever owned from them, S7 edge is fast, 5.5 inch screen is
    nice, missing 5.7 inch screen on Note 7 a little still, stylus was fun !!!

  9. I hope ASUS is leading brand now in the market….
    I love ASUS…..
    Samsung going down due to their battery problem, 2.5million recall… my gosh….

  10. I want good smartphone.
    like below features
    dual sim with 4G, Front and rear ( 13 MP & 13 MP ) , Fingerprint Sensor ,
    4GB ram, 5000 mAh Battery , display 1440 x 2560 pixels , Deca(10) core Processor,
    Corning gorilla glass, water resistant
    515 PPI , Memory Card Slot upto 128, Internal Memory 64, Size 5.5 inches

    1. 5.5″ phone with 5000 mAH battery? Those two specs are a near impossibility today. It doesn’t exist. My ZTE Axon 7 is a beast in my opinion with 64 GB of onboard storage, 5.5″ super amoled display, SD memory slot up to 256 GB or 2nd SIM, 4 GB of RAM. 20 MP camera, and has dual front facing speakers with Dolby Atmos built in. The 3,250 mAH battery charges from 10% to 100% in an hour or less and lasts me nearly 1.5 days or about 5 hours of screen time. This phone is hands down better than my Nexus 6p or my son in laws LG G5.

  11. ‘Accidentally dropping your cell phone, instant crack on your screen. A repair costs a lot of money! “Better you can be more assured insurance kulaitasnya smartphone you can visit for your referenc

  12. Samsung phones suck, they break easily and the battery life is rubbish. I have a samsung galaxy s5 and wanting to get rid of it and buy a Iphone 6

  13. I love Sony mobile because i’m fan Sony,s,s mobile camera very very good , performance very fast and other have good design and I like Nokia mobile and I don’t like other company,s product.

  14. Oi karbon mobile very nice in world costly branded mobile
    Word no 1quality mobiles names list ( karbon,micromax,G-FIVE,leafone)

  15. Amazing redmi note 3, 32GB .
    stylish लवली गज़ब बिन्दास
    खरीद लो भाई लोगो

    1. Sob bol raha hai mi note 3 mei heating prblm hai aur girne se pH crack ho jata hair…..a baat sahi hai kya.aur isse koi dikkat to nhi hoga na.

  16. I am buy a new mobaile which have 128gb internal memory and 10 gb of ram 22 mp and 10 mp camera with lezzer auto focus and 3:5 ghz intel core processor with 6:1:2 marshmallow this is the best phone for ever

    1. These phones are not x is the better phones ever.its design are good and most important the camera and performace are best ever

  17. I have a Sony Xperia Z5, and my Sony works like a charm. I have used Samsung and iPhone before and iphone is MEH…but Samsung’s user interface is horrible. It just looks bad, and so LAGGY!! The Touchwiz UI sucks.

  18. I got sony z5 premium. I feel so bad and shocked about this shit phone. It was leson to me to never get any sony phone again

  19. The Samsung GALAXY S6 is my favorite, this is a spectular smartphone, great camera, very quick processor. I love this phone. Definitely will buy the last samsumg S7 smartphone to continue in this line.

  20. What is this based on? How exactly have you created a list of the best *selling* phones in 2016 when this was posted in early 2015? Is this based on any actual data, or is this just a list of 2016 phones that the author thinks are neat?

  21. I think that you need a native English speaker to proofread your descriptions. Some wording is unwieldy and needs a bit of work in order to be correct. Let me know if you would like a bit of help in this area with upcoming articles.

  22. Are you kidding me? 100 million iPhone 6’s and 6 Plus’s were sold during 2014-2015. They outsell everything else on this list

  23. Yo I have this phone my mom has this phone my step mom has this phone it is literally the best thing I own and the best phone I have ever had!

  24. Hey these phones are very appealing. However, we need to know some approximate prices of these phones. The features of these phones are given very nicely here.

  25. These smartphones are very awesome, they have some of the attractive features, which any of the smartphone user would desire. It is very nice that these are comparatively low budgeted smartphones.

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