Top 10 Best selling Rum Brands in The World

The Top 10 Best Selling Brands of Rum Worldwide in 2017, most popular highest selling Rum Brands In The World.

Bestselling rums: offers refreshing mood-Rum is the most prestigious drink. One who had rum they can only understand the taste of it. Many who are not alcoholic but they have rum in some occasions. Rums are mainly drink in some big parties. They are very costly and thus they are cannot be used as the regular drink. In the market you can find different flavors of rum. But for a novice it is difficult to choose the right one from the market. In this article you will get to know some of the best rums in the market which has a high demand.

List of top 10 rum brands in the year 2017

Rum tastes better when you get the chance to share the drink with a partner who too is a fan of this amazing drink. It will be surprising to know that many doctors recommend a few limited peg of rum to people for developing inner strength. We worked towards finding the list of top 10 rum brands which are bestseller in the market.

Below there is a list of bestselling rum brands in the year of 2017. They are very popular nowadays. Some of the best rum are-

1. Ron Zacapa Rum- It is the costliest rum. The bottle of the rum gives an antique look which attracts the people. It also has many flavors which are liked by most of the people. Just for its high cost this rum is only used in the big official parties.

Ron Zacapa Rum, most Popular Rum Brands

2. Motu Rum- It is also known as the lover’s rum. It is found in many flavors. All the flavors of this rum are unique. The bottle of the rum has a fashionable look which allows the people to buy it. Rich people in their every occasion have this rum. The smell of the rum is also very good.

3. Maximo Extra Anejo Rum- This is Mexican rum. It is found in many flavors. The smell of the rum is also very good. The soothing smell helps the rum to give a refresh environment. This rum is costly and they are used in big parties.

4. Viz caya Rum- This rum is very common in the market. People who love rum have this as it is found in the most affordable prices. The rum has high alcohol content in it and thus it is suggested to have it in the bars or in your room. You can give this rum as a gift also.

5. Don Q Gran Anejo Rum- It is one of the costliest rums. It is found in many flavors. Each and every flavor of the rum is so good that people like to have it. If you have this rum once then you will be having it more times. The bottle in which the rum is found is very stylish.

Don Q Gran Anejo Rum, The Top 10 Best Selling Brands of Rum Worldwide

6. Cruzan Single Barrel Rum- It is the most sophisticated brand of the rum. The color of the Rum is red. It gives a classy look when the rum is poured in the glass. Not many flavors are found but the flavors which are found of this brand are very tasteful. It gives a strong smell but it is very good.

7. Ron Barcelo Rum- The flavor of the rum is very good. It is found in many flavors and all the flavors are very good. This rum gives a stylish look in the party and thus it increases the standard of the party. It will look good if you will serve this rum in the sophisticated drink glasses.

8. Rouge Drak Rum- The rum tastes as a bit bitter. The color of the Rum is white. If in the party you serve this rum then it gives a fashionable look. This rum can be found in other flavors also but this is the bestselling in the market. Many people like this rum.

9. Kinkynero Dark Rum- dark rum which is most wanted among the high class people is this rum. The cost of the rum is very high and thus it is only serving in any occasion. Mainly in the office parties it can also be used as it will increase the standard of the party.

10. Santa Teresa Selecto Rum- The next bestselling rum in the market is this rum. You can say that this rum doesn’t have any smell. Very less amount of alcohol is present in this rum. You also have this rum when you are caught with cold. Having this rum on that time will give you the best result.

Santa Teresa Selecto Rum, The world's top 10 best-selling rum brands

These are the few best selling rums in the market. So if you want pull up the status of your party then you can use these rums. If you want to research abut rum then you will get the names of many other popular brands which are not in the top 10 lists but are very popular among rum lovers.

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