Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in The world

Here we are discussing about the list of Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in The world in 2017. The world has been witnessing the metamorphosis in the field of Television and now we have more life-like pictures being displayed on the screen, that provides an incredible immersive viewing experience.

Once popular Cathode ray displays were replaced by LCD, LED, IPS, OLED displays that have resulted in the stunning picture quality of the recent times. LED Backlit displays provide amazing detail and we’ll toned pictures, with a good refresh rate for better viewing of motion in high definition.

Many electronic companies around the world have made their effort to have their major foothold in Television manufacturing. As the outcome, we now have numerous LED TVs in the market, each with some defining qualities and features. LED TVs have replaced Cathode ray standard displays all over the world. This defines the success of the LED monitor technology.

Here we present a list that comprises of the best selling LED TV brands across the world that have been critically acclaimed and loved by the customers.

List of Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in The world 2017

10. TCL :

TCL Best Selling LED TV Brands 2016

This brand has made some of the finest Television devices at very cheaper prices. The Smart LED TVs made in collaboration with Roku from America. These devices enable streaming of various entertainment genres of about 2500 channels. The viewing experience with these televisions have been made complete with the HD display and easy user interface. TCL TVs have proven best sellers because of the affordable price that offers an impressive smart LED TV.


PANASONIC Best Selling LED TV Brands 2016

Hailing from Japan, the brand Panasonic is very renowned in manufacturing of LED TVs. The company is known for bringing latest technologies in their TVs, so as to make the experience better. Panasonic TVs boast of IPS displays, with appreciable brightness, contrast for better pictures. The latest devices also have embedded voice guidance systems, USB sharing and lot more innovations for smarter TVs.

8. ONIDA :

ONIDA Best Selling LED TV Brands 2018

This brand had great reputation in Cathode ray displays and has also come up with its LED TV range called Cristal, Rave etc. These series of TVs render very high quality pictures and great surround sound too. Onida TVs have great designs and are built to last. The images and videos look super fine at each pixels built to perfection.

7. AOC :

AOC Best Selling LED TV Brands 2016

Being an US based brand, it has produced some great display monitors in TV and PCs. The displays are of Full High Definition, delivering incredible pictures. There is also built in sound surround system, connectivity with USB and HDMI in their segment of LED TVs. The company proclaims of having an Eco friendly display in their LED TVs. The price of these TVs are very affordable and thus are very popular in many parts of the world.


PHILIPS Best Selling LED TV Brands 2017

This brand has made its mark in electronic gadgets and home appliances since a long time. It’s LED TV series offer stunning detail of images and videos with their Full HD displays. Their designs are seamlessly elegant and sleek. The series of Philips LED TVs boast of Pixel precise HD display, intuitive HD natural motion facility, Dynamic Contrast feature for crisper images and many more.

5. VIZIO :

VIZIO Best Selling LED TV Brands 2017

This manufacturer promises brilliant picture quality, ultra modern technology and design with a Premium HD viewing experience. The devices are embedded with fast and easy to use smart interface that allows to choose from thousands of apps to enable streaming. The displays have Full array LED setup and an incredible refresh rate of 120 Hz for effective viewing of motion pictures. The TVs from the brand are affordable and other features include connectivity through WiFi, HDMI and USB.


TOSHIBA Best Selling LED TV Brands 2017

Yet another TV manufacturing giant, who had pioneered a lot of innovations in TVs are Toshiba. The Japan based brand have never failed to deliver big things at cheaper prices. The LED TVs have embedded systems for faster video processing, more sharper, detail rich pictures, seamless motion streaming. The design and technology used by the company is always incredible that render best in class picture quality. These are very affordable and deliver unbeatable features in their category.

3. SONY :

SONY Best Selling LED TV Brands 2018

The BRAVIA series of LED TVs from Sony are very popular around the world. The displays offer incredibly vivid colors of about 16.7 million. The design is very slim and compact. The pictures look very life like with the Edge LED system employed in the display. Highly refined, sharp images with great sound output are the standard features of these LED TVs. Smart functionality is embedded in these, to let the user stream from popular sites like YouTube, Netflix and many more with the help of built in WiFi system.

2. LG :

LG Best Selling LED TV Brands 2017

As their tagline, this brand assures that Life’s Good with their highly advanced devices and gadgets. Their LED TV series sport IPS display, that determines the finest quality of images produced which are rich in detail. The wide angels displays makes it possible to view from all the sides. With this, there are also connectivity options via USB and HDMI. Each pixel in the view is beautified by the LED TV’s of LG, to make the pictures stunningly beautiful. These also have weather protection systems embedded for safety.


SAMSUNG Best Selling LED TV Brands 2018

There are many Smart LED TVs, Curved LED TVs by this brand from South Korea that are stand out in the market. There is also full HD display for more sharper and fine pictures. The colors are enriched to deliver vibrant pictures and videos. There is also sound enhancement systems built in along with weather protection systems. These LED TVs are most loved by the customers and have gained great reputation by the critics for the performance and features at affordable prices.

All these brands have earned a huge popularity for their LED TVs, around the globe. These brands are not only limited to the country of their manufacturing, but also gain popularity in the other parts of the world. The listed brands have produced some of the best LED TVs in 2017 and have gained huge wealth with their best seller products.