Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in India

Know about the Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in India in 2017.
With time India has seen major changes in the field of electronics and technology. For the vast population, televisions have served as means of entertainment after radio ruled as the media of mass communication in the country. The majority of the population saw Cathode Ray tube TVs and were very popular.

As technology advanced, LED TVs have replaced them in the recent times. Very renowned for better picture quality, compact size, LED TVs have gained popularity in no time. Many Indian firms have also found good market along with other big names from other parts of the world. Here is a list that features the best selling LED TV brands in India, that have found good market and popularity.

List of Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in India in 2017

10. ONIDA :

ONIDA Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2018

This company was most loved by the Indians since the time of CRT TVs. Centered at Mumbai, Onida has always been very innovative in producing televisions. The incredible picture quality at Full HD resolution displays which give twice crisper images as standard HD displays are used. The sound output is also a stand out in Onida TV’s. The Smart functionality is enabled in these TVs. The design is very compact, sleek and are very energy efficient. Excite, Superb, Rave, Cristal range of LED TVs are very cost effective and have earned great popularity too.

9. Videocon :

Videocon Best Selling LED TV Brands in IndiaBest Selling LED TV Brands in India 2016

This brand has made a big name in Indian Television market since long time. The brand underwent rejuvenation and came out with some incredible LED TVs that were within the budget for a common man to afford. The TVs boast of having high quality HD display that offers 16.7 million colors for an astonishing viewing experience. Connectivity is made possible with USB and HDMI ports. The Pixus, Miraage series of LED TVs are more popular in India.

8. VU :

VU Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2017

This company was very recently launched to Indian Market via online shopping stores. The company offers LED TVs that have high end features with great performance unlike it’s competitors like Samsung, Sony etc. The TVs have a Full HD display with amazing sound output with connectivity via USB and HDMI and in fewer models via WiFi too. This brand offers unbeatable value for price than any other companies.

7. Panasonic :

Panasonic Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2016

A brand known for innovation in television technology since decades, the Japanese brand Panasonic have some best sellers in Indian Market too. Their TVs sport a IPS panel display with Full HD resolution that render some stunning picture qualities. The motion on the screen seems life like with an impressive refresh rate. Innovative sharing features like Swipe and share, Remote share, USB share are the stand out in the segment of LED TVs for Panasonic.

6. Philips :

Philips Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2017

Philips is one of the most trusted brands in India in electronics and gadgets. The company fancies latest innovations and technology in their devices. The Smart LED TVs of Philips are not only energy efficient but deliver great performance too. Online broadcasting and streaming is made possible with the smart functionality. The displays of these TV give crisper, sharper and fine images in Full HD, that which is processed by HD Natural Motion facility, Pixel Precise HD, Dynamic Contrast features embedded within the device. The surround sound boosts the immersive viewing experience.

5. Micromax :

Micromax Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2017

This brand had found tremendous success in the field of mobile phones and has also found success in Televisions. The display of LED TVs by Micromax are Full HD with 1080 pixels resolution that is also an advanced Zero dot panel for incredible picture quality. The TV packs SRS audio within for better sound output. The segment of Micromax LED TVs also aim at energy efficiency with Ultra low Power consumption system built in. The TVs are very affordable and deliver incredible HD LED TV viewing experiences.

4. Toshiba :

Toshiba Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2018

This is a brand name that promises never ending innovations in the field of electronics. Their LED TVs are acclaimed greatly for the immensely beautiful picture quality and sound quality. For country like India, Toshiba has also introduced Cricket series of LED TVs segment. The TVs have some active lighting, contrast control for better pictures. The 16 bit video processing system that has been embedded boosts the active motion controls and streaming. The prices are placed at affordable ranges by keeping in mind about the majority middle class people of India.

3. LG :

LG Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2016

The South Korean TV manufacturer, LG are acclaimed all around the world. With some finest HD picture quality that give seamless HD experience, the LG LED TVs also support USB, HDMI, wireless streaming. The display is the standard IPS panel that gives perfect contrast pictures with a wide angle of view. The other outstanding features about these TVs are lightning protection and weather protection systems.

2. Sony :

Sony Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2017

This company has a remarkable foothold in Indian Television market. Their elegant design and promising true HD resolutions with some astonishing features make them stand out in the market. The pictures are crisply detailed and their smart TV’s are powered by android. Live streaming of games is also made possible with other modern sharing features. The flagship TVs by Sony are best in class and design for the price.

1. Samsung :

Samsung Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2018

It is very popular across the globe for its top class LED TVs which sport incredible Full HD displays. These TVs have some of the finest pictures that drives the viewer into the action in the television. Smart functionality is also enabled in many TVs which has connectivity via USB, HDMI and few via WiFi also. The color, sound enhancer systems embedded in these TVs deliver some great video viewing experience in the Smart TV’s.

However there are other brands like AOC, Haier, Sonic, Videocon that are also popular in India. But the above mentioned list is currently trending brands in LED TVs and have found good sales in very short time. Buying a branded television always ensures safety, quality and trustworthiness unlike non branded products. These are some of the best selling LED TV brands in India in 2017. Witch Brand you like the most say in comments.


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  1. I am urgent lookig for a 107″ tv mine fall from the wall and I want a new one can any one help me I will import it from any were in the world if someone please can help me to get connect to the right people

  2. the best led tv in the indian market is OG. its very chip in price i got this for my home as well as office its working fine. i compare my OG led tv wit samsung and other brands but there is not difference visit the website www dot ogelectronicsindia dot com

  3. Samsung is the best brand. Sony is just running by its name 1ly. There is nothing in that, I wasted around 47k . But samsung is giving more specifications in budget rate itself, the picture and sound quality is also excellent. And having service centres in all places. Just go for samsung don’t waste ur money.

  4. Samsung is the best brand. Sony is just running by its name 1ly. There is nothing in that, I wasted around 47k . But samsung is giving more specifications in budget rate itself. Just go for samsung don’t waste ur money.

  5. Samsung is the best brand in the world. It is comparitively cheaper than sony. Sony is just running by its name 1ly. There is nothing in that. But samsung is giving more specifications in cheaper rate with excellent audio and video quality. Just go for samsung.

  6. I really accept one of the most best led television in the world is SONY only
    All features and options are very good at this year of 2016 /2017
    Price is also good
    This is the best for my budget
    Thank you SONY

  7. Sony bravia is best television in the word it’s has very powerful picture engine , powerful picture prosseser, very trusted brand,

    • Oh really? Sony doesnt even make their own panels. They use either samsung, lg, or sharp tft panels. Have been for the last 4 years at least.

  8. Sony bravia is the best tv in the world according to me .. Sound clarity is awesome.. and even the hd screan is gd.. its really gd…

  9. I’m still in a confusion about what to buy. There are so many brands, so many models and I don’t know what to get. Every one has an opinion and I’m just empty. 🙁

  10. VU are available on online platforms and their TVs are rally good.. I like them for the quality and their performance.they are best suited to those who wish to not to spend more on TVs but get the best standard.

  11. I always feel like Micromax are upto something great. Their mobiles kind of revolutionized Indian market, then came their TVs. They are extremely popular too. And now they’ve got ACs too. It is a great brand and offers great value too.

  12. A very good list. I was in search of one of this kind. Maybe I will go for Sony or Samsung.
    But I’m in confusion about Micromax TVs also. I need to look up more I guess.

  13. Sony is the best brand. The Bravia series are so very good and very very trust worthy. The performance, picture, sound are all way better than Micromax. Every penny spent is very worthy.

  14. vu, i never heard this name before. because i never heard people speaking about that.. neither saw any advertisements.

    • It was a popular TV brand back in the USA at affordable costs. Good brand with decent features. If we set the expectations on price for value, this is a good option. I bought this and using it for almost 7 months and doing good.
      If we expect all the features that LG / Sony / Samsung / Others offering, but price range of VU, then this is not the cup of tea.

  15. MI Roman mayb very cheap but I don’t trust them at all. My fav brand is Sony when it comes to TVs. They give the best of sound and picture and are having good service too.

    • The customers have trusted the brand and that is enough to show that Micromax are always the best. They are very cheap that you can’t even expect other brands to offer TVs at that price.

  16. Sony Bravia is the best LED TV. The picture quality is so brilliant than any other brands. Samsung, LG are all not as good as Sony in TV.

  17. Micromax is the best for Indian middle class conditions. It is very affordable and compact for the small spaces in hall, kitchen, living rooms. The performance is also damn good of Micromax TVs.

  18. Micromax and VU are really impressive. Very cheap and the quality is very good about it. The price we pay is very worth. The picture quality is so sharp and detail.

  19. Micromax, VU are cheap and best. One can find best quality and best performance blend at a lower price with these brands. The customer reviews can be taken for consideration in case a buyer feels it insecure to go for such brands. The value offered for the price is too damn high.

  20. More than Samsung, I like Sony. For me the brand Sony is very trust worthy. Whichever the device or gadget for that concern, Sony are always better. Lot of innovations get into their technology and that makes it outstanding. Maybe that’s the reason that I own a Sony monitor, Sony TV, Sony mobile phone, Sony camera.

  21. Micromax maybe cheap but Samsung, Sony are all very much trustworthy. They are known to give exceptional quality and great value for money since decades. They are established brands and have some very developed technologies.

  22. I own a Micromax and I was not sure about it before buying still then I bought. But now I’m very happy about it. It’s picture, sound are all good and the main thing is they are very cheap.

    • Same case here.
      Micromax is cheap and best. I too didn’t know about Micromax TVs at first. But I knew as they produce good smartphones and so they will have good TVs. And I was right. The Micromax TV is have is so good like some high end TVs from other big brands at very cheap price.

      • micromax cannot compete with sony when it comes to the matter of picture quality.and even if we pay more for sony its really worth.. but micromax cant be trustworthy.. it offenly gets into trouble about sound..

  23. I have one of Sony and that is very awesome.
    It is great to watch with it, its clarity is simply brilliant. It also has unmatchable sound.

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