Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in India

Know about the Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in India in 2017.
With time India has seen major changes in the field of electronics and technology. For the vast population, televisions have served as means of entertainment after radio ruled as the media of mass communication in the country. The majority of the population saw Cathode Ray tube TVs and were very popular.

As technology advanced, LED TVs have replaced them in the recent times. Very renowned for better picture quality, compact size, LED TVs have gained popularity in no time. Many Indian firms have also found good market along with other big names from other parts of the world. Here is a list that features the best selling LED TV brands in India, that have found good market and popularity.

List of Top 10 Best Selling LED TV Brands in India in 2017

10. ONIDA :

ONIDA Best Selling LED TV Brands in India 2018

This company was most loved by the Indians since the time of CRT TVs. Centered at Mumbai, Onida has always been very innovative in producing televisions. The incredible picture quality at Full HD resolution displays which give twice crisper images as standard HD displays are used. The sound output is also a stand out in Onida TV’s. The Smart functionality is enabled in these TVs. The design is very compact, sleek and are very energy efficient. Excite, Superb, Rave, Cristal range of LED TVs are very cost effective and have earned great popularity too.