Top 10 Best selling Handguns in The World

9. The Glock 17 Gen 4-

Gen 4 is the latest handgun which is launched in the market by Glock. The weight of the gun is 25.06 ounces and the barrel is 4.48 inch long. It is one of the best selling handguns in the market. The technical and the real- world design made the gun vary famous among the gun buyers.
The Glock 17 Gen 4 Best selling Handguns 2016


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  1. Most of the guns on this list are indeed very well made and very accurate. However, the descriptions of each weapon is extremely POOR. The information provided was USELESS, and no information was given as to who the author is, why we should regard him as credible, and no specific experience that he has with firearms was mentioned.

  2. Please do NOT take this author seriously.

    They either, know very little about hand guns, or simply didn’t do their homework when writing this review. The Sig P226 Mk25 is NOTHING like the Beretta M9, other than they both fire 9mm rounds, and have triggers. Also, to say that the Witness Elite Match is “the ONLY gun that is very safe to handle” is a simply just an uneducated guess. I own a lot of the pistols mentioned here, and I can assure you that they are all safe to handle if the owner is properly versed, trained, and practiced with that particular firearm.

    Most of these reviews are “subjective” and a matter of personal perspective.
    This author obviously has very little, if any, experience with any of the handguns they’re reporting on.

    This “Top Ten List” should be not be taken seriously until the author does his, or her, homework and updates the article with “real” experience.

    I would urge you to move on to another, more reputable, website when seeking purchasing advice on items like this.

    Mike in Texas

    • Mike, thank you for your input. I have never owned a gun or shot a gun and I’m in the process of buying a gun for protection. I plan on taking classes so I know what I’m doing. I just don’t know where to start there are so many guns out there. I know I want something lightweight automatic and something I can carry on me if I choose to get a permit.

      • If you’re buying a gun for home protection, get a pump action shotgun. The noise of the slide racking a round is enough to scare off an intruder. If you’re looking to carry, I suggest you get out to a range that allows you to rent their handguns and have someone who knows what they’re doing with you. Not just a buddy who wants to hear a gunshot but someone who can actually train you. Please don’t buy a gun and then learn how to use one. Learn to use a firearm, get experienced with different models and then make an educated decision. Guns don’t kill people! Bullets do. Whether or not they deserved to die depends on the person pulling the trigger.

        • The sound of the pump cycling is enough to scare off an intruder? I apologize for how crass this is going to sound, but you sir, are a f**king idiot. If someone has the nutsack to brake into your home in the middle of the night, I assure you they are expecting you to have some sort of firearm – especially a pump shotgun. Not to mention that the worse thing you can do is give away your position by racking the slide. I’m not saying that a pump action is the wrong gun to have, I’m just saying the philosophy of “racking the slide will scare off intruders” is a good one to subscribe to if you want to die.

          The best firearm for you to use is one where you are proficient, quiet, fast, and accurate. And have one that can take a light so you can IDENTIFY your target.

  3. How about having someone write the opinions on the guns who
    1. Can write coherent English. These comments sound like they are written by someone who learned English as a third or fourth language.
    2. Knows something about guns.

  4. Its a very good article. Its highly infomative. It contains lots of informations about handguns. Very useful. But it lacks informations about place where we can purchase these handguns.

  5. It completely lacks information about complete specifications. The cz model, which is in the 1st rank doesnot contain any information about cost.

  6. Common dude! This article is not at all updated. This is completely absurd!! The sig saur is not at all a good handgun. And it is listed here. The article must be updated.

  7. This article made me to get disappointed. There is no information on cost and technology. I needed that. Here only exaggeration prevails.

  8. In my opinion, now the more latest guns have hit the market and please update the list. Those have better technologies used and they are very effective and easy to handle too.

  9. I don’t know if this is a good list. The descriptions are not so impressive. I think more work has to be done on writing these again and refreshing it.

  10. I don’t know much but I guess number 3 is the best gun. It is very precise and handy to looks good also and is very much used military and security.

  11. This is not as good as I expected as other articles in the list. I hope this will soon be updated with more information and descriptions.

  12. Not impressed with these articles man. Could have been much better. What kind of writing is these? No description, specifications are given. With enough information this could have been a better article.

  13. I will only take the names of the guns but not the descriptions. Very poorly written but the list is quite trustworthy. I will look up Google for more info.

  14. The design for CZ-75 Sp 01 from US is so good. The pistol seems very handy. The company says it is specially designed for security purposes to use against terrorism. Very appreciable one.

    • The CZ guns are well crafted and the mechanism is highly defined to render perfect precision. The body is quite handy and makes it easier to use. Best gun for security purposes.

  15. I own or have owned most of these pistols including the cz accu shadow which is my personal favorite, be carful of this list most of the information is incorrect, xd’s do not sell more than glocks in the u.s. let alone the world, if you would like a more accurate list go to gun brokers top 5, also if you would like information on any of these firearms go to youtube and watch reviews, like nutnfancy, hickok45, military arms channel, or mine the honest outlaw reveiws. Please handle and rent a firearm if possible before purchasing it, all pistols have different weights, calibers, actions, accessories and feel to them.

  16. In my opinion, this is not a credible article. First, there is no author cited (always be cautious of that). Two, there is no source cited from which they allegedly gathered the sales information. Third, we know very well there are guns that outsell some or all of these worldwide (e.g. the Glock 19).

  17. Elite Match real high quality and and used literally used by Elite only love the matte finish on gun and real precise accuracy of the its heavy but coz of that more stable that provides accuracy

  18. Walther pistol one of my and everyones all time favourite from cops to army even the ganster prefer it for short distance combat really lethal weapon with short size and high impact bullets.

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