Top 10 Best selling Handbags Brands in The World

List of top 10 Best Selling in Handbags brands and Shoulder Bags in the world in 2017, most popular handbag brands.

Carrying the best handbag: provides extra beauty- Every women of this world desires that when they go out they carry the best hand bag in the crowd. The handbag must be very fashionable and stylish also. It is difficult to choose the best trendy hand bags among so many different variety of bags and brands. Different brand introduce different variety of designer bags. While purchasing the bag you always look for the quality of the bag which is the main and most important feature of a good pretty bag. In this article you will get to know the bestselling bags which are now available in the market.

List of top 10 Best Selling Handbags Brands of 2017

Girls go crazy when they get to know about any new additions in the world of handbags. Different designs and patterns of handbags are now available in the market and that too of various ranges. Depending on the choice and preference you need to select the one which matches your budget first and then your personality well.

Below there is a list of top 10 best selling hand bags which are very stylish. If you want to look most fashionable then you should carry designer handbag.

Some of the best selling handbags brands are here :

10. Christian Dior-

Christian Dior is also known as the famous name Dior. This branded company was found in the year 1946. It is one of the most leading brands in the market. Their handbags are one of the most stylish handbags in the market. It is a costly brand. The qualities of the bags are very good.

Christian Dior, Most popular handbags in the world

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  1. i have a coach and a michael kors that my 25 year old son has bought for me. they are both nice bags, the only time they do look out of place with a outfit is with NFL clothing, i know this personally. but they are durable and easy to clean bags.

    1. And you kill chickens to eat for thanksgiving…..if you don’t believe me, Google it. The alligator meat is consumed Einstein, they don’t just kill it and toss the remains aside….it a delicacy in some places… isn’t mindless animal slaughter.

  2. Kate Spade has business looking purses, very sophisticated. However, I heard there were many lawsuits against her for trying to up the prices on handbags already sold. I dont like that type of business.

  3. Who wrote this garbage? It is littered with typos and basic misspellings. And the commentary is juvenile. Someone got paid for this?

  4. Good suggestions..
    As always i go with the first rank… kate spade.. i liked that brand.. gd article..
    Very infomative..

  5. Omg!!! But do you have any idea abt cost…????
    They are nt at all cost effective…. they are just a wallet emptying machines..

  6. A very good list.
    It is very much helpful to me. I wanted to know what brands offer the best handbags at a good price. Very informative

  7. kate spade is too costly but not at all worth. i had presented a kate spade bag fo my friend’s birthday on my boy friend’s suggestion. but she dint lik it.

    1. The Kate Spade outlet prices and surprise sale prices are very good and in line with other good quality bags. However, I don’t tend to like many of her bags just because they’re too small for my needs; she has a few larger bags that I have but if given a choice between Kate and Michael Kors I’ll generally always choose MK. Now Kate’s sunglasses/eye glasses, jewelry & watches, leather zip around refillable planner & leather sandals are worth their cost and last a long time; my planner is 5-6yrs old in great shape still and if I wanted to sell it they hold their value and $80-100 is a great resale price on them.

      A brand that I’m shocked did get listed is Tory Burch. Although her items are comparable to Kate Spade retail items I do like her designs better and love her ballet flats. leather sandals and glasses.

      I highly agree with Harry about cost effective. Hermes , Chanel & Dior are not the first brands that come to mind when thinking of a bag as the average working class person. Hermes generally are $5,000+!!!

  8. this list is so amazing. i always wanted someone to guide me in choosing bags for me.. finally found it.. thankyou so much..

  9. coach bags are one of my favourite. everytime i go for shopping i find a best desinged bag for me. i guess i have more bags than dresses in my wardrobe..

  10. Kors has been my go for brand since years. I have had many of them and I’m satisfied with all of em. Best part about the brand is that it complements any outfit in a great manner.

  11. I had bags of chanel, Dior but not any other brands. Now I think I’ve to get those after seeing the list. I reckon, best selling shows most loved and thus it is a trustworthy brand. So, I’ll choose the number 1,2,3 from now.

  12. Coach is my fav brand. The fabric and designs are always cool and I’ve had like many coach handbags. They look so great with any kind of outfits.

  13. Hmmmm.. Well.. Not bad.. Its a good list.. But the contents would ve been even better if the author had mentioned few interesting facts about it.. Ladies always prefer such..

  14. The list is good.. I would suggest.. Make list of the bags which are very cheap and worst too.. So that few dumbs can understand what kind of bags they must prefer..

  15. Kate spade are bit on costlier side but are super awesome. The material is so rich and designs are so many that it’s difficult to choose one.

  16. this is such an amazing list. well done author haha. i never knew about few of these bags. thanks for bringing it under my convience.

  17. hermes are the worst ones among these. i just tried these bags on my friend’s suggestion but i really felt bad that i wasted my money for such bad collection.

  18. These seem to be pretty great. The looks are very great in Michael Kors. I think they’ll be the best to carry around. It’ll be a stand out for sure.

  19. This is a great list. This should help me to look for better bags next time. These all seem to be very rich and impressive. The looks are gorgeous and I guess just when I wear it around they’ll create signature for me.

  20. A good list this. Not usually I can find a list of this kind and it’ll always be a confusion in going for a certain brand that makes the signature style. I guess Kors or Chanel or Coach should be the best ones for me.

    1. I’d include Tory Burch in your looking. Tory has more of the everyday bags and Chanel is more of a timeless classic that will always compliment a special occasion dress up. The black quilted chain link bags are one of those classic pieces that every woman should have like a little black dress and a nice pearl necklace..

  21. I had one Christian Dior before and it’s in the 10th place! Gosh, so I have to look for brands like Michael Kors, coach here after I guess. Lol!

  22. Michael Kors is the best I’ve ever had. It feels good to carry one wherever you go. The look is very rich and the product range is stunning. It feels so confusing to choose one though.

  23. I love Michael Kors! I had one and the perfection, crafting, material are all great from the brand and they have wide range of models to select from

  24. These are the best bags one can see all over the world. They are best in quality, design and have a very good luxurious looks. These are the most loved brands by the women and perfect ones to have in wardrobe.

  25. Omg! This is an awesome list. I now wish to have all these bags. The Michael Kors bags looks so rich and attractive. They are the best one I guess..

  26. I have had Coach and these bags are so gorgeous. I love to carry wherever I go. The colors, fabrication and quality is best and standard. Its my fav brand.

    1. Try Michael Kors too. They are the best amongst all these. You can feel the luxury in the fabrication and design with rich craftsmanship. The price is bit high but you can get more appreciation for this successory.

      1. Miachel kors is not as expensive or good as kate spade though and is getting out of style i see them at discount stores everywhere ross ect.

        1. Kate Spade can be found at Marshalls & TJ Maxx discount stores, too. I have both but generally Kate’s bags tend to run in the smaller sizes so if you’re someone who, like me, loves a bigger bag and more of a selection of them then MK is a better one. A brand that I’m a bit shocked to see missing is Tory Burch. I like her bags over Kate’s as well.

  27. It’s a pretty good list and I love Kate and Michael Kors for the products and quality of them. The brands are luxurious and offer world’s finest fabrications that look very impressive in looks.

  28. Coach for sure is the best handbag. The service is phenomenal and they stand behind their product unlike Michael kors and other brands out there. Also free leather cleaning service!

  29. Michael Kors is quite stylish and trendy along with that they maintain the class of their brand. The fabrication is so rich and the looks are elegantly stylish. They are worth the price.

  30. On what basis is the article written?
    These are the luxurious brands that are known in very less parts of the world. So, in fewer nations there are some brands confined to nation only. So, considering about a nation will be better.

  31. Michael Kors are pretty gorgeous handbags I guess. For the quality, crafting and design, Michael Kors are always good. The price is quite high though. But it still haves that rich feeling.

  32. Michael Kors are pretty gorgeous handbags I guess. For the quality, crafting and design, Michael Kors are always good. The price is quite high though. But it still haves that rich feeling.

  33. Hermes has few best collections of leather bags. Usually leather bags preferred by most of the womens for their daily uses. So these produce handbags which are beautifully crafted with variety of desings and colours.

  34. Coach from New York looks very royal. Every girl would love to have one such bags. The coach tag is iconic for these bags which are crafted to perfection with world class fabrications.

  35. Wow! I have missed it. Last week I have bought a black color Kate Spade handbag from Amazon in $265. Now I am thinking red is better than the black one. Now I have to use it for my everyday use. Alas, I am undone have not read this article before buying a black bag!

  36. Michael kors and Kate spades bring some astonishing and awe-inspiring handbags. Hailing from America, these two brands produce luxury bags with rich color, design, crisp and fabrics. Especially in these two brands, every detail is taken care of to deliver beautifully crafted handbags. Rightly mentioned as the desire of every women is to have one such in their wardrobe. These brands provide products which are worth the money.

  37. All the bags are so amazing make s me go like a kid in a toy store and I want all of them jumping with joy that’s what makes a girl happy a real stylish high class handbag so all you guys get one for your ladies haha if you wanna make her real happy

  38. Christian Dior love these bags they are like show pieces for no matter how many I buy I always want another one and my boyfriend pays for that haha but how can I help they are so pretty

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